Saturday, July 17, 2021

The Animal Squad and the Mystical Topax Amulet



Do I have something special for you this weekend. Take a look an this book and the trailer. I think you going to love it. Also, give a nice shout out to Jan Sier and follow him over on Amazon.

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The Animal Squad and the Mystical Topax Amulet Hardcover – November 14, 2020

by Jan Sier  (Author), Mojgan Mirza (Illustrator)  Format: Kindle Edition

About the Book

"A frog, a rhino, and a fox set out on a funny, thrilling adventure to stop a rogue agent from stealing an amulet and becoming invincible. Unexpected plot twists kept me on the edge of my seat. You'll not want to miss this one! With lots of action, this exciting story will keep you reading!" — Zayne, Age 12, Kids' BookBuzz

Deadly Animal Fights 

The Way Nature NEVER Intended Them to Be!

The Animalis International Team is a group of beast-men, hybrids between humans and animals, who fight the menace of global terrorism perpetrated by both beast-men and humans – menaces more cataclysmic than what humankind would be able to take on. 

They operate in secret, never letting themselves or their missions be known or shown to the public.

Neutralizing a host of threats, from mythical weapons to modern political conspiracies, there is no kind of evil that would deter the AIT!

The Animal Squad and the Mystical Topax Amulet

A new danger has emerged. Gator Croc, a former AIT member has gone rogue and is seeking the forbidden Topax Amulet, an ancient talisman with powers of invincibility. The depravity of his actions forces his old allies out of retirement, who come together with a few recruits to stop him from getting his hands on a power that could change the future of the world!