Tuesday, July 27, 2021



Dear Readers:

Often I come across a website or a book that I think is not only beneficial for us, but also valuable toward improving our lives. Today's book of the day, and now WEBSITE OF THE DAY is one of those examples. Everyone knows that last November I was in a near-fatal car crash. Even the paramedics and police couldn't believe I made it out alive. I broke my ulna, radius, fractured my shoulder, tore my rotator cuff, and fractured two vertebras, well, actually one but two fractures at the C2 level one on each side. Needless to say, it is have a long journey in healing and I'm not finished yet as I am about to have rotator cuff surgery next month. What does all of this have to do with today's book of the day, "Navigate Through 10 Days Detox with Yoga?" Easy, my daughter is a certified yoga instructor and she taught me several things that helped me on my journey to recover; including mindfulness. Now, let's talk about the detox part. The amount of drugs in my system after my surgery to my wrist where they put a plate and screws in, the pain medication, and more drugs, and drugs to help me recover are all in my system. I am a firm believer that detoxing is an important part of healing. Now you know why I like this book and better yet, the website,  https://anlivedayoga.com/, is filled with information. A huge bonus is they offer many useful courses. Visit the website to learn more about the book and the courses. I highly recommend both. As one of their taglines says, "Focus on your happiness." Now about the book.



We are what we think to a large extent, which means that we are capable of effecting change, even when we may not be aware of this power. Often if we have been living a toxic lifestyle, then our patterns of thought are also pretty toxic. So we are always thinking negatively or focusing on bad stuff, rather than being gentle with ourselves and thinking positive thoughts, about who well we are doing, how much love there is in our lives and so on. All these negative thoughts need to be fought. This is called mental detox and yoga and meditation can help to achieve your goal of living a happier and healthier life.

The modern lifestyle offering fast food, sugary food, processed food items and an agricultural production using pesticides and herbicides and many other unnatural substances, cause difficulties to the human body system. Every day people are subjected to toxins. These build up in the body which means that our kidneys and livers have to handle a lot of ‘foreign’ matter, in other words: the ‘terrible toxins’.

Toxins affect our health quite negatively. To provide relief, our body needs from time to time cleaning, means a detoxification program. The new book from Anliveda Yoga titled “NAVIGATE THROUGH 10 DAYS OF DETOX WITH YOGA,” a nice and gentle detoxification program for ten days with food advises and Yoga exercises explained in detail for every day will navigate you through this period dedicated to serve your health and happiness.


If you are constantly feeling as if you are stressed out and tired, then this detox program with Yoga could certainly help you to regain balance. Should you detect symptoms as the following, and there was no serious illness identified by your doctor, then too many toxins being present in the body may be the reason and this requires your self-care and action:

• Tiredness,
• Overly rapid pulse rate
• Swollen ankles
• Craving sweet or salty/fatty foods
• Poor digestion
• Insomnia
• Cellulite
• Decreased sex drive
• Problems in concentrating
• Dry mouth
• Bladder problems


So what are these nasty toxins causing all of this? In general toxins can be grouped into three different sections. There are exogenous toxins, endogenous toxins and finally autogenous toxins.

Exogenous toxins are the ones which are created from outside, or through the things that we eat. They can be residue from herbicides that are sprayed onto vegetables or fruit, but they can also be stimulants, alcohol, caffeine, too much sugar or fat in the body, the build up that has been caused by breathing in fumes that are in the air if you live in a city or big town. In case of intoxication by pesticides, heavy metals and likewise poisonous substances you may need further help from a medical professional, at least you should consider consulting with a specialist.

Endogenous toxins are more complex. These often are formed in the bowel and they are the residual waste that have been created after you have a virus or some kind of bacterial infection. So, you get an infection, you get ‘better’ and you think that life carries on as normal. Whilst deep in your bowel, lots of little toxins are left over from the infection and they just clog up the work that your bowel is trying to do! The only thing you can do to help your bowel is to get rid of them.


Finally, the last group of toxins are the autogenous toxins. These are all made by you yourself. Everyone has these. They are simply a way of the body dumping out some refuse, as a result of the natural metabolic process.

In the new book from Anliveda Yoga, released in July 2021, you will learn how to detox supported by Yoga Asanas which help the internal organs to transport toxins safely out of the cells. Detoxifying with Yoga means entering in a process that is not only healthy but moreover providing happiness and fun as the body releases all discomfort. The cells become clean and purified, as well as the mind is clear and inner peace and harmony provide all assests for an optimum state of well being.

Best benefits you will achieve by complementing your detox programme with the Yoga Asanas which are explained for each day. The have a great effect on body and mind. Besides, Yoga is, when performed regularly, very effective in creating balance, good health and happiness in one’s life.

A detox program such as this can help you make long term changes to your diet and ensure that you lead a happier life, with less stress and fatigue. Your intestines, kidneys, skin, bowel, liver and even your brain will be given good food with all the nutrients that your body needs, without having to deal with toxins or poisons that you consume regularly. Make Yoga part of your daily life, try to include a 15 minutes Yoga session in your daily or at least weekly schedule. The various ready made Anliveda Yoga online courses will help you to find for each day of the week a different yoga course to enjoy, varying from Yoga for Deep Relaxation, Yoga for Hormonal Balance, Yoga against Back and Shoulder Pain, Yoga for Detoxification to Yoga for Happiness or five minutes courses from the Anliveda Office Yoga series.

After having navigated through the 10 Days Detox with Yoga, your body and mind will feel re-freshed and energized. You experience a whole new way of being!
Focus on your happiness!