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Dr. Mel's Message : Get on Board the KSK Series Train

Dr. Mel's Message : Get on Board the KSK Series Train: NOVEMBER 8, 2018 WELCOME WWW.DRMELCAUDLE.COM You Can Help Your Own Dream Come True New psychological thriller, The Key...

Get on Board the KSK Series Train

NOVEMBER 8, 2018


You Can Help Your Own Dream Come True

New psychological thriller, The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence by author Dr. Melissa Caudle is a riveting read that keeps you turning the pages. A novel not to be missed if you love to read about serial killers with a science fiction twist in this web of deception full of twists and turns and the unexpected up to the very last word. Available on in paperback and on Kindle.

Autographed copies available at Only if you dare to enter the world of The Keystroke Killer. Not for the faint of heart.

Please be advised, the more copies which are sold, the higher the rankings on Amazon. The higher the rankings on Amazon, the more likely this will be picked up as a series and put actors and film production crew to work. If not, it won't be picked up.
This is your chance to help KSK become a television series. If you have believed in the dream, help your own dream come true by purchasing either the E-book on Kindle or the paperback version. Don't rely on somebody else, take matters into your own hands. The television series won’t be picked up unless this really sells and the fans of KSK can have a direct impact on that.

There are several things you can do that will help this dream come true for all of us:

1. Help spread the word and get your friends to buy the book. Share, share and share. And, I don't mean my link. I mean your own post. The more widespread on social media, the better. This includes you tweeting about it, Instagram, etc. I can't spread the word by myself.
2. If you have bought the book already, please review it honestly on Amazon and on Goodreads. The more reviews the better. But I want an honest review good or bad. So far, I have a five-star rating!
3. If you are a member of a book club, recommend it to your members. If it is a local New Orleans Club or within a 100 mile radius I will gladly come for a book signing event.
4. Ask your local library or college librarian to purchase the book for their collection.
5. If you are friends of a radio show host or television talk show, ask them to have me onto their show.
6. You could consider boosting your post about "The Keystroke Killer" for as little as $5, $10, $20 to help get the word out. I have purchased many ads on Google, Goodreads, Facebook, Amazon, and will continue, so rest assured I'm doing my part, but the more people investing to spread the word on an individual basis increases the awareness of the book and the potential series.
7. If you are local and want to throw a party for your friends and family to meet me and have me sign autographs, I’ll do that too.
8. If you have a website, consider backlinking my site to yours. I will do the same. We both win.
9. If you are an author, I have a page on my website where I will put your book, in exchange if you will add me to yours. The more exchange of links increases both of our efforts on Google.

A Little Can Go a Long Way in Making Dreams Come True

Think of it this way, for as little as $9.99 for the E-book, you could be investing in yourself or simply helping the KSK family. Since when does that happen by buying a book? While you are at it, buy two or three and give them away as Christmas presents, just don’t give it to someone under eighteen. 
Please don't consider this as me only promoting my book and wanting it to sell my book for selfish reasons. I didn't intend for it to come across this way. I have held onto this dream and fought hard for all of us. Together we can make this happen.


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Dr. Mel's Message : INTERVIEW WITH AUTHOR DR. MELISSA CAUDLE: Welcome to Dr. Mel's Message - Author BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO KEEP UP TO DATE ON THE SIDE BAR Q & A I recently sat down w...


Welcome to Dr. Mel's Message - Author

Q & A

I recently sat down with a freelance journalist who asked me the following questions about my new novel The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence. I'd like to share the answers with you.

What inspired you on this book?

About eight years ago, I wrote a short film which was produced. I had no idea at the time that people would become fans, but they did. Before I knew it, people were begging me to write the screenplay. So, I did. I wrote The Keystroke Killer, pilot screenplay, with the expectations of getting it produced. I had a serious setback with my health and basically shelved the idea. Then, during my recovery, I just started writing and before I knew it, I had sixty-seven episodes written for television. Whoa! I got a bite on it, got funding, then disaster, my funder died of a heart attack. So, I was back at square one. Then, I was encouraged to turn the screenplays into a novel series. THE KEYSTROKE KILLER: TRANSCENDENCE PART I covers the first thirteen screenplays or if it were a series, Season 1.
The entire inspiration for the book came as a result of that short film.
Why did you want to become a writer?
I think I’ve always been a writer since I learned how to print my name. I wrote my first book when I was in the seventh grade with my best friend. After that, I just kept writing. I love being able to travel and go places anywhere in the world my mind takes me. I am not bound to the here and now, rather I can time travel and go to outer space. That’s why I wanted to be a writer.
What was the hardest part of creating this book?
The hardest part for me was two-fold: adapting from screenwriting and editing the final version. I had worked years on the character’s and the plots and had everything down in screenplay format. But, learning how to write like a novelist is like comparing apples to oranges. Although you can each both pieces of fruit, they are nothing alike. It took me awhile to get into learning how to write like a novelist, but I took classes and read just about everything I could.
It only took me two months to write KSK, but it took ten months of editing. Between the focus group and beta readers, from the line/copy editor, I did everything possible to make KSK the best. I think the time was well worth it.
The Keystroke Killer Trailer

What do you hope people will gain by reading it?
Entertainment value and a desire to want more. The novel itself is very dark, twisted and deep and it contains adult situations that portray what happens in today’s society. For example, the darkness of the scenes dealing with the serial killer are dark. I wanted it real. In order to do that, I interviewed four serial killers on death row and six survivors from serial killers. It was difficult to hear and listen, but it needed to be right. So, if people get anything out of this besides the entertainment value, I would hope it would be to step in and help if someone is getting kidnapped or if you suspect someone is involved in sex trafficking. Both of these subjects are hard to take; but are realities. I hope I can open someone’s eyes.
When you were a kid, what were your favorite books?
As a kid, I loved to read Ray Bradbury and Orson Welles. THE TIME TRAVELER and WAR OF THE WORLDS have to be my favorite.
What is your advice to people who are not excited about reading?
To me, it goes back to why I wanted to be a writer in the first place. When you read, you’re not trapped in the here and now, or your hometown. You can experience the world from someone else’s perspective.
Why should we buy your book?
This may sound weird for an author to say, but I wouldn’t say this book is for everyone. If you are faint of heart and have nightmares easily, don’t buy it. But, if you love psychological thrillers, mystery and crime or novels on serial killers, then this one is for you. I’ve been told by my beta readers that THE KEYSTROKE KILLER makes SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and FIFTY SHADES OF GREY look PG. With that said, it is for mature audiences only. It is not recommended for teens or below. I won’t even let my grandchildren read it until they are eighteen.
Are you traditionally published or a self-published author and why did you choose?
I would say I am a hybrid author. My first books were traditionally published, but all of my novels will be self-published. I chose to self-publish because basically after twenty years of writing, I had a great grip. However, I still invested in a professional editor, professional cover creator and professional marketers.
Tell me how writing The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence the novel was different from writing the screenplay.
Let me begin by saying it is like taking a bite of watermelon and expecting it to taste like an orange. Oh my, I didn’t know what I was in for turning my screenplays into novels. The two styles of writing are not the same. In fact, I had a huge learning curve in the transference. For instance, in a screenplay I could simply write – INT. MATTHEW’S APARTMENT – NIGHT. Then maybe a couple of scene descriptions.
In a novel, I had to bring the reader into the apartment, what it smelled like, what it looked like and well as Matthew’s guest impressions. Whoa! A huge difference. The same thing with dialogue. In a screenplay, I just left the dialogue alone and let the actors and director interpret it. In the novel, I got to express every thump of their heart, the tension in their body, facial expressions. I had to learn to do this by taking courses, studying, joining groups etc. But, in the end, I am very happy with the results of my new book. It was honestly the most challenging experience in writing that I have ever had which means a lot since I have published dozens of nonfiction books..
Tell me a little bit about your next novel Never Stop Running.
Waking up from an eight month coma, Jackie cannot remember anything about her life suffering from Retrograde amnesia. David, her husband, convinces her to seek the help of a hypnotherapist only to remember her past lives. Her journey is a mental time travel across the ages with a psychological twist. Based on a real-life story. A must read novel.
You will discover:
•a mental time travel where my main character discovers past lives that take you events from 1200 BC to 1942 and of course present day.
•The stories behind the stories and what makes Jackie who she is today.
•Epic historical events through the eyes of commoners and the wealthy which can be as far back as the Black Plague up to War World II.
•A story that will leave you wondering if this is real because it is based off a true life story. Only you can decide.
I want to hear more on Never Stop Running. How did you decide to write this and how much of it is true?
First, it is true based on a real life story of a very brave a courage woman’s past life regressions. She shared with me the tapes or her sessions with a renowned hypnotherapist and simply put, they were remarkable. I did some fact checking on the stories she recalled, and they were accurate. I mean things that there was no way she could have known.

Who are your target audiences?
This answer is tricky because I honestly have to say not everyone should read The Keystroke Killer. It is really dark, deep and twisted; whereas Never Stop Running is intriguing and examines reincarnation. In researching NSR I interviewed a Catholic Bishop, I interviewed a Buddhist Monk and several regression hypnotherapists. Because I wanted to make sure I balanced the concept of reincarnation factually as did Jackie, my main character when she was on her discovery path. I also interviewed several people who experienced past lives in their regression sessions. It was an amazing experience.
Now, on the other end of the spectrum, for KSK, I interviewed scientists and physicists including the great Stephen Hawking who spoke his head off to me on his M-Theory and his theory of the universe having multiple dimensions. I wanted that part of KSK correct. I also interviewed three serial killers on death row, six sex trafficking victims and victims of a serial killer who escaped. I needed to get that right too.
So, my target audiences are different for the two books. Yes, someone who loves KSK can get excited that I have another novel and read NSR and find themselves asking is it even the same author. Because NSR is that dark, deep twisted psychological thriller. To sum this up, I’d say the audience for KSK would have to be those who love psychological thrillers, crime and mystery, and serial killer books or movies and I’d say sci-fi lovers. It has just enough sci-fi to be sci-fi without it thrown into your face. It’s a great coupling.
The audience for NSR would include people who have experienced past lives, experienced de je veux, have interest in the subject, and also who like to read historical novels. I’d also have to include those who doubt reincarnation because of the religious bantering inside the novel. I don’t tell a reader what they have to believe, but I do balance both sides of the equation.
How much of Never Stop Running is true?
I think you have to ask me how much of The Keystroke Killer is true too. So, I start with the first one. Many of the scenes I included in KSK are based off real events that either occurred in my life or to someone I know. I’ll start with an easy example that won’t be a spoiler alert.
The scene from the chapter The Great Escape, where Milo hitchhikes to Kenner, LA after escaping from Angola Prison, the truck driver who picks him up, Mr. Bill, is actually based around my father. He was a truck driver for years. When I was five or six, he was a prison guard at Folsom Prison, yes, the prison where Johnny Cash was imprisoned. He guarded death row. That made my father different.
When I became an adult and authored my book Crisis Alert System Implementation or CASI for short, a book on establishing crisis response teams for schools, I talked with my father a lot about those days he guarded death row inmates and serial killers. I wanted his ideas on safety measures. If it worked for a prison, it had to work for a school for juvenile delinquents.
So, back to that chapter and Mr. Bill. The entire conversation between Mr. Bill and Milo Evans, the serial killer is based from my father’s stories of picking up hitchhikers. He also had a very dry sense of humor and told jokes all the time that I never thought were funny. So, I combined all of that into that scene and while I was at it I added real life facts about my family. For instance, the part where his two older children died from cancer and getting hit by a train really happened to my beloved brother Dennis and my sister, Livia, who was killed by an Amtrak train. Oh, I named the character Livia, after my sister. I channeled her for the character.
There are dozens of examples from my real life in KSK. You’ll have to join my blog to read more stories like these at
Now, for NSR, all of the past lives recalled in this book came from real past live regression sessions. The main character Jackie, who I based this book from, wasn’t a third grade teacher, but was a teacher, then became an assistant principal. The relationship between her husband and mother are real, but he didn’t work at Higgins Shipyard. I made that up.
The Family Antique store is real, but it is my family's store. But, the antique scene is real. In fact, it’s very hard for the real Jackie to even go into an antique store anymore. Just a couple of months ago, we went to one. She picked up an item, clutched it, and her eyes swelled with tears. When I looked at her, she said, “This was mine.”
I’ll tell you a freaky incident that happened to me with my daughter Jamie. Last summer, I went to spend the month with her and her family and went camping in Canada. Great trip by the way. Now, I had just finished the first draft of Never Stop Running, gave it to Jamie to read as she serves as my developmental editor. Back to the scene in the book with Jackie and her mother. When they first enter, Aunt Susie greets them. She tells Jackie that she can have one item free of charge and that she’ll know it because it will speak to her. This scene was based from the woman who inspired the novel. But, here is the freaky part. Jamie and I went antique hunting, something I love to do because I collect antique marbles and my family has an antique store. Jamie and I passed an antique store, it called my name. I had to go in. She pulled over and we went in. The owner greeted us, “Good morning.” Then she said, “You can have one item free that speaks to you.” I almost fell over and had to catch my breath. My daughter and I got chills because she had already read NSR and knew what was in there.
So, coincidence or fate or destiny. That really happened. I walked away with a marble that I have never seen, and I own probably 40,000 marbles and can identify them. It called my name. My daughter walked away with a beautiful ring with a tiny wizard holding a crystal ball. 
With all that said, as a writer, I tap into my life and my environment and right about what I know. I guess, a lot of my writing I’d call faction.
Let’s talk about the Elephant in the room, the #METOO movement and your graphic scenes of murder, rape and sex trafficking. Are you afraid they are going to come after you and accuse you of glamorizing violence against women?
I’ll say this much, as a society we can’t turn a blind eye against these horrendous crimes and I certainly will not. I have several friends who have been raped and I know women who escaped from sex trafficking. These crimes were not their fault. So, by me using scenes in my book in this manner, I hope that I can bring light to the fact that these things really happen.
When we hear these crimes in the news, we don’t get the details or how they felt or what these women went through. When you listen to them, it is gut-wrenching. I felt it important to put these in there for authenticity and just maybe, it will get somebody upset enough to get involved and help someone if you suspect a girl or boy is about to get kidnapped or is involved in sex trafficking, do something. 
Most every Friday night I have a date night with my husband. I'd say it is out upscale Cheers as most people in their are locals and we all know each other. One of them is an FBI Agent in the sex crime/trafficking division. This horrific crime happens. Closing our eyes to hit, doesn't help. We all must be vigilant.
As for serial killers, they can be your neighbor, the deacon of your church, your spouse. Look at the serial killer Dennis Radar, the BTK serial killer, who bludgeoned, tortured and killed for more than thirty years. He had a family, a wife, children and was a leader in his church. Everyone was clueless, even his wife and children.
I live in Louisiana, which by the way, is ranked seventh in the United States for having the most serial killer deaths. And, even closer to my home, Derrick Todd Lee, Sean Vincent Gills, Jefferey Guillory and Ronald Dominique. All killed within a 100 mile radius of my home. The scary part, the Jennings 8 serial killer who killed just outside of Baton Rouge is still at large and the authorities don't have a clue for a suspect. If you don't think I'm not aware of that, you have another thing coming. I keep  my eyes peeled.
So, If I bring attention to the forefront serial killers are out there, that sex traffickers are out there and make people aware, then I’d say, I have written the right thing for the right reason. That was my point in the first place, I wanted people to know what really happens. How do I know, I interviewed the victims and I interviewed serial killers who loved to talk about how they killed someone and took their last breath? Which by the way is where I got the inspiration for the character Milo Evans, portrayed my Chris Swirles in the following video.

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Star Wars Short Film Competition

By now you all know that I am a science fiction geek, and proud of it. This next announcement has be bubbling with Star Wars joy. One of my friends, Jack Curenton and his team are in the midst of competing in the short fan base films for Star Wars. He is in the finals and we really need you to help his team win. This is what you can do to help a fellow KSK member out.

Click on this link to watch this glorius short film staring Jack Curenton and DH Lewis as my superheroes.

Then vote. Here are the pictures that will help you to vote. When you go to the link, this is what you will see. Watch, vote, then share with your family and friends.

                                                       Here is the wonderful DH Lewis.

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Who is Livia and Why is She Important?

Livia Matters in KSK

The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence novel isn’t for the faint of heart as it delves into many dark and twisted areas perfect for a psychological thriller. In my last post, I talked about KSK’s main protagonist. He’s a very complex character with lots of flaws and character traits who out of the kindness of his heart tries to do the right thing, but often ends up doing illegal things. His relationship with the other characters in this book is mingled. It may seem that he is somehow connected to everyone, because he is. The more involved he gets, the more involved you get. Matthew is the type of character you find yourself pulling for, then take a deep breath and think, “What are you doing?” Frankly, he just can’t help himself.

Now for a  peek at Livia, his sister who was murdered by the Co-Ed serial killer, Milo Evans. It his because of Livia that Matthew gets intertwined with the others as he searches for answer which surrounds her death. Milo is his nemesis who plays games with Matthew. A little backstory comes out of a scene between Livia and Milo, that I won’t speak upon because I don’t want to give any spoiler alerts. But, that one scene in pivotal for the entire book. When you read it, I believe you will know what I am talking about. Also, in the book, Matthew discovers something about Livia that he never knew which brings him to his knees. He was already grieving, but this sends him into a tailspin. Therefore, although Livia is dead, she still is an important character even up to the last sentence of the book.

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THE KEYSTROKE KILLER: TRANSCENDENCE was released on Halloween to great reviews and I would like to give you the opportunity to take a sneak peek on the inside, head on over to this link

What is The Keystroke Killer Transcendence About?

Published by Open Door Publishing Company, this novel is a masterpiece of twisted deception as Matthew Raymond, a private detective is locked into a maze of deceit after the disturbing 2053 murder of his sister, Livia. Rage filled Matthew igniting a search for her killer and to find answers to the mysterious questions that lurked around her death. Matthew discovers himself immersed in a city where the wealthy and corrupt politician’s rule and a serial killer on the loose. Our hero plunges himself in a cunning game of cat-and-mouse when he stumbles across the Keystroke Killer exposing a secret device that makes the serial killer capable of sending people to the fourth dimension without a trace.


"Full of shocking twists, turns and flips that will blow your mind, and have you turning the page begging for more." Jeffrey Jordon, SAG Actor

“An electrifying debut with unexpected turns and twists.” Robby Cook Stroud, Literary Agent
“A haunting twisted tale.” Tina Rubin, Actor

“Truly wicked and powerful. A page turner.”  Rockin Dopsie Jr., Grammy Nominated Zydeco Musician

“Makes Fifty Shades of Grey and Silence of the Lambs look PG.” Kelly Cheatem, Realtor

“A saga like no other. A must read.” Erin Cadiere, CEO – No Regrets Apparel

“I couldn’t put it down. Excellent and powerful.” – Mark Steadfast, Producer

“A saga unlike any other. A must read.” – Bryan Dankworth, Artist

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Dr. Mel's Message - Blog written by Dr. Melissa Caudle: THE KEYSTROKE KILLER: TRANSCENDENCE

Dr. Mel's Message - Blog written by Dr. Melissa Caudle: THE KEYSTROKE KILLER: TRANSCENDENCE: Who is Who in KSK and Why? The acceptance of "The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence" since launching on Halloween has been ...


Who is Who in KSK and Why?

The acceptance of "The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence" since launching on Halloween has been crazy. I knew when I released it, people would talk about it and asking questions and forming their own theories, but I didn't realize the readers would ask so fast. This means, they purchased the book, read it and didn't put it down. I promise I won't give away any spoiler alerts, what fun would that be? It has only been two days since the novel launched.

I think I can answer one question without giving it away. The question is, what inspired me to write KSK and how did I create each character? I will spend the next couple of blogs answering this question, which is more like thirty since there is a bunch of characters in this book. There are characters you love to hate and hate to love. Each character unique with their own voice.

I’ll get the first part out of the way – What inspired me to write KSK?

Easy enough, “The Keystroke Killer” was born about eight years ago when I wrote a very short film by the same title. To me, it was nothing like the book is now and it only had four characters; e.g., Matthew, Blaze, Mag and Judas. It wasn’t but seven minutes long, but it had impact as the short went viral on Youtube. From there, I developed it into a screenplay with the intent of a television show. I ended up writing 67 episodes creating new characters and intertwining all of their lives. Of course, that took several years of writing and development. From there, I decided, with a push from my sister and a potential funder to write the screenplay into a novel. There was just too much in 67 episodes that I had written the screenplays – enough for six years of television; so, I took the first season and transformed it into “The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence Part I” and the rest is history. KSK is available on both in paperback and on Kindle. If you want an autographed copy, you can go to my website and order one here
I am in the process of writing Parts 2-6 and I will be releasing each one as I finish them. So be sure to subscribe to my blog to keep updated.

How did I create each character for KSK?

I love a character driven story and plot. To me, that is what brings life. In order for that to happen, I have to live and breathe these characters as if they are part of my family or my closest friends. That is my starting point. For Matthew, I always saw him as being torn and grieving not being able to get over his sister’s death. As a writer, I understood this feeling because my oldest sister Livia Lynn was killed when I was in my late twenties when she crossed a railroad track and a train sideswiped her car. Needless to say, I comprehended grief of losing a sibling.

Also, Matthew believes he could have stopped his sister’s death because she called him for help. I too understood this because two weeks before my sister’s death, I dreamed her death and how she was going to die. I told her, I went and saw her, and it didn’t change her fate. Again, something that I could build from on Matthew.

From there, I did an entire storyline and built his history/backstory using a form I created in one of my books I wrote on writing screenplays. I knew everything about him: where he went to school, where he played as a child, his favorite toy, his first kiss, his first love, his relationship with his mother and mother, his favorite color, favorite animal and about three hundred things. And, now you know the inspiration behind Matthew.

In the next couple of Blog posts I will be discussing other characters and plot developments.
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