Friday, December 4, 2020

A Special Christmas Tree


Today is a festive day as I present you two BOOKS OF THE DAY just in time for the holiday season. "A Special Christmas Tree" and "A Special Christmas Tree Coloring Book," by Ed Finnertly are perfect for the entire family. Order your copies today and make holiday memories with your family.

A Special Christmas Tree 

Inspired by the true story of the 2019 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, this book was written for the purpose of encouraging children and families that each person is special and was beautifully created with a purpose to fulfill. It’s about a young dad who comes up with a wonderful idea of working with his two children to plant a tree in their yard. After caring for it over the years, the children have a special bond with the tree, which brings joy to the whole family—but there is an even greater purpose awaiting both the family and the tree.


I hope you enjoy reading this book with your family, and that it reinforces what every parent is already trying to communicate to their children: that they are beautiful and deeply loved by their family, and that they have a very special place in our world—just like this tree.

A Special Christmas Tree Coloring Book

60+ coloring pages and fun activities for kids and families

Inspired by the 2019 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, and the popular new children’s book, A Special Christmas Tree, this delightful children’s coloring book is a great compliment to any child’s library. Kids are going to love the variety of activities and illustrations, like connect the dots, unscrambling, word search, draw your own pictures and lots of beautiful coloring pages. This book is a wonderful addition to your Christmas season and makes a great gift for children and grandchildren.

About Ed Finnerty


To help teenagers and adult to reach their full potential by learning and developing these success principles.


Teaching over 20 years in Monroe Woodbury Central School District,

New York.

Middle School Math Teacher

Writing my first book has been a wonderful adventure in so many ways. I’ve had the priviledge to talking to many parents about how they are raising their children and the strategies they are implementing. The parents who are most successful in preparing their children for success have taken an active role in planning how they are teaching their children. They are not following a hap-hazard approach or whenever they feel like it. They have a plan and following through with it.