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Support Kelly Caudle's Road to Recovery and Adaptation




On a fateful day, November 12, 2023, a single moment shattered the world as Kelly and her family knew it. Kelly, a beacon of strength and love in our lives, was suddenly gripped by a life-threatening seizure, swiftly followed by a heart-stopping cardiac arrest. For six harrowing minutes, the world stood still - no pulse, no breath. Her fiancée, in a desperate battle against time, began CPR, fighting to bring her back from the brink. She lay there, lifeless, her color fading to a haunting blue, her heart silent.

Amidst the chaos, medical saviors stepped in, reviving her on the spot and employing a ventilator, a technique known as 'bagging,' to breathe life into her still body. The urgency was palpable as she was rushed to ICU, her life hanging by a thread on life support.

The night was far from over; at 3:27 a.m., Kelly's heart faltered again, succumbing to another cardiac arrest. This time, her mother, Melissa Caudle, bore witness to this heart-wrenching ordeal, oddly, she was on the phone with her best friend. Through the phone, her best friend Tina's voice was a beacon of calm in the storm, as Melissa watched, engulfed in agony and despair, the medical team's relentless efforts to revive her daughter.


Each time the chilling question, "Does she have a pulse?" was met with a devastating "No pulse," Melissa's world crumbled a little more. Time seemed to stand still, each minute stretching into an eternity of fear and prayer. By some miracle, the medical team managed to restart Kelly’s heart, but her battle was far from over. Her body was on the brink, with failing organs, which now included being put on dialysis, a collapsed lung, a cracked rib, and a fever climbing dangerously high.


As dawn approached, her parents were summoned for the most heart-wrenching conversation. The doctor painted a grim picture - total organ failure, the need for dialysis, life support barely keeping her tethered to this world, and she would most likely pass within hours. The family was called to gather, preparing for the worst. A global prayer chain ignited, holding onto hope against hope. Her children, her siblings, one rushing from California, converged in a solemn vigil, offering prayers and tearful goodbyes.


In those moments, the fragility of life and the unyielding strength of love were profoundly felt, as Kelly, our beloved, fought a battle that seemed insurmountable, if not impossible, surrounded by the prayers and heartache of all who cherished her.

Turning Point

In the shadow of despair, where hope seemed like a distant memory, something extraordinary happened. Kelly, whose life hung by a thread, began to defy every odd stacked against her. Each day, we witnessed a testament to the human spirit's resilience as prayers were answered. She transitioned from a state of grave danger to one of critical stability, a beacon of hope in the darkest hour.

Seventy-two hours into this journey of uncertainty, the medical team faced a pivotal moment – testing Kelly for complete brain function. The moment she was removed from the mechanical breaths that had sustained her, she drew her first unaided breath in what felt like an eternity. However, the path ahead remained shrouded in uncertainty – the potential brain damage, the loss of motor functions, the unanswered questions that haunted our every thought.

In a heart-wrenching turn, Kelly's fight intensified. She ceased breathing again, necessitating her return to life support. In the days that followed, she endured two more cardiac arrests, each a terrifying dance with mortality, yet each time, her pulse returned, as if guided by the relentless prayers enveloping her.



Then, in what can only be described as a series of small miracles, Kelly began to show remarkable signs of recovery. One by one, the machines that had been her lifeline were removed – the breathing apparatus, the dialysis machine, and finally, the medications that kept her in a deep sleep. With each passing day, she started to exhibit purposeful movements – a tangible sign of her fighting spirit.

The true measure of her progress came in the form of simple, yet profound responses. She began to track movements, respond to pain, hold up a peace sign with her fingers, and most heartbreakingly, a smile would grace her face at the sight of her family's pictures and videos. Initially, recognition eluded her for her mother, father, and sisters – a poignant reminder of the journey still ahead. But, in an instant filled with pure, tearful joy, she recognized her children, ages 8 and 13, from their pictures and videos of their summer swim meets.


In those moments, we were reminded of the incredible power of love and family – a bond not even the deepest trials could sever. Kelly's journey, marked by struggle, resilience, and an unyielding will to survive, became a testament to the miracles that faith, hope, and relentless love can bring.

Current Situation

On a chilly November morning, the 22nd of 2023, Kelly embarked on a new chapter in her arduous journey toward recovery. She was transferred to a skilled nursing rehabilitation facility, a place where she would face a challenging yet hopeful path of occupational, speech, and physical therapy, coupled with counseling in a multi-disciplinary approach. The aftermath of her cardiac arrests had left indelible marks – struggles with short-term memory, an inability to walk without support, and challenges in speech. Her road to recovery, as outlined by her doctor, seemed a long one, estimated to take at least a year to regain the semblance of her former independence. The word 'miracle' scarcely does justice to her resilience.

But now, we stand at a crossroads where the harsh realities of life intersect with our unwavering hope. Kelly faces not just the physical hurdles of rehabilitation but also the monumental task of adapting her home to her new needs. Wheelchair accessibility, a walk-in shower, kitchen modifications – these are just the tip of the iceberg. Compounding these challenges, her home bears the scars of Hurricane Ida, with a damaged roof, gutters in disrepair, and sheetrock damage, all left unattended as her insurance company collapsed into bankruptcy.


In this moment of profound need, we reach out to you with a plea for help. We have initiated a GoFundMe campaign, not just a fundraiser, but a lifeline, to aid Kelly in adapting to this drastically altered life. Your support will directly contribute to covering the daunting costs of her rehabilitation and the essential modifications to her home, creating an environment where she can thrive as the amazing mother to her two children and a cherished member of our community.

Every penny, every share of Kelly's story, brings her a step closer to a life brimming with hope and newfound independence. The funds raised will be meticulously managed in an interest-bearing account by her mother, Melissa Caudle, ensuring that every contribution directly supports Kelly's journey back to life.

In this moment of solidarity, we ask you to extend your kindness, generosity, and support. Share her story, contribute what you can, and join us in weaving a network of love and assistance. Together, we can be the pillars upon which Kelly rebuilds her life, a testament to the power of community and the strength of the human spirit.

Thank you, from the depths of our hearts, for being a part of this miracle.

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