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By  David S. Sayndee, Jr


So many people think that God created music for entertainment purpose, but there is nowhere in the Bible that saids there's entertainment in Heaven. God had a totally different intention in mind when He created music.  Doctors, Nurses, and Neurosurgeons use music for a different reason. Music has so much power. It has both spiritual and physical benefits, not just the entertainment part of it. This book will open your eyes to the real reasons why God created music, how it benefits us spiritual and physical and effects our being in so many ways. This book will expose a lot of secret truths about the Supernatural power behind music. After reading this book, you will see music from a different perspective and you will begin to tap into its supernatural power and you will start reaping its actual benefits.



David S. Sayndee, Jr. is a worship Pastor and has spent 26 years of his life ministering in music, a career he choose since he was 15. His experience in gospel music ministry is unquestionably unique. He has the passion to impact and equip music ministers with the tool they need for a successful ministry. His 1st book "principles to becoming an effective and impactful music minister saids it all. David is studying Biblical Studies at the Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary in North Carolina. He currently work as Ass. Minister of music and Arts at Mount MORIAH Missionary Baptist Church in Matthews, North Carolina.



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A Man Called Stan Paperback – March 26, 2003 by Johan Henning (Author)



A Man Called Stan Paperback – March 26, 2003

How to Write and Sing Your Own Song: A guide to songwriting and vocals for DIY music artists



How to Write and Sing Your Own Song: A guide to songwriting and vocals for DIY music artists (Free My Music Book 2) Kindle Edition

Book 2 of 2: Free My Music

Have you got all these ideas in your head, words, phrases or melodies with nowhere to go? Well, set them free by creating something unique only you can create by writing and singing your own song.

The focus of this guide is taking that spark of an idea and turning it into something precious and memorable for your audience based on the considered decisions you make as a songwriter.

Believe it or not, there are no hard and fast rules only choices. But at the same time, there are plenty of myths. This concise guide will lay out the key concepts to consider when songwriting and lay to bed the common myths regarding learning to sing and voice improvement.

As a DIY music artist, I dared to follow my dream of writing, singing and releasing my own songs, you can too!

Take this focused guide and use it as the springboard to take your talent and creativity out into the world, creating songs that achieve your intended audience reaction and so build a loyal following.

Your prospective fans are waiting for your songs.

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Ignore the Doubters Set Your Music Free: The start out guide for DIY music artists (Free My Music Book 1) Kindle Edition

Book 1 of 2: Free My Music

They say there is a time and place for everything. So, if you are determined to be successful as a singer, rapper, musician or music-maker, then ignore the doubters. You can make it in the music business.

As a DIY music artist myself, I have been on a similar journey to the one you are following. So with passion and insight, I wrote this no-nonsense guide that sets out what you need to know to build a foundation for success in the music business that enables you to lead a viable music career.

It covers the personal attributes you need for success as an independent artist and the questions and answers that determine whether you are ready for what lies ahead.

The new music artist is also a music entrepreneur, so this guide includes topics on taking care of your music business, what to know and consider as the copyright owner of your songs and those all-important music royalties.

The result is a must-have guide for anyone who is starting out as a music artist and looking for an honest real-life view of the road to be travelled, how to prepare for the journey and how to achieve their ambitions as a DIY music artist.


Music in one form or another has been with Dingle throughout his life. His passion for music really took hold after achieving success with his brothers and their band.

However, music had to take a back seat and Dingle trained as a Chartered Management Accountant which led to a career as a Business and IT Consultant.

However, he always remained in touch with the world of music and knew he had unfinished business and would one day return to creating music.

This was realized in 2016 when he set up his own label, Dingazz Music and released his first single. He continues to write songs, produce music, blogs on his website and now authors music business guides so others may enjoy what the music business has to offer.



Imergenation Series (Audiobook mp3)

Imergenation Series (TTS Audiobook MP3)

Genres: Apocalyptic, science fiction, thriller, conspiracy, fantasy, philosophical fiction, horror, mystery

Length: 12 Hours 54 Minutes 00 Seconds


Start Times:
(Hours: Minutes: Seconds)

The Statues: 00:00:15 or -12:53:45
The God / Thee: 00:43:00 or -12:11:00
The Story: 01:21:00 or -11:33:00
The Eclipse: 02:25:00 or -10:29:00
The City (Part One): 03:37:00 or -09:17:00
The City (Part Two): 04:47:00 or -08:07:00
The City (Part Three) 06:04:00 or -06:50:00
The Mountain: 06:50:00 or -06:04:00
The Waters: 08:21:00 or -04:33:00
The Light: 09:39:00 or -03:15:00
The Coincidence (Part One): 10:47:00 or -02:07:00
The Coincidence (Part Two): 11:51:00 or -01:03:00
Imergenation (Part One) 12:43:00 or -00:11:00

(There's less than a minute of space between each episode)

Imergenation: Episode 1 - The Statues

Starts at: 00:00:15

Synopsis: A group of space travelers, on their way home from a long mission, make one last stop to an unknown planet.

Imergenation: Episode 2 - The God / Thee

Starts at: 00:43:00

Synopsis: A teen, with a skeptical parent, wants to go on a road trip to receive their healing from a living god.

Imergenation: Episode 3 - The Story

Starts at: 01:21:00

Synopses: A group aims to win an International Natural of Reality Competition to save their dying grandmother.

Imergenation: Episode 4 - The Eclipse 

Starts at: 02:25:00

Synopsis: A family moves into a unique, remote location during an eclipse.

Imergenation: Episodes 5 -7 – Telecity

 Starts at: 03:37:00

Synopsis: A new organization, seeking to expand to the entire world, offers cosmic energy helmets that allows people to physically manifest objects and teleport at will.

Imergenation: Episode 8 - The Mountain

Starts at: 06:50:00

Synopsis: 5 people wake up on a mountain with no way down and no memory of how they got there.

Imergenation: Episode 9 - The Waters

Starts at: 08:21:00

Synopsis: A thruple goes on a smartboat cruise and gets lost out at sea.

Imergenation: Episode 10 - The Light

Starts at: 09:39:00

Synopsis: Scientists find out the sun is going to explode. They construct a machine that would allow them to leave the Milky Way Galaxy. However, the world is divided between the believers and unbelievers.

Imergenation: Episodes 11-12 - The Coincidence

Starts at: 10:47:00

Synopsis: A child is mysteriously born. The child grows up and realizes there's something strange about the birth.

Imergenation (Part One)

Starts at: 12:43:00

Synopsis: Meaning of Imergenation.


Event Grandeur Kindle by Michael Adziovski




Event Grandeur Kindle Edition