Friday, May 25, 2012


MAY 25, 2012



Remember the deadline for the television series THE KEYSTROKE KILLER is fast approaching.  This is an open call for actors.  Those interested may visit for further information and to locate sides for each role.

To date, over 1500 actors have joined The Keystroke Killer Fan Site on Face Book.  As the deadline approaches, we expect the numbers to begin increasing.  Current members of the Face Book site can invite their fellow actors to audition for roles as well.  Actors do not have to be a member of SAG in order to participate.

Once the deadline arrives, producers and the casting director will review all submitted audition reels and make a determination of the actors who will be called in for face to face auditions.  Face to face auditions will be held in New Orleans, LA and Los Angeles, CA.  If actors cannot be secured on the first, the audition process will be opened to talent agents to submit clients.  Like, all other actors, these actors will have to submit online as well.  The KSK team fully expects to be able to attach actors to the television series.


In the tradition of the great New York City comedic movie duos from Abbott and Costello to Seinfield and Costanza, or Comedy Central, comes the contemporary slapstick team of 40 and Leroy.  

The web series, 40 & Leroy, currently in the third season, is gaining momentum as Blip TV picked up the series for broadcast.  The series follows cousins 40 and Leroy and a host of diverse characters as they explore what is the highs and lows of the life of everyday urban youth living in the city.  The two stars, Lorenzo Eduardo (who plays 40) and Horace Glasper (who plays Leroy) are  at their best in the comedy.  Joining the cast are Janus Yvonee (Lanet), Denzel McCants (Diesel), Rafael Correa (Ralphie), Eleven Ego Crusher (Fake 40), Jamie Alyson Uribe (Seven), J. Latif (Cable-Man), and more.

Executive producers, Tom Karl, Neema Barnette, Reed McCants, and Dr. Melissa Caudle are excited as they are preparing to take the series beyond the Internet and onto our television screens.  Directed by McCants, the comedy features two of the funniest comedians on the planet.  

You may watch the current season of 40 & Leroy by going to our the site located on Blip TV.   Be sure to subscribe to the series to watch new episodes as they are posted.


Are you getting ready to pitch your television show, web series, or a screenplay at AFM or NATPE?  Then you have to be prepared to market your project.  There are several ways to market your project, but without having three essential marketing tools you might not get very far.  The three marketing tools you must have are:

  • Logline
  • Synopsis
  • One Pager
Hollywood Insiders look as these marketing tools long before they ask for your film or screenplay.  If you want to present your best foot forward, then Dr. Mel Caudle's books are perfect for you.  Her book series, Quick Guidebooks For Screenwriters is a must for you to prepare your marketing tools.  Books in the series include:

These books as well as many more geared for production or creating a reality show are available on, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.  


If you haven't seen the latest T.D. Jake's film Woman Thou Art Loosed:  On the Seventh Day, then you have missed an opportunity to watch one of the best independent films of the year.  Directed by Neema Barnette, and starring Blair Underwood, Sharon Leal, and Pam Grier, it is a story of hope and forgiveness.  Having been filming in New Orleans, LA, the film also features many of the local talent including Jaqueline Fleming, Nicoya Banks, Zoe Carter, and Jamie Alyson Uribe.