Friday, January 22, 2021

De-Mystify Investing: Master the Teeter Totter Principle by Terry Atzen



De-Mystify Investing: Master the Teeter Totter Principle Paperback – November 2, 2020


Terry J. Atzen is an author, world traveler, financial coach and strategist, supporting partner, father, grandfather and founder of The Investment Compass.

After working his way through college he served his country as a Naval Line Officer aboard a heavy cruiser before entering the business world.

Mr. Atzen has a broad and diversified background of nearly fifty years in both the pharmaceutical industry and the financial services industry. His focus during those years was in sales, sales training, management and investment coaching.

From the beginning of his business career he has gained individual recognition for his performance with all of the major Wall Street firms that he has represented, including Merrill Lynch (President's Club), E. F. Hutton (Financial Planner of the Year) and Prudential Securities. He served as Senior Vice President and Branch Manager for the Los Angeles firm of Bateman Eichler, Hill, Richards where the firm benefited from his managerial skills. Atzen also had his own investment consulting firm, Atzen & Associates, Inc., in Portland, Oregon.

The Investment Compass was created as the result of an inspirational moment that Mr. Atzen had in 2009, after over 40 years as a successful investment advisor, after which the first edition of his e-book was written. He realized at that moment that he was using information not commonly used by many investors - that he was using information on a daily basis which most investors did not possess and who therefore had to rely on information from other sources that nearly always had an agenda.

The technology that Atzen discusses in his e-book, The Investment Compass – Empowering Investors in Today’s Market, is Point-and-Figure charting. He uses this methodolgy exclusively in his investment coaching practice.

Investment coaching for Mr. Atzen is about teaching fundamentals, inspiring, encouraging, supporting, sharing his 45 years of investment consulting experience and empowering his clientele.
Currently, Mr. Atzen does independent investment coaching and financial consulting with both corporations and individuals while also writing a novel in his spare time. He also enjoys golf, fly fishing and wooden boat building.