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The Merchant of Venus: The Life of Walter Thornton: The Life of Walter Thornton


The Merchant of Venus: The Life of Walter Thornton: The Life of Walter Thornton Paperback – April 3, 2024

Editorial Reviews


This was a wonderful book. A totally fun read. I can't give it enough stars. Congratulations to the authors for a job well done.

NetGalley -Mike M, Media/JournalistNetGalley- Sue E. Reviewer

Hold onto your hats, people, because the Merchant of Venus is not your grandma's history book -it's a wild ride through the untold tales of Walter Thornton, the ultimate maverick of the Jazz Age! Picture this: picture this: pin-up girls, Hollywood royalty, and a moniker like The Merchant of Venus ---Yeah, this dude was the OG influencer before influencers were a thing. The book spills the tea on Thornton's rise from a male model extraordinaire to founding the first -ever agency for ad models. But wait, there is drama too! A tragic event. Hollywood icons and a dash of McCarthy-era conspiracy---It's like a real-life Hollywood blockbuster! If you are tired of dry history, grab this gem; it's a rollercoaster that takes you from the roaring 20's to the silver screen, all with Thornton leading the charge. So buckle up, peeps and let's dive into the scandalous, dazzling world of The Merchant of Venus!

NetGalley -E, Reviewer

The Merchant of Venus is a captivating look at the life of Walter Thornton, a man whose legacy transcended ordinary perceptions. Unveiling the unexpected impact of an iconic image tied to the 1929 Stock Market Crash, the book introduces Thornton as a trailblazer in modeling, beauty, and advertising. From pioneering the first agency exclusively for photographic advertising models to shaping the cultural tides of Hollywood, Thornton's journey is a fascinating odyssey through triumphs and resilience. The book was put together and fueled by a quest to understand his tarnished reputation and delivers a poignant account of courage and creativity. I thoroughly enjoyed the book's ability to weave history, family, and societal influences into a compelling tapestry, making it a great read for those intrigued by the hidden chapters of influential lives.

NetGalley -Abigail L, Librarian

There's nothing better than hearing a good life story. The Merchant of Venus was a GREAT life story.

Pulled into a book by the cover and the description I picked it off the NetGalley shelf and requested permission to read it. The following day I was nose-deep in a family mystery. I learned things I didn't know, I didn't know.

Thornton's daughters with the help of Mershon presented a solid, informative, interesting, and thought-provoking read. I was drawn at first, into this incredible family mystery. I finished the book, cheering for them as they sought truth, doing so, vigorously, with determination and patience. I applaud them for this. I can imagine that digging through the history of their father's life was both fantastic and frustrating. I'm sorry that they didn't know these things before their father passed. I'm sure they would love to sit down with him and hear his voice fill in the tiny details of a time forgotten.

I had difficulty midway through as the story felt a little repetitive and dragged, but I persisted and was happy that it pulled itself out of that moment to deliver a great ending....

NetGalley- Glenda T, Reviewer