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Is Love Enough: Worth holding onto, or time to let go?



Is Love Enough: Worth holding onto, or time to let go? Paperback – July 18, 2019

About the Authors

Sisters Sophie and Kelly were raised in an environment of family violence and alcoholism. Due to unhealthy and dysfunctional role-modeling by their parents, the women were unable to form a clear sense of what a healthy relationship is, one that contains loving interaction, friendship and kindness.

Both women, as adults, have endured the pain of a marriage break-up involving young children. As their parents were frequently in survival mode, the girls were not taught how to understand what they were feeling, so they could try to make sense of the chaos that surrounded them or process all the unspoken stress in their home and lives.

Despite these negative learnings, Sophie and Kelly do attribute many positive characteristics to their parents, which include empathy towards others, equality, determination towards the developing of self and a strong desire to love and be loved.

Kelly now works as a counsellor, predominantly with couples. She also works with individuals who struggle to understand their internal pain, and supports them as they continue their quest for belonging and love. Sophie runs Sands (Pregnancy, Newborn and Infant Loss) in an area of the South Island, New Zealand and has a diploma in Life Coaching.

Both women dare to believe that love can be different….