Monday, December 14, 2020

I Think, I Feel, I Receive Paperback – December 4, 2020 by Mr. Alejandro Robles (Author)


I Think, I Feel, I Receive Paperback – December 4, 2020

After the many facets I have lived through in this beautiful life; a life that GOD has allowed me to have and experience humanity as my current self is the greatest knowledge, we souls can attain. Through it all, there has never been a more fascinating facet than the one I live now. I continue to learn every day as I have done for the past five years. To not bore you from the purpose of this book, I just want you to know that I served in the U.S. Navy as a Cryptologist for nearly twelve years. I am a totally disabled veteran. I finished my bachelor’s degree while in service and above all I do not have regrets in my life. I have been granted the information contained in this book and one of my life’s purpose is to share this information with you. Please follow the steps in this book and I guarantee that you will have the secret of living a Super Happy life. Get everything you want and need to live a life that you have only dreamed of. I did, and I never worry about anything again. My only “worries” are: “am I doing enough to help others”. Every day is a new lease on life. Express GRATITUDE every day and make the best of it and it will give you back tenfold. Life is good to me and I am good back to life, nature, and GOD. GOD is within you and with you every second of your life. You are never alone. I MEAN NEVER! Best of all, GOD will always LOVE YOU no matter what! If you want to have; you must learn to feel within you the purpose and gratitude of what you want. For this I have also included a recent channeling from Archangel Azrael which delineates what your daily visual numerology signifies for each one of us. It is amazing! Most importantly, FEAR is no longer in my life. Try it. You will Love life again.