Thursday, March 28, 2019

An Author's Press Kit

March 28, 2019

Yesterday was my birthday and it was one of the best I have ever had. My family and friends really showed up for me and expressed their love. Wow! I feel like a queen. THANK YOU! I feel loved and here is how:
1. One daughter sent me a necklace with crystals and Amythest. Also, a swimsuit cover-up.
2. My Mom gave me a silver antique box that holds rings.
3. Another daughter took me to see Hamilton.
4. Another daughter brought me a pineapple upside down cake that she backed and took me to lunch for Sushi.
5. My best friend came over, brought a bottle of wine, colored, cut, and styled my hair and made me beautiful for the day.
6. My husband made coffee, did the dishes, laundry, had flowers delivered and is taking me to Austin's Steakhouse for dinner.
4. My sisters called. One sister pampered me with an upcoming cruise and another sister pampered me with going to the beach.
5. Friends from across the world sent me Memes, cards, emails, and called me.
6. My four-year-old granddaughter called me and sang Happy Birthday. It melted my heart.
7. Sons-in-laws either called, texted or sent me a birthday card. I love them.
8. One grandson wrote his name backward, he is four and sent me a birthday card.
9. Another grandson texted me and said he loved me and that I was his hero.
10. Another grandson texted me a short story he had written.
and the list goes on.
I guess what I am trying to say, I feel loved and I am overwhelmed. If I knew that turning 61 would be this good, I would not have fretted it.
I love ya'll, and yes, I am had the best birthday of my life.

Dr. Mel with her husband Mike celebrating her birthday.


An Author's Press Kit
As an author, it is important that you establish a press kit which helps you to market your book to journalists, bookstores, libraries, and book clubs who ask you to speak. Here is a list of what goes in your PDF press kit:
·         Your Press Release
·         Your Sell Sheet
·         Your Bio
·         An Excerpt
·         A PDF Business Card

   Your printed press kit will be identical to the PDF version except you want to either bind it or put it in a folder. Upon delivering it include your business card and a bookmark. After my book launched, if I sent or hand delivered a press kit, I also added my book. In fact, your book is your best business card. A national television producer interviewed me for a show, and I sent her review copies of all my books. They sit on the edge of her desk. Why she keeps them there, I do not know, but I owe her a huge favor because her colleagues see them. She told me they always ask about them, and then they end up buying them. I have had several who called me and ordered an autographed copy. Make sure that you post your press kit on your author's website.

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