Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Winter Storm Keeps You Inside, Listen to Music

January 30, 2019

I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate the cold. That is one reason I choose to live in the South. When I'm on Facebook and people post pictures of fifteen feet of snow and temperatures below zero, it makes me shiver. When the weather in New Orleans drops below fifty, I build a fire. In fact, I have one of those fake fireplaces in my office I use to keep warm. How don't know how anyone who lives in the snowy regions does it. I applaud you and admire you.

This week's cold blast got me too. I was expecting freezing weather, hunkered down, my husband made a huge pot of red beans and we had our firewood ready. I know for a fact all of you Northerners are laughing at me because it only got down to thirty-five degrees. It was still cold to me. This made me stay at home writing on my next novel A.D.A.M. which I will release this summer.

When I write, I listen to music. Somehow listening to music charges me and helps me focus. I typically listen to music on my Youtube Channel that way I can make playlists to refer to later. Last week, I came across a group I had never heard of and listened to their music. When one of their songs came on, it caught my attention and I immediately added them to my playlist. Because of this,  I decided to share them with my readers and here is their interview. This group does not perform or go tour but are studio based.

Meet one of my new favorite groups, FaB. The group consists of Neil Fitzsimon and Bee Brogan. What makes them unique is that Neil is the songwriter and plays all guitars and bass, whereas Bee performs all vocals, keyboards, and programming. I asked the duo a couple of questions and here are their answers. You can all learn more about them by visiting Fitszimon and Brogan Official Website or follow them on Facebook

FaB Interview Questions

1.       How did your group meet? We were both in a band called Pretty Blue Gun who signed to an indie label. When the band split up, we decided to form a songwriting/production team as ‘FaB’.

2.       How would you describe the style of your music? Melodic guitar-driven,  with a flare of pop rock.

3.       What are the names of your albums? 

His Latest Squeeze

Big Blue World

The Girl Who Shouted Love at the Heart of the World (to be released this spring)

The lyric video for ‘Big Blue World’

4.       What is the name of the newest single? Girl in a Gilded Cage. You can listen to the song at this link: The lyric video for ‘Girl in a Gilded Cage’ on YouTube.

5.       What record label are they with?  WTPL, France and Atlantic Screen Group.

6.       Who is their manager or booking agent? MTS Management, Michael Stover, USA.

7.       Where can the single or album be purchased? Provide link. All download portals including:


After nine days, my latest novel NEVER STOP RUNNING is still listed as the #1 New Release on Amazon. I am still in the shock and awe stage. To say thank you, I have created another book trailer at the requests of many fans. 


Dr. Sandra Bradford discovers a microbe on the bottom of Lake Mono that thrives off arsenic impacting the definition of alien life. Here is an excerpt for the upcoming novel.


A team of scientists, who discovered a new life form that thrives off of arsenic, becomes a target of a government conspiracy after the microbe begins to morph.  Lead scientist, Dr. Sandra Bradford, begins her research only to have all evidence confiscated by the government.  Knowing how special the microbe is, Dr. Bradford enlists one of her fellow researchers, Dr. Peterson, and her undergraduate assistant, Jessica Parker, to go and retrieve a new sample from the bottom of Mono Lake, CA.  The only problem is the government is on to them and starts assassinating all of the seven scientists involved in the initial discovery.

The three of them are determined to not only locate the microbe again but reveal the findings to the public.  Problems occur as Dr. Bradford is kidnapped by the government and taken to a non-disclosed military base. 
Meanwhile, Jessica and Rebecca are concerned and meet to discuss a plan.  They decide to enlist two federal agents, Agent Morrison, and Agent Turner, to help them locate and rescue Dr. Bradford. Together, they devise a plan to have Jessica, the “brainiac” computer whiz undergraduate, break into the United States Defense Department Computer System and get arrested for Treason.  It is their ploy to trade the evidence for the release of Dr. Bradford. As more problems arise, this team will stop at nothing to save one of their own and protect a scientific discovery.




Copyright 2019 Protected by Dr. Melissa Caudle
Dr. Bradford and Jessica drove on Interstate 10 from New Orleans towards Slidell. Jessica held a breakfast sandwich from a drive-thru fast-food chain. The odor permeated through the car. Jessica curled her nose. “The eggs smell rotten.”
“Get over it. Nothing has smelled good to you since you took in that mouthful of salty water at Mono Lake.”
Jessica gagged, crumpled her breakfast sandwich back into the wrapper and threw it back into the paper bag. “You can eat it if you want too. I’ll wait for lunch.”
Dr. Bradford darted her eyes over at Jessica. “Give me mine.”
Jessica dug through the bag and retrieved the wrapped breakfast sandwich and handed it over.
Dr. Bradford unwrapped it and took one bite. She spits it out.
“Told you, but, no! You didn’t believe me.”
“Please be quiet. Let me think.”
The silence between them ensued as they crossed the bridge over Lake Pontchartrain.
Jessica leaned toward the dash to stretch. “Are you sure it’s safe to go to the lab?”
“They can’t kill me in public. So, I believe so.”
“It makes me nervous. Let’s listen to Stephen Stone Diamond. He’s talking about extraterrestrials today.”
“That’s what we need. An alien conspiracy.”
“I thought that’s what we’re in now.” Jessica pressed the radio’s knob. “It’s not working.”
“That’s the best news I’ve had all day.”
Jessica grabbed her phone and opened her blog radio app.
“. . . Not just life here on earth, but also extraterrestrial life.” The radio talk show host Stephen Stone Diamond voice was deep and golden. “It is unknown if there is any connection to the mysterious deaths of Dr. Gregory Peterson and the late husband of Dr. Sandra Bradford, Dr. Jeffrey Peck, who were both members of N.A.E.T. For those of you who don’t know what N.A.E.T. is, I will gladly inform my listeners. It is a branch of NASA and stands for National Astrobiological Extraction Team. Coincidently, the research team led by Dr. Sandra Bradford. Phone lines are open.”
Dr. Bradford slammed her fist onto the dashboard. “Damn! It’s out on Blog radio.”
“I’m Stephen Stone Diamond. I’ll be right back to take your calls.”
Dr. Bradford clenched her jaw. “Turn it off. I don’t care to listen.”
Jessica grabbed her earbuds. “That’s exciting. E. T. phone home. I got to call in.”
“Like hell, you will.”
Jessica secured her earbuds, dialed the blog radio number and waited. “I’m on hold.”
“Jessica. Hang up. You can’t bring attention to yourself or to me. Now hang up.”
“So why are you doing a press conference?”
“The public needs to know the truth about my research. If the public gets wind of what I’ve discovered, they’ll demand the truth.”
NASA Astrobiology Institute between the Louisiana and Mississippi border not only provided jobs but also fundamental research. From the spacecraft and booster shuttle rocket, the entry to the multi-functional compound reflected the nation’s attitude about space exploration. Everyone wore either an official NASA or N.A.E.T. employee badge representing they worked as independent scientists on the National Astrobiological Extraction Team. Visitors must sign in and wear visitor badges on their lapels.
Dr. Bradford rushed toward the three-story “Carl Sagan Astrobiology Lab” which housed the N.A.E.T. lab. Behind her, Jessica, Rebecca Newcombe, and George, a cameraman followed. Dr. Bradford bumped into Dr. Phyllis Gordon, a forty-four American female scientist, and Dr. Edward Stolz, a fifty-two German male scientist. Rebecca motioned for George to roll the camera.
 Dr. Gordon’s eyes pierced toward Dr. Bradford. “You’ve gathered quite a following since our discovery.”
“I’d have to agree.”
“Too bad our samples were confiscated.”
“This isn’t the time nor the place to discuss this.” Dr. Bradford strode briskly toward the N.A.E.T. research building.
The entourage followed as Rebecca motioned for George to continue to roll the camera. “What was all that about?” She caught up to Dr. Bradford.
“Common professional jealousy. That’s all there is to it.”
Jessica frowned. “I think not. It’s about...”
“…Loose lips sink ships.” Dr. Bradford motioned using her fingers as if locking a key for Jessica to close her mouth.
Jessica confirmed when she moved her fingers across her lips as if zipping a zip-lock baggy.
Rebecca became frustrated by the silence. “Cut the camera. Damn it.”
The entourage barged into the N.A.E.T. building.
The morning sun reflected off the five test tubes of murky water on one of the lab’s counter. A microscopic particle floated in one of the test tubes. Moments later, the entourage entered Dr. Bradford’s lab. Jessica flipped on the lights as she wrinkled her nose and smelled the faint musky and sulfur smell.
The lab, well equipped included beakers, flasks, a Liebig condenser, and graduated cylinders showed the lab’s importance. Most prominent, a silver and white 60X-2599X-2 binocular turret professional biological microscope proved essential in isolating micro-organisms. In the corner of the lab, an assortment of lab experiments and three twenty-five gallon tanks filled from the murky waters from several lakes labeled Lake Pontchartrain, Grand Isle, and Honey Island Swamp. On the wall above the door, there was a twelve inch round battery operated clock and a sign - “A.D.A.M. Extraction Team.” The white cabinets had stainless steel handles enhancing the sterile environment.
Rebecca tapped George on the shoulder. “Be sure to capture everything in the lab. I want lots of B-Roll.”
Dr. Bradford and Jessica put on their white lab coats and proceeded to the sink and washed their hands. Jessica prepped a microscope and a sterile slide as Dr. Bradford stepped to a locked cabinet, retrieved a bottle of arsenic and an eye dropper. She placed the items next to the microscope on the lab counter and retrieved the test tube containing the particle. She extracted a sample of the water as Jessica handed her the glass microscope slide. Dr. Bradford placed three drops of the murky liquid onto the sterile slide.
Jessica smiled with excitement. “Isn’t this amazing?”
Rebecca’s frown deepened. “That’s it, a test tube full of murky water and three drops on a slide.”
Dr. Bradford defended her actions. “It’s evidence that challenges the way we think and view life as we know it.”
Jessica handed another test tube to Dr. Bradford. She filled the tube using the water sample and handed the vial back to her. “Jessica. Mark this sample A.”
“Yes, Ma’am.” Jessica looked at Rebecca. “It’s in there. I’ve seen it.”
Again, Dr. Bradford’s posture became defensive. “You can’t see it without the aid of a microscope.” She filled the second vial and handed it to Jessica.
“Sample B.” Jessica nodded with pride.
Dr. Bradford confirmed with a nod. “Remember, at its current state it is a microbe.” She placed the prepared slide beneath the microscope as everyone watched. She bent to take a careful view and focused the microscope.
“I’ll prepare the boiling water.” Jessica predicted what Dr. Bradford would want. She moved across the room, filled a tea kettle and turned on the single electrical coil burner.
As Dr. Bradford viewed the microbe using the powerful microscope, the microbe vibrated and morphed to Dr. Bradford’s eye. She lifted from the microscope, blinked and rubbed her eyes.
Jessica noticed. “Something wrong Dr. B?”
“Nothing. An eyelash was in my eye.” Dr. Bradford peered through the microscope and adjusted the focus again.
Rebecca’s patience grew thin. “How did you obtain these samples? I thought the government had confiscated them.”
Dr. Bradford exhaled. “A few more seconds... There you are. Look.” Dr. Bradford stepped to the side as Rebecca stepped to the microscope. She glanced at Dr. Bradford before she lowered to view the microbe.
Dr. Bradford rubbed her neck. “Jessica, hand me my notebook please.”
Jessica strode to Dr. Bradford’s desk, retrieved a brown leather journal and strutted to Dr. Bradford.
The tea kettle whistled. Jessica at once prepped a beaker of hot boiling water and brought it to Dr. Bradford.
Dr. Bradford handed her journal to Jessica. She placed five drops of arsenic into the beaker.
Rebecca peered through the microscope. “Honestly, I see nothing.”
Dr. Bradford exhaled in disappointment. “My best hypothesis is the microbe transitions as fast as I isolate it. I’ll isolate it again for you.”
The two women exchanged places. Dr. Bradford once again adjusted the microscope settings.
“You never answered my question. How did you obtain these samples?”
“Let’s suffice it to say I was on the extraction team and managed to keep a sample for further study.”
“You stole it?”
Jessica came to Dr. Bradford’s defense. “We didn’t steal it. We went...”
Dr. Bradford lifted from the microscope long enough to glare at Jessica and twisted her fingers as if locking a door.
Jessica put her hand over her mouth.
Rebecca became annoyed at the silent gesture. “You agreed you would tell me everything.” She gazed harshly at Dr. Bradford.
“I promised you an exclusive interview for a no question asked policy. When the time is right, we’ll reveal our evidence.”
“I’ll get another Emmy.”
“I’ll surely get my PhD.”
Dr. Bradford gave Jessica another cold glance.
“Well, I will. Won’t I?”
The lab became uncomfortably silent as Dr. Bradford continued to isolate the microbe under the microscope.
Rebecca tapped her foot. “Anytime would be ideal. I have a deadline for tonight’s news.”
“Patience. I almost have the microbe isolated.”
“Yes, Dr. B always tells me that patience is a virtue.”
“We go live at six. After the murder of your husband and Dr. Peterson, the world is waiting to hear from the now infamous Dr. Sandra Bradford.”
A reflective sadness came over Dr. Bradford, but she regained her professional composure. “You sound skeptical, Rebecca.”
“Wouldn’t you be? You claim to have evidence of an alien life form.”
“Don’t forget about me. I’ve seen it. Be sure to add that to your story. You know how to spell my name, right?”
Rebecca rolled her eyes. “This sounds ripe for a sci-fi murder mystery for The Twilight Zone. Not the headline news story I want to break.”
“I’ve isolated it. Be quick this time.” Dr. Bradford backed away from the microscope.
Rebecca peered through the microscope. “Like before, nothing.”
“Maybe you don’t know what you’re looking for.”
“Insults I don’t need and won’t tolerate.”
“I didn’t mean it to demean you. I apologize if I came across that way.”
“Let’s talk about the murders of your associates.”
“I can’t speak to the murders... only about the great men. It shocked me to learn my husband was involved in a head-on collision. It was an accident. The investigators ruled there was no foul play involved. Frankly, I’m horrified Dr. Peterson was gunned down while on a boating vacation on the same lake we made our discovery.”
Jessica bit her lower lip and paced.
“Doesn’t this frighten you?” Rebecca swallowed and leered with unashamed confidence.
“Of course, I am as anyone in my situation would be. You never know who your enemy is. It’s a cut-throat industry when claiming a scientific discovery.”
“Especially one that’s as big as this.” Jessica beamed with delight.
A quiet knock on the lab’s door caught everyone’s attention.
Dr. Bradford looked at the samples and over toward the door as Jessica jumped holding her hands above her head dropping Dr. Bradford’s journal. A wallet size picture of an infant tumbled from the journal and onto the floor.
FBI Agent Morrison, a handsome African American male, late forties and Agent Turner an African American female in her late thirties entered.
Jessica’s eyes widened in fear. “Whoa, gun.”
 Agent Morrison flashed his shield. “You can put your hands down. We’re here to speak to Dr. Bradford. I’m FBI Special Agent Morrison and this is my partner Special Agent Turner.”
Jessica put her hands to her side, retrieved the journal and noticed a baby’s picture had fallen out. She placed the picture back inside the journal.
Dr. Bradford stepped forward. “I’m Dr. Bradford. How may I be of assistance?”
Agent Turner stepped forward. “Not in the presence of others. It’s confidential. Everyone needs to leave but Dr. Bradford.”
Agent Morrison put his hand in front of his face. “Stop filming. You’re in that directive too.”
Jessica stomped her foot. “You’re telling me, you barge into our lab and ask us to leave.”
“We’re not asking.” His stare as cold as ice sent chills down her spine.
“But, I’m her graduate assistant.”
“I have Freedom of the Press on my side.” Rebecca stood steadfast.
Dr. Bradford raised her hand chest high. “Wait. Anything I have to say, they can hear.”
Agent Turner stepped closer to Dr. Bradford. “In that case, you leave us no choice but to take you to FBI headquarters. Please, Dr. Bradford, retrieve your belongings and come with us. It will be easier for all involved.”
A silent standoff prevailed.
“I’ll consent, but I want it documented that I am cooperating.” Dr. Bradford gathered her belongings and headed for the door.
Rebecca motioned for the cameraman to follow. He pursued the agents and Dr. Bradford as they proceeded out from the lab.
“Wait! Dr. Bradford. Your journal.” Jessica handed over the journal.
Dr. Bradford hesitated. “You keep it. Jessica, lock down the lab. Use protocol FRIC.”
“FRIC?” Agent Turner’s brow creased. “And, that is code for what?”
“Factual Research Investigative Control.”
Jessica smirked in agreement. “Lock up the science experiment to avoid contamination. FRIC that.”
Agent Morrison looked at Dr. Bradford. “Come with us please.”
The two agents escorted Dr. Bradford from the lab as Rebecca, George and Jessica chased after them. The door shut behind them.
In a few seconds, Jessica re-entered the lab, turned off the lights and quickly closed the door behind her. The murky water in one of the five tubes glowed neon yellow and vibrated the water.

The Keystroke Killer: Transcendence finally broke into the top sellers on Amazon. Again, I can't thank everyone enough. Here is a book trailer.