Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Xinye Lin -- Multidisciplinary Artist



Xinye Lin
Multidisciplinary Artist

Describe your style.

“Music for the soul filled with tones to heal, inspire, and transform.” Dr. Melissa Caudle

Who or what has been the greatest influence on your style?

Sci-fi fiction, meditation, and Chinses culture

How did you get started in your career?

I went to RISD, which opened the door to art for me.

What struggles or barriers did you face or are you facing to promote yourself and your work?

I was trained as an architect and designer, but I have always been passionate about creating my own art world. However, being an artist is quite different from being a designer. As a designer, you are hired to solve a problem, whereas being an artist is like starting your own business and inventing the problems for yourself.

My challenges are culture and language barriers (I am originally from China, and English is not my first language). The other difficult part is learning to grow as a professional artist and earn a living as a true artist -- I do not have that much experience in promoting my art and selling it. Although my passion for art and my ability to create good quality artwork.

What life lessons have you learned, and how have they influenced your style?

I worked as a parametric bio-design researcher at an advanced architectural lab and also in an architecture firm for a while. I was living a busy, regular, stable life. But one day, I saw an artist perform at the subway station in NYC; he was enjoying his performance, and every person who passed by stopped to watch his performance. I suddenly realized that my passion was not being an architect. The lesson I learned from the experience is that we live such a short life, and time should not be wasted on something you do not like. I decide to pursue my passion, be honest and be real for myself and my artwork.

The other thing was that I used to live in New York, and it is a very stressful and intensive city. Everything is so busy and dense. I was quite depressed when I was. Especially during the quarantine time of COVID, many of my friends moved somewhere else. I suddenly lost all my friends. At the same time, more and more people start to hate the Chinese since they thought it is a Chinese virus. When I walked on the street alone, some people always yelled at me, "Go back to China." That was a very lonely and sad period in my life because I am the only one in my family who lives in the USA, and all my close friends leave, plus people just dislike me for no reason. I also look for my cultural identity ever since I grew up. Unlike the majority of Chinese, I am a minority of China called Kam people; I am from southwest China with unique culture as well. Therefore, after that, I decided to explore my own self-identity and art therapy-related art topic more.

Now I view my work as a tool to explore my self-identity and also a tool to comfort my heart. I also hope it could help others to comfort their heart as well. Through these works, people could meditate, enjoy one moment of presence, appreciate the world's beauty, and calm down a little bit.

Provide an example of your work that I can include in your interview.

Kaleidoscopic Meditation

Inspired by ancient Chinese philosophy, Kam people culture, and meditation experience, Kaleidoscopic Meditation is a sound and performance interactive healing art collection. Artist Xinye explores the energy flow and rhythm in the universe through her mediation experience and her art. She draws these illusions in her meditation and animates them as beautiful artwork. The project combines mathematics, music, digital paintings, and the frequency of the Tibetan bowl. It is a beautiful interactive art/performance collection that delivers healing power to people.

It is an infinite art collection with healing power, and each one contains unique energy flows.

What is your website and social media for my readers to be able to follow you?

Website: Instagram: tiktok: @xinyelin twitter: @lin_xinye