Sunday, May 12, 2024

Victorious Jesus: Supreme Teacher & Non-Violent Rebel With A Cause!


Victorious Jesus: Supreme Teacher & Non-Violent Rebel With A Cause! (Journey with God & Christ! A Woman's Walk with Elohim my Adonai Book 1)


Victorious Jesus welcomes you to a journey of deeper understanding and rediscovery of Jesus Christ, His word, His life, His death, the atonement of sin, and His ministerial call as Lord in the flesh, on earth! We explore and spiritually reconnect with Jesus: not just as a victorious Lord, but also as a Supreme Teacher and a "Non-Violent Rebel", who revolutionized kingdom business, like no one else could. We explore Jesus' revolutionary teachings on love, compassion, repentance, forgiveness, healing, justice for the outcast, and the Kingdom of God. Discover the power of "non-violent resistance" and how Jesus embodied it in His life, ministry, and dealings with religious hypocrites. Embrace Jesus' many victories, overcoming and conquering sin, death, hell, satan, the grave, and despair. Victorious Jesus goes beyond traditional interpretations, highlighting His timeless, priceless exhortations on compassion, sin, love, repentance, and non-violent resistance. His revolutionary message of hope, redemption, salvation, healing, and justice set captives free. His death offered an acceptable atonement of sin, presenting a renewed hope to the lost, sick, and sinners. He paid it all through the shedding of priceless blood. Moses bought the law but only Jesus Christ could bring forth "Grace and Truth". Whether you're a seasoned believer or just starting to explore your faith, Victorious Jesus by Mya A. Chavis is your guide to rediscovering Jesus as not only a Victorious Lord & Savior but also a Supreme Teacher.

Ready to embark on your journey with Jesus? Start reading Victorious Jesus today and discover the victory, love, hope and redemption Jesus Christ offers.



Mya A. Chavis, a Generation X author, minister, entrepreneur, and speaker in her early years, established great success as a customer support liaison, benefit counselor, financial investment advisor, and project manager. Before pursuing her dream of becoming a full-time author and writer. Today, she is a wife, pet parent, bestselling author, successful entrepreneur, street minister, and businesswoman. AKA a Boss of her own destiny through him who gives strength. She desires to bring something new and exciting to the craftsmanship of writing and delivering on quality creative writing artwork. Her talent gifts are here to “Change The Game” and deliver high-quality, innovative thought-provoking narrations that will leave you speechless and hungry for more.