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Volume 1 Number 2


Several pages to this blog have been added including a page called The Actor's Slate ,The Back Lot, and Ask Dr. Mel.  These sections will continue to grow, but don't overlook them when you finish reading Dr. Mel's Message.  To visit these pages, click on the tab in the heading section above.

By Dr. Mel Caudle

I am still amazed at the number of quality auditions we received from the online audition process for The Keystroke Killer.  Wow!  I must say that the actor community has really hit a home run.  I find myself questioning, "Why anyone would want to conduct a casting call the “OLD FASHIONED” way of a cattle call face-to-face?"  I really don’t get it.  With my producer team, we quickly learned watching online auditions first, prior to face-to-face call backs, allows us more versatility and to call actors back that meet our specific criteria.  Long are the days for me when an actor comes in and reads lines for a character that they don’t fit.  I spent years of my life watching auditions that were meaningless prior to the online process I use.  Not anymore! 

The original Matthew, Frederick Payne from the short film
The Keystroke Killer
I can’t begin to tell you how much this means to a producer and director.  We get to view the actor in the role we see you for in an online audition.  Many times, an actor “misses the boat” and auditions for a role.  Unfortunately, they don’t match our character breakdowns although they really want that role.  The good news is we can tell instantly what role the actor may fit and place them in that category.  If it were a face-to-face audition, you would not have this opportunity.  If we do move you into a different category, we may or may not ask for an additional audition video.  We will let you know.  Please be assured that we are concentrating on every audition.


Our callback process is to review auditions by roles, not by date submitted.  That way we look at all auditions back to back for each character.  Then we finalize the callback list for that character.  Prior to doing such, either Robby or I will make an event posting on The Keystroke Killer Fan Site for "Last call for the role of (character name)." If either Robby or Dr. Mel hasn’t made a comment on your video at the time they post the Last Call event, please re-post it now and send us a private message.”

The KSK casting team waits 24 hours prior to finalizing the callback list for that character.  Again, only re-post your audition if you fall in the category for that character and if neither Dr. Mel or Robby has not commented on your audition.  Otherwise, to re-post your audition when we already have seen it, only distracts us from being able to continue our process of review. We want to be able to focus on everyone’s audition we may have missed or haven’t seen so no body's audition falls through the cracks.  So, let’s be considerate of others and don’t re-post a video audition unless we ask for in the Last Call event.

However, realizing that everyone is on pins and needles and excited, we don’t mind the posting of the videos of songs, best “whatever” etc. to keep people’s minds off the callbacks.  Jack Curenton’s posting of the song “Don’t worry, Be Happy,” and Ava St. Claire's posting of Ann Miller dancing are perfect examples.  Also, share your short films with everyone.  That's how The  Keystroke Killer was found.  Let's support each other.

The Rhyme and Reason

I have been asked by numerous actors, casting directors, producers, and the general public why we chose to use the online audition process for our first round of casting.  Our motto is simple, If you look great and nail an audition on our monitors or television screens as we watch the auditions, then we are assured you will be fantastic in our project.  The Keystroke Killer is a pilot for a two-hour movie that leads into a television series.  That means, the final project will be scene on our television screens, in our homes, on our home computer monitors, Ipads, and laptops.  These are all screens we view our favorite television movies and shows on.  

So, I have to sit back and ask, "Why wouldn't I want to see the first round of auditions the way we will view the final product."  In essence, this method replaces the old-fashioned screen test of earlier years of Hollywood film-making.  Once an actor was discovered, pioneers in our industry would bring the actor into the studio for a screen test to determine if the camera loved them or not.  Not everyone looks great on camera.  The KSK team is modernized and going straight to the screen test to see if the actor not only looks good on screen, but can act and bring a character to life prior to the face-to-face auditions and casting.    It really is that simple and that is the guideline we use. 

The original one pager for The Keystroke Killer short film.  Do you need more information on how to design and create a one pager for your film or screenplay?  If you said, "Yes," then you need How to Create a One Pager by Dr. Melissa Caudle.



I personally use a rating scale that I created for each role.  As the creator of the show and the head screenwriter, I know what I am looking for an actor to bring in each audition of a specific character.  As I watch auditions, I look for specifics details.  For example, when rating auditions for Judas, the areas I use to rate each audition is as follows.


Name:  __________________________  Facebook Name:  ____________________  Role ID:  ____________

_________Age-appropriate for role.
_________The actor’s overall presence of Judas is prominent.
_________The actor’s voice (tone/resonance/breath support) used for Judas is omniscient and powerful.
_________The actor’s phrasing and emphasis on special words were appropriate.
_________The actor transforms in his physical body language at the moment “KSK” enters his body.
_________The actor used appropriate movement/gestures for the character.
_________The actor used props appropriately.   _____N/A
_________The actor maintained Judas’ character throughout.
_________The actor delivered the lines as scripted.
_________The actor acted through each action description as scripted.
_________The actor accomplished the journey of the character through the three acts of the scene.

                        ____Set up          ___Emotional Transition           ___Impact of last action

_________The actor was effective in demonstrating the actual extent of range by contrast in genre of film, tone,  character quality, and style.
_________The actor interpreted the character correctly.
_________The actor has screen appeal.

_____Callback    _____Consider    _____Pass  ___Put in Different Role:  _______


Created by Dr. Melissa Caudle


There is a possibility of an actor accumulating 16 points (check marks) toward the rating scale for Judas.  Depending on the number of points, is how I make my determination for a callback.  My comments on your audition reel also reflect these areas.  You can be assured that if I said, “You nailed it,” you accumulated at least 14 points.

Again, every character in The Keystroke Killer has something unique about them. A "cookie cutter” audition checklist can’t be used; therefore different, but similar criteria for each role are used as I made the appropriate adjustments for the character nuisances.  Most of the criteria are the same for each character, but are adjusted for that specific character.  

The same criteria I use to assess online auditions will be used during the face-to-face callbacks.  I just wanted to share one character's audition checklist with our followers so each may gain a general idea of how we make our decisions for callbacks and how you will be rated during your face-to-face callbacks.  I hope this helps you with this audition process as well as any future online auditions you procure.


By Dr. Mel Caudle

Going through the online process takes hours upon hours.  In fact, this week I challenged some of the KSK members to do the math for me on how many hours it will take for me to view the auditions.  Mary Grace, KSK fan site member responded:

Mary Grace Math, my specialty! Following are my figures: To View 3,121 auditions at 2 min each, it will take you 6,242 minutes/or 104.03 hours.. To add a comment on each audition estimating at 30 sec each will take an additional 93,630 seconds/or 1,560.5 minutes/or 26.1 hrs, TOTAL Time to View auditions and write one comment is the sum of 130.41 hours.

So, given the math I hope everyone will be patient with Robby and I as we are viewing all auditions again to make our callback decisions.  At just over 130 hours each, times two, because we watch all twice, it takes us awhile to get through them.  Several actors have stated in a tread that we haven't watched theirs or commented on them.  WE KNOW!!!  Here is the reason why.  Up until the deadline we were able to keep up on a daily basis watching and commenting on every audition.  Then we were slammed with well over 350 auditions in one night.  The next morning, we immediately started making callback decisions going character by character.  That means, if on the final deadline night, you submitted an audition for Matthew, chances are it hasn't been watched or commented on by us.  When we get to reviewing every audition for Matthew's character, we will.  We filter the auditions by character's and are able to view them in order.  It takes a team to do this.  So we ask for your patience.

This is the order in which we will be viewing the characters for callbacks:

Dr. Garrick Angela
Robby Ziegar
Kyle Flores
911 Operator
Milo Evans
Meagan Montgomery
Alex - the bartender
CNC News Reporter
News Director
George Newland
Rebecca Morrison
Robert Mendoza
Dr. Frank Franklin
Marge Greenberg
Congressman Thompson
Mrs. Janice Thompson
Gunman 1
Gunman 2
Ima Star
Lorenzo Gonzales
Kelly Stratford
Marge Greenberg
Bubble Kids
Dr. Elizabeth Wright

Again, we will be posting an event announcement on The Keystroke Killer Fan Site on Facebook for last calls if we didn't view your audition.


By Dr. Mel Caudle

I thought I was going crazy.  I would be looking at my computer and seeing a time-stamp on an audition video of 1:30 AM May 31, and indicated to the actor that they had submitted their video pass the deadline.  They would respond back and say that it was on time.  Finally with the help of KSK fan site member, David Adolpho Gizzarelli, we figured it out.  I took a picture of what I was seeing and so did he.  The actor in question had two different time-stamps.  The time difference was exactly two hours, the exact difference between our two time zones.  Problem resolved.  

What this means is for LOS ANGELES actors who submitted their auditions in the wee hours on May 30th, and have a time-stamp that I view in New Orleans of May 31, 2012 by 2:00 AM, will be considered for callbacks.  Our casting director already had you on her list because of the time zone she resides.  I love it when a problem gets resolved.  So on behalf of KSK and the producer team, we offer a sincere thanks to David for helping us with this and apologize to the several actors that were affected.  The good news is, we caught this in time before callbacks were finalized.  Take a look at the following example.  




By Robby Stroud

Our team has had a wonderful time commenting on the auditions, watching them, and reviewing your auditions.  However, I must say that some of your comments on the links have been priceless.  Here are some of my favorite quotes from the site.

Timothy Wyant   "This WAS FUN and helpful.  This type of demo posting…WELL I HAD FUN. LOL…BUT NO ONE HAD MORE FUN THAN THE ONE AND ONLY…IMA STARR…GINO VILINTO.”  

Jack E Curenton Dr Melissa Caudle, I want to say that although this approach (FB Casting page) may be keeping many on pins and needles, I have honestly never felt so connected to the casting process(or a project) and had such continous feedback on any projects that I've been involved in (except my own) as what you and Robby Cook Stroud are continually giving us.  As actors, we always want approval and acceptance...the fact that all this wealth of talent is asssembled and so highly visible for the "Artistic" world to see is a monument to this new style of casting. And it's a whole heck of a lot better than "Thank you, don't call us, we'll call crickets...”  Thanks for the innovation...Bravo.”  Jack E. Curento

Jack E Curenton Thanks Carroll Burt, yea, as difficult as it is for folks to wait for the outcome, it's still a lot better for everyone than the usual process of no response back. However, we're all like a group of folks who went to a show and then hung out in the lobby afterwards for a few weeks chatting about it...

TINA D. RUBIN  Wow! I'm sure ya'll (Melissa and Robby) probably expected this but production companies have already followed your lead! How'd I know that was gonna happen? Lol. I told my husband, watch this audition process become viral. I've already got an email about jump start your career and we'll be casting world wide for a show on A&E but hey, you guy's definitely made the mark!!! I knew there would be plenty wanting to follow your lead!!!

Jack E Curenton Thanks Carroll Burt, yea, as difficult as it is for folks to wait for the outcome, it's still a lot better for everyone than the usual process of no response back. However, we're all like a group of folks who went to a show and then hung out in the lobby afterwards for a few weeks chatting about it...

Ian Cai Mercer hahaha!! Sorry Mel, he didn't get round to taping it(didn't press 'record' apparently!!) PS- would Blaze REALLY have a Tiger padding round her flat?? Suppose that would be one deterrent to a Serial Killer!!! (Ian is referring to his cat.)

Trace Schroeder

I find the song pertinent and uplifting, and wanted to share.I am in love with you and Robbie, Gino and so many others on this site, I feel that I know you, and I care. I am drawn to come back through out each day to catch up with the posts. I see the star in you Ms. Melissa! The response to this site is a testament to the goodness and quality of your and Robbie's kindness, compassion and generosity. I thank you for a number of reasons, the opportunity and experience, the seeing and the sharing, a sense of community I feel connected to. Sending love. Xo

By Dr. Mel Caudle

Never let it be said that a dream can't be accomplished.  Never give up on anything you believe in.  I have seen The Keystroke Killer grow from just a little awful badly shot short film, to have a following worldwide.  After the short film went viral, with more than 1 million views, the demand for the film surged.  Then by happenstance, the short film's trailer was discovered by the investors.  They saw for themselves the popularity.  But, what drew them to me and the film was the concept, plot, and characters.  A dream was born.  

During the process is casting.  An unexpected turn of events transpired - The Keystroke Killer Fan Site on Facebook became a community.  A community of people who too share in a dream - to make a movie.  I never once thought for a moment that I would feel so close to as many people who I don't know.  It's so weird because I feel as if I know many of you although I have never met you face-to-face.  I'm not the only one that feels this way by the comments that are posted on the site.  Additionally, I have been afforded the opportunity to meet several of you face-to-face.  Those meetings didn't seem like first-time meetings to me.  We instantly hugged each other, laughed, had drinks, and it was as if we had known each other for a long time. 

Robby Cook Stroud, Jerry Lopez Jr, and Dr. Mel Caudle first time meeting face-to-face after connecting on  KSK Fan Site.

I am excited at the prospect of meeting everyone, and I don't mean for callbacks.  I mean getting together and sharing our dreams and getting to know each other.  Therefore, I propose two parties - one in New Orleans and one in Los Angeles.  I'm not talking a big blow-out party, but setting a time, date, and place, for everyone to get together at a club, a bar, or any other place.  Let's do this.  Let's set the time, date, and place, and we all show up - it will be the KSK Mob Flash.  Any takers on coordinating the event in New Orleans and another in Los Angeles?  Send me a private message and we will hook up on Skype.

Lastly, Christian Drerup, was our 2,000 subscriber.  Who will be 3,000?


By Robby Stroud

If you think Judas and Milo Evans from The Keystroke Killer are evil, real-life super nerd, Kim Dotcom, hoarded yachts, guns, celebrity friends, supercars, and 180 million users through his file-sharing Megaupload website just maybe today's most evil person Hollywood Insiders are facing.  Recently, the FBI shut down "Dr Evil's,” that is what he calls himself, website and he faces 50 years in prison as Hollywood prepares for what is going to be considered the nastiest piracy fight in history.  "Dr. Evil," is being accused of bilking the entertainment industry millions of dollars.  In fact, the estimate in damages rests right at $500 million dollars.  This almost sounds like a horror movie.  But it is real as his image and the full story appears in this week’s The Hollywood Reporter.  I predict there will be a shake up in the industry.  Any takers?


By Dr. Mel Caudle and Robby Stroud

If you didn't make the first list in last week’s blog, maybe you’ve hit solid gold this week as we begin to isolate more auditions.  We have added new names to the “You nailed it.” Remember, we'll be posting more as we go through the entire 3100 plus auditions with each new blog and this is NOT THE CALLBACK LIST. This is only the beginning of highlighting some outstanding performances in roles.  Also, some actors auditioned for a particular role, but we just couldn't see them in that role, but could visualize them for another.  Therefore, if you name appears on this list and future lists and not in the role you submitted, don't worry.  We just see you differently.  There are several that fall in this category listed below.  

Lastly, these auditions of merit are not listed in any particular order or ranking system.  Thus, just because a name is listed first, it doesn't mean it is our first option.  However, it does mean a call back so at least you can rest easy as we continue to announce others in your character.

Stay tuned as many of you have told us you are on pins and needles anxiously waiting to know if you are called back for the face-to-face auditions.  This waiting process reminds both of us of our high school days and when Dr. Mel was a cheerleader sponsor of a the squad and the girls were waiting to know if they made the squad and the guys were waiting to find out who was going to be next year's quarterback of the varsity football team.  Whew!  Trust us when we say, we know how you feel to want something so bad and having to wait to find out.  Every time Dr. Mel submits a project, either reality show or screenplay, she plays the waiting game to see if it gets greenlight or not and I'm on pins and needles bugging her if she has heard anything.  So, we do feel your anxiety.  Sometimes, not knowing is the hardest part and you just want to get it over with.  


Everyone, please remember these are some of our top picks and not all.  It is a growing list.  It also isn’t a callback list either.  Those will be posted in an official call back list when it is finalized.  


Matthew: Geryh Curtis, Evan Boymel, Ace Marrero (although he submitted for Alex), Stephen Martin, Jason Burghorn, Steven Carl Griffin, Nathan Lucas, Jason Tobias, Jamal Kazak, Trace Schroeder (although he auditioned for Milo), Chris Waters, David Adolpho Gizzarelli, Ace Marrero (although he auditioned for Alex), Carl Schreiber, Mark Slater, Dedan Donavan, Gary Kauffman,  Brandt Binkley (although he auditioned for Dr. Frank Franklin) 

BLAZE – Jamie Alyson, Gwonwyn De Beer, Tera Garnett, Vanessa Ross, 

Dr. Garrick Angela:  Robert Fleet, Rob Steinberg (although he audtioned for Alex, I moved him over), Stuart McClay Smith, Julian Grant, John Henry Richardson, Ellery Truesdell, Doc Divecchio, Max Thayer 

Judas:  Challa Sabre, Jack E Curenton, Chip Carriere, Trace Schroeder, Craig Jeffcoat, John Percy Antonio Chavez, Rob Patterson, 

Milo Evans:  Chris Swirles, Trace Schroeder, Challa Sabree, Timothy Wyant, John Wesley Cooley (listed under Leah Monnette), Casey Groves

Landlord:  DH Lewis, Jill Lachman, Billy Mayo

Professor Faust -  Kristen Stewart, Erich Klain, 

Blaze: Katelyn Causey, Diane Lombardi, Nancy Beverly, Jamie Alyson, Bethany Regan, Lila Evans, Ashley Ann Alvarado,

Fortune Teller – Gypsy Elise

Ima Starr:  Ava St. Claire, Gino Galento, Aaron Groben 

Congressman Thompson:  Justin Little (although he auditioned for Matthew), Vic Harris, Rich Rubin (although he auditions for Snead), Douglas Olsen

Janice Thompson Bennette: Summer E. Sinclair, M. Daniela Torchia, Christopher Callen, Jennifer Rosario, Katie O’Hagan, Jacqueline Murphy, Gina Lee Gallareto, Mary Laina,

Peterson:  Darius Green, Jesus Ruiz, Phillip M Polite, Bryan Theodore, Carlton Enoch, Alphonse Philippe Mouzon, Aarron Spivey Sorrells, Verolga Leilani (although she auditioned for Dr. E. Wright), Jeffrey Grays (although he auditioned for Milo),

Jones:  Bobbie Lee, Raven Lexy (although she auditioned for Janice Thompson), Joseph McRae (although he auditioned for Matthew), Isaac Depeyer (although he auditioned for Matthew), David Castro,

George Newland: Gage Maverik, Seth Oserin (although he auditioned for Dr. Garrick), Vito Viscuso, Patrick McHale

Rebecca Morrison:  Amanda Chism, Karen Weza (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright),

Kelly Stratford:  Alexa James, Kerry McCormick, Janab Davis,

Meagan Montgomery:  Nathalie Tedrick, Ilana Kitover, Meagan Pallares, Jennifer Peyton McDavitt, Hannah Bickham (although she auditioned for Blaze), Julie Wions, Glenn Ellen Anderson, 

Mag:  Tera Garrett, Savannah Schoenecker (although she auditioned for Meagan M.), Jennifer peyton McDavitt (although she auditioned for Meagan M.), Christian Drerup, Veronica Kelly, Caley Hayes, Brooke Coleman, 

Gunman 1:  Bobbie Lee, Mark Naji, Nico Falls, 

Gunman 2:  Cali Muscle (although he auditioned for Milo)

Robby Ziegar:  Kenan Heppe,  Richard McKenzie, Anthony Castillo, Raquel Elizabeth Ames, Nancy DeBoem, Don Ronaldo, 

Jenni - Aisha Alese, Sage Kairi,

Marge:  Linda Johnson, Carol Ann Scruggs, DH Lewis, 

Kyle Flores - Bonnie Jane Levinson

Alex: Tim Oman (posted by TJ MYERS), Michael Villar, Prince Moore, Johnny Rock,   

Dr. Elizabeth Wright:  Marcia French, Katie O'Hagan,Tina D. Rubin, Jennifer Rosario, Jacqueline Murphy, Hutchi Hancock, Mary Laina, Rachel Whitman Groves, 

Snead:  William T Ensley, Victor DeLucie,

Hammer:  M Gerard Pavuk, Gary Kauffman (listed under Carlton Enoch who filmed it),

Lorenzo - Kennedy Moronta

CNC Anchor:  Graham Clarke, Climesha McDaniel, Seth Oserin (although he auditioned for Dr. Garrick Angela), 

911 Operator Clarissa Guerro,

Malcom: Onairus Corner (I need your real name please), Nirav Bhakta (although his audition was for Robby Ziegar), Joel Cole, 

News Director:  Sher Myers (I need your real name please), Ellery Truesdell,

Astrologer:  Marcy Toschi, Jennie Floyd, Suzanne Stephens Breitenbach, Ava St. Claire,

Dr. Frank Franklin:  Jason Flowers (audition is for Milo), Shobhit Agarwal (although he auditioned for George Newland), Claudine Claudio (female Dr. Franklin consider although she auditioned for Dr. Elizabeth Wright), Gage Maverick, Erick Klain (although he auditioned for Professor Faust), Diana Marzigliano (although she submitted for Janice T.), J. Patrick Wise (although he auditioned for Robby Ziegar), Michael Briggs, Anthony Castillo,

Stephanie Winfield:  Madeline DeCourcey, Wanda Leigh 

Cameraman -  Aaron Gorben,

Waitress - Susie Labry

BODY GUARD - Prince Moore 

Mrs. Garrick Angela - Katt Shea (although she auditioned for the Landlord)

More actors worthy of watching will be posted in the next blog.  Be sure to subscribe to my blog if you haven't already by going to the top of this page and scrolling over to the far right.  Then click on the subscription button.  If you want to get updates as I post or change things, subscribe and join.  Also, join my circle of friends of Google +.  We can have our own KSK circle.

Remember, you can opt out at anytime you wish.


Blaze's Cats - Meow Mix and  Tigar LIlly submitted by Jamie Alyson (LOL everyone..this was the best cat audition ever.  How did she get them to do that?)


Doc Divecchio -

I truly believe that cats are camera hogs and love to steal the spotlight from their actor owners as evidenced by the numerous cats that "appeared" alongside our actors during their audition submissions.  You got to love it.  "That's why I have a dog, " Robby says.  And for Dr. Mel, "I have two Chihuahuas who are also camera hogs, so I really can't dis cats."

Schroeder's Cat VS. Shroeder's Dog

Trace  Schroeder's Dog, Tele, watching for the latest casting alerts.  Trace posted this picture on the Facebook site for The Keystroke Killer.
Have you ever heard of Schroeder's Cat?  Well, here's Shcroeder's Dog.   I have to say, that cats may be camera hogs, but dogs are truly a man's best friend.  Just ask Trace Schroeder. "Even my dog Tele is waiting on pins and needles for new Keystroke Killer casting alerts, " Trace says. Here is a picture of his "WATCH DOG."  Trace...does he bark when Dr. Mel's Message arrives? Just asking.


I want to acknowledge our KSK Fan Site members from across the pond.  We have members from all over the world and not just here in the USA.  One of particular is Ian Cai Mercer, who is also a fellow blogger and screenwriter.  We made a connection through this site, talked on Skype, and have been Fan Site Friends ever since.  I really enjoy his blog, and Mr. Sniglet.  If you get a chance, take a peak at Ian's blog.  He frequently discusses the growth of The Keystroke Killer.  His blog line is:  Happy reading.


By Dr. Mel Caudle

Last month a new magazine hit New Orleans with a storm.  Reel Nola Magazine premiered its first print and digital version featuring Treme actor Lance Nichols. Nichols, lives and works in New Orleans and has appeared in numerous television series and films including The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  To read the entire story visit  

In the next edition of Reel Nola Magazine, there will be an article featuring me and some of my work.  This is one of the newest magazines for the New Orleans film and television industry, which focuses on people impacting the industry in New Orleans.  I feel honored to have been chosen to be interviewed.  I'll let you know when it comes out.