Tuesday, July 6, 2021

I Love My Wife



I love my wife Kindle Edition

Love Comes With it the Sweetness & Joys of Life. But How Much Are You Willing to Sacrifice for It? “I Love My Wife” Will Send You Into a Tailspin of Emotions! Keep Reading!


From trembling feet upon meeting and falling in love in America to newlywed bliss, Ivan and Katya move to the Czech Republic to start fresh.  Everything is just as it should be for the young couple and they are looking forward to better things to come.

However, a tragic accident sends Katya into a coma — one that will last far longer than anyone anticipates. Determined to always be there for his wife, Ivan navigates new terrain, with one foot in the ICU where Katya lays motionless, unresponsive and the other out the door into a world of “what ifs”.

What if he just leaves her and starts anew with someone else? As the years go by, it certainly doesn’t get any easier. Ivan still visits almost every day, reading Katya’s favorite books and watching her favorite movies with her.

But for how long will love be enough?

How long until Ivan finally pulls the plug and releases himself from the deep sleep that plagues them both?

Find out for yourself in “I Love My Wife” by prolific writer Forever Dreamer!


Here’s what readers think about this compelling read:

  • “An unforgettable moment! I have read too many books about love. I heard about this novel from my friends. But this story shook me to the core.” — Cynthia S., Kindle
  • “How much I wish there were more such good novels! The world of human relationships, where there is joy, grief, remorse, love, everything that every person experiences - all this is shown to us by the author of the novel.” — Debbie P., Kindle
  • “A novel from which it is impossible to tear yourself away from beginning to end! Here you can find both gentle lyrics and quivering sensuality.” — M. Huntley, Amazon Kindle
  • “Forever Dreamer is now my favorite writer! By the way, pretty writer, better than Pattinson. I would go everywhere with him!” — N. Croxton, Kindle
  • And so much more!

Love can be as painful as it is beautiful and this is what this book seeks to portray.

Will Ivan’s life be the same without Katya? Will he ever be the same again? Or will he continue fighting for a love that’s seemingly lost?

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Forever Dreamer is a life-long poet who gleans inspiration from his most improbable dreams. Crafting heartfelt prose since he was 16, this Kazakhstan native set forth on a journey towards realizing his aspiration of writing his own book.

Now based in the Czech Republic, Forever Dreamer spent almost three-and-a-half years to write his masterpiece – on and off – and prepare it for publication. Yet, not once did he doubt its eventual fruition.
“I Love My Wife”, his first opus, is not just a book. It is his heart, his soul, and a great part of his entire being. For her to be born, he had to sacrifice a lot of things — time for work, time with friends, time for himself. And he never faltered. The road he took on to fulfill this dream is a long one, but nonetheless deeply fulfilling.

Much like many other poets, Forever Dreamer likes to embrace the sublime in simplicity. When he’s not writing, he spends his time unwinding and playing football — his favorite sport.

Grab a copy of “I Love My Wife” today and enjoy as Forever Dreamer’s raw emotions, personal experiences, and secret daydreams jump out of every page.