Monday, February 11, 2019

How to Market and Launch Your Book

February 11, 2019

Today I start of the morning getting ready to be interviewed on the Brian Jackson and Ellen J in the Morning Show. It is always a lot of fun when I am on this radio show. Join us as we go live discussing all things The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence. The show starts at 10:20 a.m. Call into 1-319-527-6099.

This interview begins my national blog, podcast, radio and book tour.


When you think that wasn't enough, I just finished a new book, How to Market and Launch Your Book: The Six Month Countdown. Starting this Friday, the book will be available for pre-orders on Amazon Kindle. Stay tuned for more details on this book's availability. If you're an author, you'll want this book as it describes my process of how launched my boos to the #1 New Release on Amazon. This book offers a step-by-by guide for each month up until launch with real examples. The book has eight chapters filled information to help you launch and market your book. If you have already published your book, it's not too late as the information can help you too.

One last thing on a private and exciting note. My book tour is set and I'm happy to announce I am visiting eight wonderful cities with more in the future. Be sure to subscribe to my blog to stay up to date on this tour and to find out my latest releases. Speaking of releases, my next novel, A.D.A.M. will launch in June 2019. Here is the trailer for it.


Jamell Crouthers

The featured author today is Jamell Crouthers who is a poet, author, blogger and podcaster. I hope you enjoy his interview.


Tell your readers a little about yourself. Where you grew up, where you live now, where you went to school etc. Let them get to know the personal you. I was born in the Bronx, New York and
I lived there for 8 years, then lived in Queens, NY until I was 14 years old and currently live in Woodmere, New York, a suburban area of Long Island. I went to college at the University of Hartford and graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in Mass Media Communications.

When I graduated, I worked in the medical field for a little while before venturing off into my field which is TV production. I've been fortunate enough to have worked for the NBA twice (TV production and retail side), MLB, JP Morgan Chase (2 internships), Converse (retail) and currently NYP Hospital. I've had my share of experiences in different fields and I was also a basketball referee for 7 years for ZogSports one of the biggest sports leagues in NYC and in other major cities.

You bring a social twist to your writing. How do you choose your topics? A lot of my topics come from experiences, other people's experiences and observing the world and the current state it is in. There are a lot of subjects that are taboo to talk about or aren't talked about enough and I feel through stories, I can get my message out to readers and people who are concerned about the world. 
Brainstorming sessions happen a lot and I spend more time thinking, crafting stories, characters, backstories to them and then bringing these characters to life through my writing. Before I write any of my books, I have a good hour-long brainstorming session where I listen to music and just write down anything that comes to my mind (storyline, concepts, characters, their story, and purpose for writing the book, goals for writing the book).
What inspired you to write? A few years ago I was going through a transition phase of my life where I was trying to decide what I wanted to do. I was grinding through Corporate America, refereeing basketball and I was burnt out. I took a trip to California to recharge my battery and thought about what I was really good at and writing was something I did sparingly. I never took it seriously, and I started thinking about how I can utilize my talents to write stories. 
I knew that writing traditionally formatted books weren't going to work, but I knew I could write poetry prose books. So I incorporated poetry prose, and social issues into one and from there came my first book The Struggles and Growth of a Man. I never had any plans to write a ton of books but all of these ideas started coming to me and I ran with them. 
Then I came across an article that gives insight and advice on the best way to draw in readers and it was writing books in a series. At that point, I had the Struggles and Growth of a Man, The World We Live In and Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun published. I knew then that I wanted to turn these books into a series but make it to where it's not too long of a series where it drags so I decided on a 5 book series for each of them and I will finish these series by June.
When did you begin writing? I started writing at the age of 13 and it was randomly. My poetry was about my life experiences and things that I loved the most (family, friends, music, and sports). Somehow it came naturally to me, I don't get writer's block much, and I enjoyed doing it. I would share some of my stuff with my female friends and they loved it. I wrote on and off for nearly 20 years before I considered publishing my first book. 

There was never a serious plan to publish any books but sometimes fate sends you down a road you didn't think you would go. Life has a way of making you go through experiences to make you realize what you're meant to do.

Are there any authors who inspired you growing up or who inspires you now? There weren't any specific authors who inspired me growing up, it was more of watching the world and seeing what's going on currently that inspires me. Meeting people, talking to them about their experiences, understanding others, that is the biggest component too what inspires me. 
For me, knowing that I can impact others and change the world with my writing and going against the grain a little is what keeps me going. I'm not necessarily following all rules when it comes to my writing, I'm different and I love it.
What were your struggles or obstacles you had to overcome? My biggest obstacles are when people realize that my writing is different, and it's in poetry format. I write poetry prose, literary fiction, social issues type of books so I'm not categorically one specific genre. That struggle continues three years later and I stay determined to break the mold of what poetry is, should be and should consist of. 
There's this sense of expectation or interpretation of what poetry should be and I want to change that. I want to let people know that poetry can be formulated into a story and a journey within characters. 
You are also a podcaster? Tell us about it and where to find it and the times you air? Yes, I am a podcaster, my podcast is named, The Aquarianmind Podcast and I post my podcasts every Friday. I delve into social issues that are going on in the world such as women's issues, the education system, life struggles, raising kids in today's world, how the world is structured to keep us from achieving greatness, television programming, and so many more subjects.
My podcast is on Podbean, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play and iTunes. You can type in the Aquarianmind Podcast and you'll find me.
Describe three of your books.

Book #1:
America Under Mind Control

What happens when society takes control of your mind and how you think? This book speaks on all of the issues going on in today’s society and how the rich, wealthy and elite do everything in their power to keep the American people under mind control. There are different tactics and ways they use to make sure we as a people don’t strive for greatness in life. It starts from when you’re a child in the education system and how we’re taught to be obedient and to respect authority all the way into Corporate America. Our minds are programmed on a daily basis and whether we realize it or not, we don’t take the time to see the bigger picture of how the world is run. From the music we listen to, to the television we watch, the politics they control and infiltrate, this book deals head-on with how we the American people are controlled by so many messages on a daily basis. It’s a book that speaks truth into how this country and the world is in shambles and how we need to come together as a nation and as a people and do better. 

Book #2:

Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun is a story about a police officer named Gary who has been on the police force for 5 years. He feels he's doing a great job in protecting and serving the community and city he's grown up in until he gets caught up in a lot of corruption. Police brutality, lies, racism, falsified reports and illegal activities as he tries to decide whether he's going to report his coworkers and superiors. The series is a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs where Gary is involved in a plethora of cases that question his morality and what he values most, his badge, gun, paycheck, and pension or the citizens of his city.

Book #3 -

The World We Live In: A Poetry Book On Societal Issues is a series that delves into 19 various characters who are all going through trials and tribulations in their lives. From a woman who is raped to a man who is homeless, a young child who was molested, a mother who is addicted to alcohol and an athlete who is gay and many other subject areas. It's a series that is very emotional and tackles a lot of subjects that are sensitive to the mind and heart. The series was written to convey a message to be kind to others because we never know what people are going through in their lives or have gone through. BUY NOW

Book #4:
The Struggles and Growth of a Man

The Struggles and Growth of a Man is a series about a young man named Robert who chronicles his life journey from childhood to the present. He talks about the battles, struggles, and hardships he's dealt with in his life and what it takes to become a good man in the world. He learned so many wrong things at a young age, made some bad decisions and is now trying to make up for it by doing the right things and being an inspiring person like his mentor Mr. Marble. 
Listen to this Audio Sample of one of Jamell's audiobooks.

Who is your target audience and why? My target audience is people who enjoy reading about societal issues that are going on in the world. My reason is readers who are concerned about the world and want to make the world a better place sometimes don't know how to express it but through reading stories they may become motivated and inspired. 

Looking back, what would you tell your younger self? I would definitely tell my younger self to write books in my twenties. Also to write what you're passionate about and don't focus on trying to make it in Corporate America. My younger self would have been able to write some of these books but not all of them but the good part is I started in my 30s and it's never too late to find your purpose in life and what you're passionate about.

What one unique thing sets you apart from other writers in your genre? What sets me apart is how I write my books, it's not the traditionally formatted book. I write my books in a poetry prose format and incorporate storylines to them which is different. I always felt that I had to stand out from the pack and write what I'm good at. I want to draw readers in through the story and not necessarily how I write my books. 

What is your next book? Tell us a little about it. My next book is the ending of the series where the characters have closure to all of what they've dealt with and gone through in their lives. The book is a sense of hope for most of the characters and it allows you to either see growth in characters or some going downhill.

Tell your readers anything else you want to share. In my spare time, I love to play basketball, go running, bowling, watch sports (basketball, football, and baseball). Music is my life and I can't do a day without listening to music. I'm very close to my family and my three best friends.

There are a lot of great books coming this year and next year. The Struggles and Growth of a Man series will finish by early spring and in the fall will start a new series Kids With Guns that delves into bullying, mental health and gun control in America.