Friday, January 18, 2019


 JANUARY 18, 2019

Tomorrow is a very special day for me because it is my mother's eighty-sixth birthday. Helen V. Ray is a fabulous woman and has guided my path in many things.

What do you get your eighty-six-year-old mother that she really wants or really needs? She has everything. For me, my gift to her I am giving her this year is something off of her bucket list. My mother dreamt of becoming a cover girl model from a very early age, but that never came between marriage and raising five children. However, the moment I started writing my novel NEVER STOP RUNNING, I knew from the beginning that she would be my cover model for the book and what better way to give her the gift than to launch the book on her birthday. Happy birthday, mother. You are now a cover model. Here is the original picture of my mother, which was taken in 1954. I wasn't even born and here is the final cover which features her.

So, Mom, it is with great pleasure that I published my new novel on your birthday. You have done many things in your life and your legacy runs this family. Your courage and strength I admire, but most of all I love that you taught us to love unconditionally.


Below is a review by Dr. Carol Michaels of Absolute Author Publishing House.

A modern visionary and one of the newest authors to come from America, Dr. Melissa Caudle combines a suspenseful thriller and the search for truth in regard to past lives and reincarnation in this mind-bending novel in the tradition of “This Body: A Novel of Reincarnation” by Laurel Doud, “Journey of Souls,” by Michael Newton, and Past Lives, “Many Masters” by Brian L. Weiss. The result is a masterful original fiction novel as profound as it is awe inspiring. “Never Stop Running” is a page-turning thriller that begs to be read in a single sitting as this mental time travel spanning centuries and numerous past lives through regression hypnotherapy unfolds.


Based on a true story of one woman's struggle to recover her memories after a devastating accident left her with retrograde amnesia. This is an astonishing novel from an unforgettable author and is a must-read.
What happens when the unthinkable occurs? What would you do if your loved one all of sudden woke up and didn't know who you were or for that matter who your family was either?
For David and Jackie Hennessey, they had the perfect white picket fence life, marriage, family and careers until the unthinkable happened - an accident that left Jackie with no memory. The couple struggled to find the balance between what they once shared and their new life.
After David discovered Dr. Grayson a well-known regression hypnotherapist, he convinced Jackie to seek his services in order to retrieve her subconscious memories. During her sessions, her memories surfaced only to uncover her past lives which crisscross centuries in her mental time travel.
Faced with a moral dilemma of believing the dreams were once a reality and twisting her religious convictions on reincarnation, Jackie questioned her sanity and feared for her life after seeing her deaths in her previous lives. She believed she could never stop running as her marriage degrades and falls apart. Based on real events of regression hypnotic sessions of one brave woman, this is a tale of destiny and soul mates not to be missed. The most intriguing book you'll read all year. You don't have to believe in reincarnation to enjoy this tale, but it will get you to thinking about the possibility.

Now for a little bit of good news. Amazon presales are doing awesome for Never Stop Running, both in the paperback and in Kindle. Take a look. I also want to thank everyone for supporting me in this endeavor. The book is ranked at 94th in books and 28th in Ebooks. 


I feel like the above headline is a mouthful, but I have a lot on my mind. Sunday is the AFC and NFC playoffs. Who Dat! Okay, I think everyone knows that I am a New Orleans Saints fan and I have been a season ticket holder for more than twenty-five years; so, you know I have to be excited. I think I aged ten years after last week's game between the Saints and the Eagles. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, then Lattimore took control. It was very exciting to watch and I want to thank the Eagle fans who were sitting next to us for being such good sports. Don't get me wrong, they yelled as much as we did; and in the end, we hugged it out. They were good sports.

Also during the game, I was blessed to be sitting next to one of the Saints players mother and brother. Needless to say, they were Saints fans and I hope to see them in the future when we take on the Rams Sunday. Now that is going to be a game. I'm prepared to wear my Saints boots and my Sam Mill's jersey, just like I've been wearing all season. I am also prepared to yell my head off after the Rams taunted us that our noise factor is no concern to them in the dome. That's all of us Who Dats needed to get riled. I don't know all about you, but I plan on bringing it. We need all hands on deck.