Saturday, February 3, 2024

Why "Colour Me Love"?

 Why "Colour Me Love"?

Every child deserves a place to feel safe, understood, and valued. At "Colour Me Love," we don’t just offer shelter; we provide a space where creativity meets therapy, and every activity is a step towards healing.

"Embrace, Create, Heal – Every Hue of Your Story Matters."

“Colour Me Love," a compassionate initiative dedicated to providing a nurturing, all-inclusive home/haven for children who have been burdened by trauma. Our mission is simple yet profound: to offer a safe and supportive environment where these young souls can heal, grow, and find joy again through the therapeutic power of art, nature, and community.

A Call to Action for Compassion:

Your donation, big or small, makes a world of difference. It's not just a gift; it's a lifeline to a child needing hope and healing. Let's come together to colour their world with love and support.


Hello, I'm Tammy Crawford, founder of "Colour Me Love," a soon-to-be sanctuary/shelter born from my journey through childhood trauma and my belief in the healing power of love, art, faith, and community. This project stems from my experiences of transformative moments of kindness, nature's rhythm, and hopeful words that helped me heal.

I believe that healing is a journey best traveled with support and love. Our mission is to guide children as they navigate through their trauma toward a hopeful future. "Colour Me Love" is more than just a program; it promises every child that they are not alone in their struggles.