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Early Learner K - 2: Learn to Read, Write and Count Workbook



Early Learner K - 2: Learn to Read, Write and Count Workbook



Mike Blutstein is the Vice President Film and Television for the heavy hitting John Goldwyn Productions. Under the prolific producer, John Goldwyn, the company has been responsible for successes such as "DEXTER", THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY, BABY MAMA and HOT RODMike’s position and taste have afforded him an expansive network including Hollywood’s top agents, writers, directors and studios. Presently, he is an executive on content such as Lionsgate’s "MANHUNT"Hulu’s "DOPESICK" and Peacock’s MACGRUBERHe is also currently adapting the story of Mandy Harvey, the world’s most famous fully-deaf musician. Mike enjoys championing stories with poignant themes and interesting characters, ranging in genre from Sci-Fi to Romance and Dramas. In his prior position, Mike worked on the production side at "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE"where he also continued to build a love for Comedies and Dramedies. I hope you enjoy our conversation and learn a little about navigating  Hollywood to sell a script, and get it to the screen. 


Mike specializes in all genres of film and television, especially Comedy, inspirational stories, Rom Coms, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thrillers, Horrors, anything cerebral and high concept. Please no War features or Westerns. 

I am so excited to tell you about the brand new, incredibly thorough six-hour class I’ve created & will be teaching called: IDEA to SCRIPT to SALE: A HOLLYWOOD GUIDE.




As the Vice President of a high-level production company, as well as a previous agent at Abrams Artists Agency, I have advised countless new writers. And in many of them, I've seen the same thing: no one really understands how the system works. And if you don't know how a system functions, how can you succeed within it?

So, thanks to years of active experience in development, as well as a penchant for guiding others, I wanted to put together this class to help writers answer some of their questions.

Questions like:

“What do I do after I’ve written the script?”

“Is this something buyers are looking for?”

“How do I get my work seen by agents, managers, producers or executives?”

“How do I know the right director or actor for this project?”

Through this two-part, six hour seminar (broken into 3-hour classes) we’ll look at building an idea from the ground up; starting with a hook that grabs an audience, a theme that resonates with readers, and a game plan for positioning your work in the congested Hollywood marketplace.

More specifically, in this class I’m going to be addressing:


- Tips to come up with an idea that sells

- Using Intellectual Property, including Creative Commons to amplify your project.

- Injecting your own life into a work.

- Putting pen to paper; what is important to highlight in your script/bible/pitch deck.

- We'll be discussing some of your own ideas out loud.


- Ways to position your project in the congested market.

- Tips to have your work seen by a manager, producer, or executive.

- What studios are looking for.

- How packaging works, including tips to package your project with directors, producers, or talent.

- Tips on networking.

- A question-and-answer period where we talk about your own ideas.

- And more!!!

The class is scheduled to run with Part I on August 28th (9 am PT – 12 pm PT) and Part II on August 29th (9 am PT – 12 pm PT). If you cannot make either of those dates, or if you can only make one session, please purchase a ticket and let me know so I can schedule you for a different day (there is a September session for makeups).

Here is the link: (August Session) (September Session)

This class will not promise to sell your tv show, nor will it promise to get you the dream meetings you desire, but what it does offer is an insightful, educational journey as we work together to distill years of experience into a fun, thought-provoking module.

I can't wait to see you there.

Mike Blutstein & Dr. Melissa Caudle


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Impact on Hospitality business in Asia as COVID continues - Interview with Saman Sarathchandra


This interview addresses the impact of Covid on the Asian Hospitality industry and dealing with the consequential emotional distress. I was curious and asked Saman Sarathchandra, hotel group GM in PH, his perspective and he says, This should not be the new normal .“

Impact on Hospitality business in Asia as COVID continues - Interview with Saman Sarathchandra

What is exactly going on in your opinion?

Nobody thought that this could spiral into a fatal pandemic and that we’d still be talking about it 15 months in.  The V-Shape recovery that we had hoped for has now transformed into infinity-dips. But the efficacy of vaccinations seems to give some hope even though new variants are emerging.

Do you think businesses will return soon?

It doesn't seem easy for any business to return to a financially sustainable point so soon, but no one hopes to walk back the 2020 journey again. In many European and Asian countries, restrictions are now being eased; governments are still weighing up how to strike a balance between the transmission rate and the opening of economies. Economic growth, job growth, and wage growth might take some time to bounce back, but there are promising signs already.

How are Western and Asian economies are coping with the crisis? Is Tourism decoupled from the social and emotional distress of COVID?

Western economies are going back and forth with COVID protocols while not shutting down day-to-day life and business processes for long periods of time. If the economy is shut, most governments will have to compensate each citizen by providing at least 60-80% of their monthly wage; still, no government can afford to carry its entire economy for too long. Therefore, they keep the economy open as much as possible, ask people to take precautionary measures, and let them travel across borders. We have continued learning on this subject, and the success of these actions seems promising, which is very feasibly happening.

In Asia, not only have most tourist hotspots been under pressure from the impact of Covid-19 but there isn’t much help devoted to helping businesses and communities offset their lost livelihoods. The lack of social safety net in many parts of Asia has wreaked havoc on the hospitality & tourism sector. The economic hardship is felt everywhere, and everyone is in eye-watering pain and increasing social and emotional distress. But again, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to tackling this pandemic, nor have the authorities any silver bullets at their disposal.

What are your thoughts about the recovery and growth aspects in the coming months?

In 2021, Asia looks much different from its robust stand in 2020, and the recovery could be behind Europe and the USA, but it will likely reach the herd immunity at some point in 2021, if not perhaps in 2022.  At least in Asia, there is no vaccine hesitancy but a lack of opportunity for many who want it. Hopefully, Asia's recovery will not be hampered by the lack of vaccines and the threat of new strains.

It will take a few more months for businesses to expand and get rid of empty rooms and office spaces. Many countries try to build on past achievements while others strive for new concepts and develop different ecosystems and strategies to face the consequences of the new normal. Undoubtedly, this is an uphill battle to revive the tourism industry in tourism-starved countries, with expected arrivals in 2021 set to be 90% below that of 2019, but it is a good start after lockdowns and a safety-first approach!

How will hospitality & tourism regain its position as the fastest growing industry?

The question is, when will the Chinese be traveling again to fill the vacuum of the 32 million Chinese tourists that traveled to SEA in 2019? Will Chinese travelers increase traveling within regions instead of continents due to various geopolitical factors? Could these trends fuel the next wave of Chinese tourists to dominate Asian countries? If that happens, can Asia be adequately sustained by Asian tourism?

Despite the uncertainty, we need to be relevant and be prepared for all opportunities and vulnerabilities ahead.

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Compiled, Written, and Photographed by Jackie Bertolette

A collection of model's stories to inspire. These are real stories from self-doubt to self-love and inner beauty through modeling.


H.E.A.R.: A Starting Point for Discipleship in a Loud World



H.E.A.R.: A Starting Point for Discipleship in a Loud World 

Discipleship is something all Christians are called to do, but most have no idea how to start. In a world full of loud chatter, it is hard to concentrate on which voice matters. In this book, you will find a simple, no-nonsense starting point method of discipleship needed in a noisy world. A method that will open up growth in your own spiritual journey and prayerfully those around you. Are you ready to H.E.A.R.?


Chris A. Lovelace is the Church Planting Director at Converge PacWest and Associate Pastor of Grace Church in Tracy California. He holds an M.S. in Organizational Leadership. A loving husband of Denise and father of their four beautiful children — Christina, Camila, Chris Jr, and Casey. As an entrepreneur and church planter, Chris is fueled by the development and deployment of disciples who make disciples.


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Mommy and Daddy are Separated and We love you even more



Mommy and Daddy are Separated and We love you even more

by Shakira Duffy (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition
This is a story about a kids who is sad because of a choice that his parents made. He seemed to get though it with love, reassurance and support.

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My name is Shakira Duffy and I know how it feels to live in 2 different homes. My parents separated when I was a little girl and I want every child who is experiencing this know that everything will be okay.


Top reviews from the United States

Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2021
Verified Purchase
Great kids short story. Inspiring about divorce parents who’s child is struggling to adjust when parents are living in 2 households.
Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2021
Verified Purchase
This is such a very sweet book for kids who’s parents are separated. This book made me smile . I recommend !!!!






Describe your style.

Old school R&B. soft melodies, big hooks but with current and up to date drum patterns, and 808s. I fell in love with R&B in the early 2000s so what I learned and appreciated all comes from that time.


Who or what has been your greatest influence on your style?

There’s so many artists to be named and so much talent but I’ll always go back to the same writers and producers like James Fauntleroy, Mdl, Harvey Mason Jr. from the Underdogs.
R&B music has something real about it I feel like it’s a genre that can’t be faked there’s too much emotions behind the words and harmonies.


How did you get started in your career?

Started very young at the age of seven just by messing around with instruments. Mimicking the sounds the instruments made with my voice showed me that I can sing. I would produce music and create demo ideas so instead of finding singers I would just sing on the songs myself. In 2018 a song I made with a known producer got picked up by some A-list American artists. In, 2021, I got playlisted on a Spotify R&B editorial playlist which got my music noticed as an artist myself.


What struggles or barriers did you face or are you facing to promote yourself and your work?


The hardest part about promoting yourself in a time we’re everything is manipulated on social media is to continue to be real. It might not get you noticed by a large fan base but being true to self and being real toward the people that do listen and support will create a real fan base that will support and promote you. Being genuine will attract genuine people who just have a love for the music/art you create.


What life lessons have you learned and how have they influenced your style?


Growing up in the places I did made me quiet and keep to myself , avoiding trouble always. The environment always lacked love and I think that’s why I turned to music especially r&b. No where Better to learn love of feel love then a love song .


Provide an example of your work that I can include in your interview.


A preview of my next song release. “Know You Better” will be out on all streaming platforms August 27th 2021.


What is your website and social media for my readers to be able to follow you?

Instagram @Asxxb_
Spotify - Aseeb
Apple music /iTunes - Aseeb