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Dr. Melissa Caudle is an American author best known for The Keystroke Killer saga. The first in the series, The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence Part I was published on Halloween 2018 to rave reviews. Her next two novels include Never Stop Running and A.D.A.M.  She has also published six adult coloring books Abstract Faces Vols. 1-6 and numerous books for screenwriters and reality show producers. Having first been a screenwriter, she turned her love into writing novels and is currently writing The Keystroke Killer: Reborn Part II. To stay up to date on all things The Keystroke Killer and Dr. Mel's releases subscribe to her blog Dr. Mel's Message.

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Dr. Mel has created five reality shows including The Baker Girls:  Sealed with a Kiss and Hoops:  Life off the Court, The Body Shop, At a Glance, and Reel Um In.  She is currently in production on reality shows That’s Game:  The Paintball Crew, River Kings, and The Body Shop and in pre-production on the sitcom, 40 & Leroy directed by Reed McCants, which is currently a web series.  This series is a comedy with a host of comedians and actors including one young actor, Jamie Alyson, from New Orleans.  Dr. Mel’s co-executive producer is the Emmy Award winning Director Neema Barnette, who recently directed the film Woman Thou Art Loosed:  On the Seventh Day.  “I knew the instant I met Neema, that I wanted to work with her again,” Caudle said.  “It was within a matter of months that we teamed up on 40 & Leroy.” The sitcom is in its third season as a web series on Blip TV.

Besides being a filmmaker, Dr. Caudle is an author with more than a dozen books and articles in magazines around the world on production, creating reality shows, and screenwriting.  One of her most popular books is The Reality of Reality TV:  Reality Show Business Plans and The Reality of Reality TV Workbook, which has been translated into five languages and selling worldwide“I receive over 300 E-mails everyday from people all over the world,” Caudle said.  “To my amazement, I get at least five a day in a language I don’t understand.  Luckily, I have software for a language translator; otherwise, I don’t know what I would do.  Bollywood can’t get enough of my books in stock.”   Another best seller for Caudle is her book series for Screenwriters.  She named the series, Rescue the Dog as a pun on a statement she wrote in one of her books.  “My readers kept writing me comments on a particular section in one of my books where I use my own dog as an example and that he needed rescuing after I dressed him up for the annual Barkus Parade,” Caudle said.  “It just stuck.”  The series includes quick guidebooks for screenwriters on how to develop and use a beat sheet, write a logline, synopsis, and create a one pager for screenplays.  Caudle also has published two books on raising funds.  Fundraising for Low-Budget Films and 150 Ways to Raise Funds for a Reality Show are the third selling books 

Dr. Caudle is also an award winning screenwriter having placed in the quarterfinals of the prestigious International Page Scriptwriting Contest in both the television and film category with her screenplay Dragonfly Principal.  “I love every aspect of the film industry and love the collaborative process that it offers,” says Caudle.  The teamwork philosophy is evident in several of her screenplays that she had co-writers.  She converted the Dreamweaver novel series into a screenplay.  Michael Ragsdale wrote the book, by the same title.  Immediately following the adaptation of Dreamweaver, she was given the rights to convert the novel The Angelics, written by David Repogle.  Both novels are available from Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon.com.  Dr. Mel’s other screenplays include:  The Keystroke Killer, Delete, Pulse, Auditing Richard Biggs co-written with Dennis W. Martin,  A.D.A.M., MK-ULTRA, Never Stop Running, Secret Romances, The Lost Disciple, co-written with Duane Gross, and Dragonfly Principal co-written with Gabriel Dyan.

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