Saturday, December 12, 2020

A New Beginning: The Smoke of One Thousand Lodge Fires


I have a special treat for everyone.  Here is a ZOOM AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Steven G Hightower about his book "A New Beginning: The Smoke of One Thousand Lodge Fires."



A New Beginning: The Smoke of One Thousand Lodge Fires Kindle Edition

by Steven Hightower (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition



To My Readers, Our Heroine, Topusana (Prairie Flower) awakens in a hidden cavern in the Texas Hill Country after having survived an attack by the Texas Rangers which brutally takes the life of her only daughter. During that battle Topusana is herself rescued from captivity by her husband Tabbananica (Voice of the Sun). The year is 1844. The Native American couple, along with a handful of survivors, escapes not into hiding, or a secret land, but into the “Dream Time.” Topusana, after seemingly sleeping in the hidden cavern only a few days, awakens to a world she has never seen or known. The year she awakens is 2020. Her life goal and purpose is establishing a homeland for her surviving tribe. In 2020 Topusana will face the same enemy, the United States Government, that nearly brought about the demise of her people in 1844. A beautiful story of survival and triumph unfolds as Topusana (Sana) adapts to the incredible obstacles to which she has awakened. She will move from the stone-age, into the modern world over a period of a few short months. With the help of a handful of characters whose lives are filled with integrity, grace, and kindness, a new world and time begin. Narratives of actual events and battles are intertwined throughout the book. The historical record that is brought will transport readers into the fascinating history, and heartbreaking destruction of the Comanche Nation in Texas. (Think Dances with Wolves) What is fresh and different about the work, is the creative mystic twist of what I call “The Dream Time.” Here is a powerful story of a Native American people possessing the faith, gifting, knowledge, or “Powerful Medicine,“ to transport Comanche survivors into a different time, thus enabling a decided alteration.

TRIVIA: A friend of Steven made him this beautiful display for his book signing events.


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I absolutely loved this book! I truly believe it’s going to be a tremendous success. Look out Hollywood; here comes Steve. Think Kevin Costner, “Dances with Wolves.” Texas style. Kathy L. McDonald

I thoroughly enjoyed “The Smoke from a Thousand Lodge Fires”. An incredibly imaginative story with some wonderful characters. I really like good historical fiction and this book certainly fits the bill. James Hobbs Flying J Ranch

Steve skillfully weaves a story line from two different eras together into an interesting and entertaining narrative. Along the way, the reader is treated to a history of early Texas, New Mexico, and the native people who lived off the land. Frieda Dickson

I just finished your book as a sample reader and I loved every second of it!!! Ron Anderson

Steven G. Hightower
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