Tuesday, December 15, 2020



It is with great excitement that I announce the Absolute Author Publishing House's winner of our 2020 YOUNG AUTHOR AWARD. Sohan Chundura wrote a fabulous book called "Ni Hao, China." I can't wait for you to learn about Sohan and his book in today's author interview. And, of course, a huge congratulations to Sohan for being AAPH winner!!! Please show your support to this young author and purchase a copy of his book today!

Dear Sohan,

You truly are a very special young author who inspires others with your story and courage. You have set an example for young and old alike and we at Absolute Author Publishing House are so very proud of you and your accomplishment. I'm glad you kept your promise when you were in kindergarten to never stop writing. Now, please, make that again as I want to be able to publish your books as you become an adult.

Best regards,

Dr. Melissa Caudle
CEO - Absolute Author Publishing House

Ni Hao, China! Paperback – October 4, 2020