Sunday, December 11, 2022

Chasing Stolen Gold: How a Ten-Year Quest to Find Lost Gold Led to a Spiritual Awakening


Dear Readers:

Today's BOOK OF THE DAY, "Chasing Stolen Gold: How a Ten-Year Quest to Find Lost Gold Led to a Spiritual Awakening," by Campy McKinney Jimmy, is quite a tale of perseverance and determination. As a child, I wanted to be a treasure hunter, so this story caught my attention immediately. Just think, chasing after gold and finding the riches. Wouldn't that be awesome? For Camp McKinney Jimmy, it's not only a dream, but also a reality. In this new book, his adventure is followed as he weaves the details of chasing gold to his spiritual awakening. It's a remarkable story that is perfect for this time of the year. Order your copy today!


Chasing Stolen Gold: How a Ten-Year Quest to Find Lost Gold Led to a Spiritual Awakening Paperback – July 31, 2022


"Camp McKinney Jimmy has a way with words that flows from the heat of the action through the pages of history, and then back around to resonant emotional conclusions that you never see coming, but settle perfectly into the atmosphere of the tale as a whole. I also really enjoyed the descriptive quality of both place and person that brought Roderick's mysterious cut-throat tendencies to life, and I found the piece as educational as it was stirring." - award-winning author K. C. Finn, Readers' Favorit.

"The historical fiction is good enough to be its own book and the photography is brilliant." - reviewer Asher Syed, Readers' Favorite

"...the only one I've read where the spiritually transcendent quality of nature is explored as much as the areas he scoured looking for gold. The parts I found most interesting were the fictionally recreated backstory of Roderick and I do believe that Elliott's writing elevates when writing in this format." - author Jamie Michele, Readers' Favorite

From the Author

My ten-year adventure to find the lost gold bars of Camp McKinney on Mount Baldy in southern BC, began with research. Clues taken directly from the archives of the historic BC Provincial Police enabled me to locate the right area as shown by the hardware uncovered that had been intentionaly buried to hide the thief's activities. Once all avenues of searching had been exhausted, I asked several mediums for advice. One put me in touch with Roderick's spirit, the other described in detail the true hiding place I had been near many times. As the years passed by, I spent more money than I could afford, lost the love of the woman I had moved to BC to be with, and suffered physical injuries. Yet the calming effect of nature became a powerful draw to my addictive personality while messages from my deceased parents encouraged me to continue the search.

The author formed a lifelong bond with nature while growing up on a farm in southern Alberta and, later, raising his own children there. His inquisitive mind, love of nature, and passion for the 1890s encouraged him to investigate the robbery and hunt for the gold so many others had looked for to no avail. Undeterred by the challenges facing him, he returned to Roderick's forest again and again, guided by optimism, hope, and a newly awakened understanding of life, death, and the myriad spiritual ways the two connect.