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Learning to Calm Down

June 8, 2019

In ten days it is National Panic Attack Day. No, that doesn't mean that we all must panic together on that day. In fact, it is quite the opposite. This day has been set aside as Panic Attack Awareness Day to shed light on the fact that millions of people suffer from them and to let everyone know that there is help out there. C J Kruse, one of the authors with Absolute Author Publishing House, is debuting his new book A GUIDE TO HOW TO CALM DOWN on June 18, 2019, and his doing his part. He chose that day to launch his book to coincide with the National Panic Attack Day to also bring light to the public about panic attacks and to let everyone know, his book could help.

Over the next ten days, Kruse will be guest blogging on this serious issue and today's topic is Learning to Calm Down Takes Time.



Very often in our lives, we don’t really understand what is happening to us. We rely on narratives that we’ve built to make sense of things, but those narratives are often inaccurate. However, since we rely on those narratives, we resist deeper thinking. We don’t want to question our simple, boxed-up traditions of belief.

Have you ever noticed that we don’t like being challenged about our political or religious beliefs? When somebody makes a claim that goes against one of our long-held beliefs, we instantly put up a wall of defense.

Well, the same seems to be true about other beliefs -- beliefs regarding our relationships with our families, as well as beliefs about ourselves. The bottom line is, our search for answers rarely is an objective search at all because we don’t want answers that would require us to reshape our beliefs.

We tend to say things like, “Make it simple. Don’t overthink this. Explain it to me in a way that makes sense.” Such statements reflect our resistance to new paradigms. But, if we really want to get better at calming down, we will need a better approach.
We will have to set aside some of what we already know and come to some newer, deeper understandings. Why? Because our limited understandings aren’t really helping us. If they were, we’d be putting marriage counselors and therapists out of a job. There would be no market for self-help books. We would all understand why we do what we do, and have perfect responses for nearly every situation.

The fact that we keep running into the same brick walls over and over seems to imply that we need more than what we already know. And, we will have to step out of our comfort zones to get it.

To get over this hurdle that seems to stand in our way, we will have to dump out what we know about certain things so that our glass is empty -- ready to be filled afresh. And, we should probably expect that the changes we want to make will not come easily. Or, quickly.

The process could be compared to learning how to play a new musical instrument, such as the piano. When you start out on the piano, you aren’t automatically Mozart. You start out as a total newbie, struggling and striving just to learn “Oh when the saints go marching in.”

Many people never learn how to play a new instrument for this reason. Not because they have no musical potential, but because the process is much harder than they expected. It challenges them in ways they aren’t comfortable with. And, they end up quitting.

Ultimately, the reward ends up going only to those who bear through the tough process, fully acknowledging how little they know and how much room they have for improvement. And, if you want to learn how to calm down, you will not be able to rely only on what you already know. And, you can expect the process to take time. 


The countdown has begun for BECOMING MISS IZZY written by Sue Zook and Mary Lazsarki. This book is amazing as it deals with a lot of social issues that middle schoolers face. Told in a creative a fun manner, this book is perfect for both parents and children alike and I highly recommend that parents read this book with their children so that they can discuss any issues their child has. The reviews on the book are amazing. Published by Absolute Author Publishing House, the book launches June 17, 2019, in both eBook and paperback. Pre-order your copy today.

By Dr. Melissa Caudle

One of the most frequent questions I get as an author is where do I find the time to write and publish four books a year. Frankly, my first response is, “I don’t” know. I just do.” Then when I reflect on it, I realize that I have established an author’s mentality of writing, editing, and marketing. Oh, no! What? To be an author includes two other areas besides writing. Yep, an author must also edit and market their book. So, how do you find the time when your raising children, have a full-time job, you’re a soccer mom, or in my case a swim team grandmother who attends my grandson’s swim practices five times a week and swim meets one time a week, babysits my only granddaughter, help to take care of my mother who just got out of the hospital with pneumonia, a wife, and yes, work as I am one of the senior editors with Absolute Author Publishing House? Ouch. How do I find the time? Great question. That’s when I decided to highlight tips for writing a novel and publishing it during a chaotic lifestyle.
1. Set a Writing Goal – I function very well with goals by setting them. I know as an author that I must author my next novel, edit a novel from someone else, and market not only my books but others as well as I have a Fiverr gig to help other novelist market their books. There is only some much time in a day to do all that. Instead of letting the massiveness burden you, let it give you energy within your goals. I work from home, so it is especially important that I establish a routine to fit in everything that I need. When I wake up, the first thing I do is to attend to any of my emails that came in with questions, etc. After that, I create my ‘To Do’ list for the day and slot out the amount of time for each. I often work ten hours a day, but I make sure to take breaks, stretch, eat, and exercise. Believe it or not, this works.
I realize that most of you don’t work from home and have a variety of duties and jobs that fill most of your day. That means you must set your goal for writing, even if it is only 5,000 words for the day or thirty minutes a day of writing. Find your time. If you are a morning person, get up an hour early, and write. I know schoolteachers who write during their lunch breaks or stay after school for an hour to write in the peace and quiet before they go home. You will find the time if it is important to you.
2. Set a Deadline – When I write, I set a deadline for when I want my book to be published, and most of the time, I stick to it. Yes, the deadline is self-imposed, but if you want to be an author, you must treat your writing as a business with deadlines. Otherwise, it will be exceedingly difficult to complete your book.
3. Establish a Blueprint – A novel’s blueprint is the outline of your story. I was a screenwriter first before I was a novelist. In fact, the novels that I am writing are from my screenplays, so I think that I can move faster through authoring a novel because I have already clearly defined my characters, plots, arcs, subplots, resolution, etc. I authored a book for screenwriters called JUST BEAT IT. What this book does is shows a screenwriter how to use a beat sheet to formulate their blueprint. I now realize that this same method applies to novelists, and if you are stuck, you might want to consider purchasing this book and learn how to use a beat sheet. Planning your novel will go a long way to help you keep on your deadline goal.

3. Treat Your Characters as Real People – When you can visualize your characters, you know their background, and what makes them tick, it is easier to write about them. Take your time to develop your characters. As crazy as this may sound, make up a complete biography on them. Where did they grow up? What schools did they attend? What kind of relationship did they have with their parents? What makes them sneeze? What is their deepest fear? What is their favorite color? Are they allergic to anything? Keep developing about two hundred questions on each character and get to them like they are your children.
4. Write in the Correct Format – Writing a novel and formatting a novel are two different things. The biggest mistake I see authors make is that they write in Word and never set their page size, margins, indents, etc. They send me a manuscript to edit that is about 125 pages, but not formatted to an industry size such as 5.25 X 8. They don’t know how to use page breaks, section breaks, or how to mark for Table of Contents. When you learn how to do those things, the look and feel of your manuscript not only looks different, but it looks like a book and not a senior English class creative writing project. Moreover, believe it or not, it is very motivating. I always write in Microsoft Word. Maybe I am old fashioned, but I can’t stand some of the other software because they are cumbersome. It is up to each author to choose the software they want to write their manuscript, but please format it correctly before you write. There are many templates out there, so find one.
5. Edit When Appropriate – Authors are quirky, I know because I am one. When I first start writing a chapter, I never edit it as I write it. I just write. After I finish that chapter, I run it through Microsoft Word Review, Grammarly, and then ProWritingAid to clean it up. However, I don’t do the deep edit on character development, plot structure, etc. My goal is to at least after the first draft to have a clean copy. Once I complete the first draft, I always order a printed paperback copy to proofread. I like to hold a book in my hand to edit. I have my pen ready to mark any mistakes and find plot holes. Then I return to the manuscript and make those changes. Then start a deep edit using Word going through it chapter by chapter. Then, I rinse and repeat. I usually go through four to five proof copies in paperback and make modifications before I send to my editor. Yes, although I am an editor, I hire editors. I am too close to the subject matter to edit my own, and so are you.
6. Commit to Persevere – Never ever give up. You can do this!

Friday, June 7, 2019


June 7, 2018

I am happy to report that both my mother and sister were released from the hospital yesterday. Although my other sister and I are still battling whatever we have. I am drinking lots of orange juice and staying hydrated, but I don't have an appetite or a voice. However, I will not let this illness, summer cold, summer flu or whatever I have, get me down.

I am happy to announce that I have been working with two others to get their books ready for distribution and both authors are being published by Absolute Author Publishing House. Here is the tricky part, BECOMING MISS IZZY written by Sue Zook and Mary Larsaski launches June 17, 2019, and C J Kruse's book HOW TO CALM YOURSELF DOWN is scheduled to launch June 18, 2019. Because I am an author myself, I know the nervousness that goes into launching a book, so I would be honored if my readers reach out to these authors and wish them success and support them by purchasing their books.

Here is a quick look at BECOMING MISS IZZY.


A GUIDE ON HOW TO CALM DOWN T is an awesome book filled with suggestions, exercises, and techniques to calm down. How do I know? Because I have read it and have used the techniques presented. This book comes just in time because June 18, 2019, is the national awareness day for panic attacks. I didn't make this up. Millions of people suffer from panic attacks and now Kruse is offering help. Take a look at the book trailer.




Take a deep breath.  Count to ten.  Twirl your fidget spinner a few more times.  Try to disguise your fury with another fake, forced smile. Is it helping?  Or, does it all just feel like another futile attempt to stop that speeding freight train of emotions within you, threatening to flatten your peace of mind like a pancake? 
You have a split second to decide how you’ll react.  What will you do?  Or, to put it a better way, how will it end? With you, victorious?  Standing at the finish line, looking back on your course of action with pride and satisfaction?  Or, with you, picking up the pieces of another relationship, project, or bridge that you’ve burnt down? Right now, you’re not sure.  You just have one question:
Why does it so often feel like an IMPOSSIBLE feat to regulate your emotions?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be just a little more in control?  Wouldn’t your life be better?  Good news… it’s possible.
Think for just a moment about all the situations where this ability would come in oh-so-handy:
-          When you’re at the supermarket, and your kids are screaming, causing a scene, and everyone in the store is looking at you like you’re a three-eyed Martian. 
-          When you’re late for work, and some idiot is driving slow in the fast lane, texting his buddy some stupid message that just can’t wait (probably, about what he’d like to have written on his tombstone).
-          When you’re sitting behind your computer, which has just crashed for the fourth time this week, costing you HOURS of unsaved work.
-          When your spouse is acting like a know-it-all, and everything in you’re tempted to give him the best speech you’ll ever regret.
Do you really want to keep swinging a giant wrecking ball into things that you’ve worked so hard to build?  Probably not.  It’s time to calm down. Quickly. Effectively. Before you DO or SAY something STUPID!  This book will show you how that is done.
-          30 strategies for calming down.
-          Real-life stories and helpful, practical examples.
-          Insights as to WHY we get worked-up, and why it’s SO HARD to actually calm down.
-          Inspiration and incentives to CALM DOWN (when you’d rather stay upset).
-          The benefits of being able to stay calm.
-          The disadvantages of NOT being able to stay calm.
-          Fun commentary and opportunities for personal discovery.
-          Guidance to GET BACK IN CONTROL of your situation, your happiness, and your life!
-          Much, much more!
If you’re looking for quick ways to calm down, then swallow your pride. Admit you have room for growth. It’s time to start sitting in the driver’s seat of your life, rather than allowing your emotions to take the wheel!


I have exciting news about another author, Angela Savide, and her book "Urban Fairy: A Modern Fantasy" that is available today. How exciting is that?  This book is about A metaphysical journey through the history and magic of Los Angeles and a shining example of visionary fiction, Urban Faery: A Modern Fantasy embraces universal wisdom and ecological consciousness and makes it relevant to the twenty-first century.

Urban Faery: A Modern Fantasy

by Angela Savidge

Tell your readers a little about yourself, where you grew up, where you live now, where you went to school etc. Let them get to know the personal you.

I was born on an American military base in Germany and raised in a deeply entrenched southern Baptist community in rural North Carolina. Overall, I do feel it was a safe and good upbringing, although I have always been more spiritual than religious. I was an only child and spent a great deal of time in a densely wooded forest near my home. And otherwise, I was very involved in the theater department at the local University. I lived in my imagination and loved the stage, but I was admittedly not a very good actress, so I navigated into production instead. I attended the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and graduated as a Theatrical Production Stage Manager. After college, I bravely took the train to New York City with only $300 in my pocket to take an assistant position in film production. That job eventually ushered me through the gates of Universal Pictures in Los Angeles. I spent more than a decade in LA, but for the last five years, I’ve lived in Portland, Oregon and Saint Petersburg, Florida. Like my main character, Cate, I had grown disillusioned by everything around me in a predominately material-obsessed environment, and I needed to live somewhere more grounded for a while. That being said, publishing this book has been very cathartic, and I am pleasantly surprised that I am missing Los Angeles now. I can’t wait to get back and have a regular presence there again.

What is visionary fiction?

I have recently joined the Visionary Fiction Alliance and its founder, Jodine Turner, describes it best. “Visionary Fiction embraces spiritual and esoteric wisdom, often from ancient sources, and makes it relevant for our modern life. Gems of this spiritual wisdom are brought forth in story form so that readers can experience the wisdom from within themselves. Visionary fiction emphasizes the future and envisions humanity’s transition into evolved consciousness. While there is a strong spiritual theme, it in no way proselytizes or preaches. Visionary fiction speaks the language of the soul. It offers a vision of humanity as we dream it could be.”

What inspired you to author this book?

My first introduction to the visionary fiction genre was back in the late 90s when I read The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.  It’s an adventure story that discusses various psychological and spiritual ideas rooted in multiple ancient Eastern traditions and New Age spirituality. The main character undertakes a journey to find and understand a series of nine spiritual insights in an ancient manuscript in Peru. After I read it, I thought to myself—if I were to ever write a book, it would be in this genre. Many years later, on a soul-searching sojourn to the rain forests of Oregon, I serendipitously discovered a book entitled Faery Tale: One Woman’s Search for Enchantment in a Modern World by Signe Pike. Signe’s brave attempt to engage with the spirit world and her courageous search for humans who still believe in the elusive beings we call faeries, inspired me to embark on a journey of my own through the trials, ordeals, and rewards of reconnecting with oneself—a process that leads to the initial inception of this story.

Where did you get the inspiration for your book’s cover?

The elusive being in my story, Luc, is a modern-day descendant of the ancient Fae race. He is also a shapeshifter, as most Fae are. I chose the raven as his spirit animal and placed one on the front cover because ravens are known throughout history to be mediators between the astral and physical planes. Many Native Americans believed them to be magical creatures who could take human form, and they were the keepers of ancient secrets. Also, I was very captivated by the true magic underlying Hollywood. By the way, I am fully aware that the sun does not set behind the Hollywood sign, but it made for a better cover.

Who has been the most significant influence on you personally and as a writer?

For sure, Joseph Campbell. Both personally and as a writer. I first read The Power of Myth in college and was so moved by it. The ideas he presents became my philosophy. Later in life, when I began dabbling in writing, I really delved into all of his work, and I am still a self-motivated student of his to this day. There are so many quotes that I call my favorites, but one that is particularly potent for me is, “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” Also, “The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.” That one brings tears to my eyes. 

What were your struggles or obstacles you had to overcome to get this book written?

That is a perfect question to follow the one above. When I first started writing, it was primarily in screenplay format. And as a student of Joseph Campbell, I discovered a book called The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler, a veteran story consultant for major Hollywood film companies. His framework for storytelling is shaped by the thinking of Joseph Campbell, and in one of the last chapters in his book, he addresses the tests, trials, ordeals, and joys of completing a story. “Writing is often a perilous journey,” he says. “Low self-esteem or confusion about goals may be the Shadows that chill our work, an editor or one’s own judgmental side may be the Threshold Guardians that block our way. Accidents, computer problems, and difficulties with time and discipline may torment us and taunt like Tricksters.  Unrealistic dreams of success or distractions may be the Shapeshifters who tempt, confuse, and dazzle us. Deadlines, editorial decisions, or the struggle to sell our work may be the Tests and Ordeals from which we seem to die but are Resurrected to write again.” I can honestly say that I have experienced every single one of those challenges. Getting a book written, especially a first book, is indeed a Hero’s Journey.

Tell your readers about your book.

Predominately set in Southern California’s iconic neighborhoods of West Hollywood and Malibu, my book follows the remarkable journey of a rising actress, Cate, as she attempts to find more meaning in life. Desperate to reconnect with the natural world, she wades into the ocean at one of Malibu’s most notorious surf breaks but is unaware that a powerful swell has moved in putting her in the direct path of danger. When Cate is rescued by a mysterious surfer named Luc, an alluring Welsh renegade and a modern-day descendant of the ancient Fae race, she is propelled into a new era of self-discovery and a total re-evaluation of the world around her.

Who is your target audience, and why?

The obvious target audience is readers of Fae romance and new age fiction, but I do believe that this book will appeal to a much wider audience. It’s a unique blend of Southern California’s surf culture, environmental spirituality, and urban fantasy. I think surfers and anyone concerned about the environment will really enjoy reading it, particularly Angelenos and anyone living and pursuing careers in Hollywood. Also, the elusive Fae, Luc, is from the Pembrokeshire coast of Wales, and the book touches on a bit of Welsh history and mythology. As the series continues, Wales will feature much more prominently.

If you were going to give one reason for anyone looking at your book to read, why should they buy it?

It is absolutely unique. I don’t think anyone has ever written anything remotely like it.

What do you consider your greatest success in life?

The completion and publication of this book. I feel as though my entire life has been leading up to it.

What one unique thing sets you apart from other writers in your genre?

I believe my experience in the film industry is quite unusual for writers in my genre. I hope that I will be able to use that in the future to bring visionary fiction stories to the screen in a commercial yet mindful way.

Tell me about your upcoming events.

I love photography and I am a somewhat reluctant model as well. Currently, I am working on a series of Urban Faery-inspired photo shoots in which I will be transforming myself into a magical raven. And then, in the fall of this year, I will be traveling from Los Angeles to Wales and England where I will be attending book signings and a variety of magical festivals including the Glastonbury Faery Ball. My tour will cumulate in November at International FaeryCon in Baltimore, Maryland.

What is your next book on the horizon?

It’s up in the air now if I will carry on writing the Urban Faery series in novella format, or if I will develop it directly as a television series. Maybe both. I feel I could carry on with this story for quite a long time. Otherwise, I do have several full-length novels that I have begun work on, but those are at least a few years from completion.

How do you overcome writer’s block?

I literally sit and stare at the page. It’s work. There’s no running away from it, no magical cure. I sit and sit and sit. The discipline to do that is intense, but after a while, a few words might come…and then a few more…and then I’m off!

What one piece of advice do you have for new authors.

My main character, Cate, is in essence myself. There is a piece of advice floating around the writing world that you should always make yourself the main character. Not every author does this, but it felt right in my case, and I feel it made this story much more authentic. Although I am not an actress, I’ve always daydreamed about it. Also, while living in Los Angeles I spent a good amount of time in Malibu, and I really envied that extraordinary connection surfers have with nature. I surf sometimes, but I’m not very good. So, this story is very much a fantasy of mine. It’s fun that way.

Tell your readers anything else you want to share.

I am donating 10% of all proceeds from this book to the Surfrider Foundation, an organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves, and beaches.


Author website:


Let's face it. Most authors are broke and until your book makes it to the best-seller list you are not going to get rich. With that said, authors must maximize their book's potential by purchasing an ISBN from a legitimate source. As enticing as a free ISBN is from any site such as KDP, you must read the fine print on the KDP site. First, Amazon will be listed as the publisher, not you. To top that off, KDP's policy states: "This free ISBN can only be used on KDP for distribution to Amazon and its distribution partners. It cannot be used with another publisher or self-publishing services." Whoa! What does that mean? Simply put, you cannot distribute your book through Ingramspark, Itunes and so much more because of this policy. That means you lose potential sales channels on the global market. I want to clarify that even more. When you accept the free ISBN from KDP, Amazon owns that ISBN and you do not have distribution rights. Amazon does. Now what?

Absolute Author Publishing House Website
That is where Absolute Author Publishing House (AAPH) comes into play. AAPH is a publishing company that can issue authors a legitimate ISBN, that ISBN, can be used for a single book, and the author is free to distribute their book on any distribution site including KDP, Ingramspark, and more. The beauty of this is that the author also gets the backing of a publishing company with an author subpage on their site, frequent blog shout outs, and access to their graphic designers for ads, book trailers, and more. The most important aspect is that the author will no longer be considered self-published which means that your book will be eligible for the USA and New York Times Best-Seller list and the largest contests for books. I bet you didn't know that if you are self-published you aren't eligible. Another key factor is that if you are self-published most book stores and libraries will not shelf your book.  Better yet, AAPH does not take any of your royalties.

If you would like to purchase an ISBN from Absolute Author Publishing House contact Dr. Carol Michaels, CEO, at

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The Cherish Book Series by Cheryl Long

JUNE 6, 2019

What a crazy week this has been and very stressing. Why? First, my eighty-six-year-old mother was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia and AFib and they haven't been able to stabilize her heart rate. If that wasn't enough, both of my sisters became ill. Robby was admitted to the hospital yesterday for pneumonia and my sister Caylen went to the twenty-four-hour clinic in respiratory distress and had to have a  breathing treatment. As for me, yep, I got something too. I went to my doctor and told him what was going on with my family and he immediately checked me for any virus, flu, strep, and pneumonia. I came out okay with only an ear infection. And, I thought it only came in threes. This came in fours. Please send up healing prayers for my mother and family.

On the upside of things, one of my grandsons competed in his swim meet and won all first place in the breast, free, relay, and fly. I am so proud of him and everyone calls him the Mini Michael Phelps.

I also came across a book for teens to read this summer called SOUTHERN ATTRACTION: THE COLLEGE YEARS written by Tracy Kaufman which is about a head-strong, stuck up girl that had to come to terms with her parent's passing. Heather came from an upper-class family of wealth, fortune, and love.  Then everything suddenly changes.  She loses her family to a sudden car accident tragedy.  She has to move to a southern town in Alabama where the rednecks ruled the town.  She learns how to love an uncle she barely knew and live in a place she despises.  To her surprise, she discovers a new world amongst the country bumkins of the south. Trying to fit into this new life for herself, she is faced with a hard decision. Who will she give her heart to? A man that is completely different from her or someone who shares the same qualities that she does. Join Heather in this journey of love, discovery and search for happiness.

This week I also came across a new series of books aimed for mothers and daughters. I thought it was appropriate considering what was going on in my life with my mother and her three daughters. The author is Cheryl Long. Cheryl T. Long was born and raised in Philadelphia and has always loved writing stories. While in the fifth grade, Cheryl had a teacher who sparked her interest in writing. He always told her that her storytelling was quite unique for her age. From that moment, Cheryl had one vision in her mind -- give the people around her an imaginative outlet. She is a mother of four beautiful children and enjoys cooking, fishing, and talking. I want to introduce you to her book series called THE CHERISH BOOK SERIES which consists of three books -- AS THE FLOWERS BLOOM, BURSTING OF THE FLOWER, and FULL BLOSSOM.

Tell your readers a little about yourself, where you grew up, where you live now, where you went to school etc. Let them get to know the personal you.

I grew up in the city of Philadelphia. I come from a very large family. My mother had thirteen siblings. My father had eleven. My parents grew up across the street from each other, making access to both sides of my family very easy.  I am the oldest of all my sibling.  I went to Henry Charles Lea Elementary K-8 and George Washington High school.  I have my associates degree in applied science.  I now live in the great state of Delaware, where I had owned a home for two and a half years. I am a Medical Office Practice Manager for Christiana Care Health System.  I am a mother of four children,  one son, and three lovely daughters. Not married at this time.  I love to cook, dance, write,  read, and fish.

What inspired you to author this book?

I had a good friend who experienced sexual assault in her home, and no one believed her. I saw the damage that was done from her having to live in that house with the abuser until she ran away. I saw her again later in life, and she had endured a lot of trama. I had a dream about this person (Cherish), and it shook me to my core. When I woke up, the feeling was still there, and I began to write and couldn’t stop, before I know it I had the outline done.

Where did you get the inspiration for your book’s cover?

The book cover spoke to me as I was thinking about the many faces of this person changing over time.

Who has been the most significant influence on you personally and as a writer?

My children, my fiance, Bryan, and my grandmother, who always told me I was a great person. She has since passed on.

What were your struggles or obstacles you had to overcome to get this book written?

I struggled with finding the time to write. I have a full-time job, and I’m a parent, and mentally, it was hard to concentrate after work to write.  However, once I really decided to give it a go, it wasn’t an obstacle anymore.

Tell your readers about your book.

'As The Flowers Bloom' is a captivating fictional story about a young lady who grows up in an environment of abuse and neglect, yet has a dream to become a famous dancer. Running away from home in search of greener pastures, Cherish would soon discover that the streets are even rougher than she thought. After so many wrong turns and disappointments, she finally gets much-needed help and pursues her career.

Who is your target audience, and why?

My target reader is abused children and women of all nationalities because I want them to know that their story will be heard and that people care and that they can persevere.

What do you hope your readers get from reading this book?

I hope readers get awareness and sick stomachs. I hope readers get more involved in child and domestic abuse campaigns.

If you were going to give one reason for anyone looking at your book to read, why should they buy it?

This book paints a vivid picture of what a lot of young girls are subjected to in different parts of the world, as relating to the human experiences. Growing up in societies that provide little or no support, these girls are forced to survive in ways we can’t imagine.

What do you consider your greatest success in life?

Being able to think and being creative most of the time. I think and look at the world with rose colored glasses.

What one unique thing sets you apart from other writers in your genre?

Well, I think I’m in a genre all by my self as I have been told my books are not really fiction, nonfiction or literary I‘m calling it (sticky topic melodrama).

How do you overcome writer’s block?

I sit down with a cup of coffee and talk to it.

What one piece of advice do you have for new authors.

Just do it. Writing takes discipline, but it is what you love doing.

Tell your readers anything else you want to share.

This book is a series. Book two is Bursting of the Flower and book three, is  Full Blossom.   Read them all to see the evolution of Cherish Flowers

Also, I write in many genres. I have a heart for children who are born with life-threatening diseases and write to bring awareness and also to brag on them.



Living in a two-parent home would seem ideal, but for this little girl. Cherish Flowers is a six-year-old child prostitute trafficked by her father, and her mother knew about it. Although severely sexually and mentally abused, she finds a way to deal with her life as it is. She takes solace in her ability to dance. 

Cherish is in love with the dancing, but can she survive the daily travails of her life?

With no formal training other than her passion for dancing, Cherish has finally gotten her big break, but it might cost her everything. Unable, to put the nightmares of her past and the man that abused her out of her mind, she soon finds herself spiraling under those bright lights. Will this flower bloom? Or will she wilt?

Forced out on the cold streets of Philly, Cherish has finally hit rock bottom. Her life as she knows it is circling the drain. After years of doing anything it takes to survive she meets a woman named Dorothy who offers to help her change her life for the better. 

Given a safe place to live by a woman who helps wayward girls in, Cherish finally has a place she can call home. However, the past is never far behind for Cherish, will she be able to accept the help offered to her? Or. will she wind up back out on the streets?

Even though her life is on track Cherish can’t stop thinking about her dreams of dance. And her dreams of true love. But, the only place she can find work as a dancer is at a gentlemen’s club.
Which is where she meets the man of her dreams. 

An older gentleman who works as a musician and knows everyone in the business. With connections, money, and power he offers Cherish the life she always wanted.

But, the more she gets to know him the more she comes to find that her new life has a hefty price. Dragged back down into a life she tried to leave behind, it will take everything Cherish has to get away.

A compelling tale about perseverance, grit, friendship, love, passion, and resilience. This book captures the very essence of being human and the challenges we are all too familiar with in the pursuit of our dreams. When Cherish Flowers flees from her home after the murder of her mother at the hands of her father, she was certain that her troubles would finally come to an end; and she would be free to dance as she pleases. But in the new world, this twelve-year-old runaway soon discovers that her struggles are far from over as she encounters new obstacles in her strive to put the pieces of her life together. As the misfortunes kept trying to outshine her efforts, she is forced to confront the most daring of situations to reclaim control over her life. Is Cherish going to achieve her dream; is she going to get back the reins of her life or has she been dealt too many blows than she can recover from? This book is for every person with a dream who needs their hope reaffirmed; it shows that against overwhelming odds humans are capable of blossoming. It is also a memorable and inspiring read for all persons that have had to ensure any form of sexual abuse; it teaches that you're more valuable than you may think and that your dreams are valid!

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