Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dr. Mel's Message - New Blog



Now that I have had time to catch my breath, I've decided to start writing a blog.  Many people have been tuning into the development and casting of my new television series, THE KEYSTROKE KILLER.  We are in the middle of finishing 62 scripts and on a national search to find actors to portray the vivid characters in the series.  The characters have been carefully created by me to provide the viewing audience with realism.  In my opinion, there are going to be three roles that will prove a challenge to find the perfect actor.

First, is the role of Matthew, our lead, in the series.  Matthew is a tormented private investigator on a mission to find the serial killer who murdered his sister.  The only problem, no one, not even his parents, remember her and there is no evidence of her birth or death.  She has been "Erased."

Then, there is Blaze, our female lead.  Blaze is a driven young college girl who faces danger at every turn.  Her life is complicated because of her father, Dr. Garrick Angela, founder of the new world Internet company called DIMENSION.  Blaze is intertwined with Matthew, has he believes she is the next victim of the Keystroke Killer.

The third character that will prove to be a challenge to cast is that of Judas, AKA, The Keystroke Killer.  The reason is that Judas, by his actions, must present himself as all empowering and dangerous, without saying a word.  His actions speak louder than his words.

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On a bit of other news, the web series, 40 and Leroy:  Crazy in New York is up an running for the third season.  Follow the fun by going to  It is so funny, you might just bust a gut!


Lastly, my new book, JUST BEAT IT!  CREATING AND DEVELOPING BEAT SHEETS is now available on, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.  This is a must have for every screenwriter.