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JUNE 21, 2012
Vol. 1  No. 4

By Dr. Mel Caudle

Have you ever had weeks that everything went all wrong?  What about those weeks where everything went right?  I call those the ups and downs of life.  Where would we be without those?  Personally, without the high valleys and the sunken mud holes, living life would be pretty dull.  I value and cherish every moment in life and chalk up what ever happens as making who I am - me.

If your wondering where all of this is coming from, I had a pretty terrific week.  Let me explain. 

Yea! Things went very well in terms of The Keystroke Killer project with Robby and I being able to isolate fantastic talent from of pool of actors who submitted auditions on our Facebook site, The Keystroke Killer Fan Site.  Together, we have spent the last six weeks reviewing every audition submitted on time through Facebook.  At last count, it was 4,489 auditions that average 2.8 minutes each.  Of course some or longer than others.  The amazing fact is that most actors who submitted an audition submitted for more than one role, which accounts for why we have more than twice as many auditions as we do members.  Then there are several hundred actors who submitted more than three or more auditions for multiple characters.  Our highest count was one actor submitted for nine different roles.  Wow!  So, having a plethora of actors to choose from isn't the problem we are facing in the "Dimension War Room," e.g., production meetings; the problem is narrowing the field for callbacks.

I thought this task would be easy because as auditions came through, I immediately started  "Seeing" who I personally felt encapsulated each character.  In fact, on many occasions I supplanted a character's name instead of the actors name when the team discussed their performances in their auditions.  For example, I cannot stop calling Kerry McCormick, Kelly and Billy Mayo, Billy Landlord.  This doesn't mean that these two individuals are getting those roles, but rather, when I viewed their audition I made that connection.  I hope these two and many others will forgive me and my laps in short term memory.

Then, another problem we are facing is the number of talented actors who submitted for Milo Evans, Matthew Raymond, Judas, CNC News Anchor, Dr. Elizabeth Wright, Blaze Angela, and Dr. Garrick Angela.  I honestly didn't think this would be that difficult to pick these roles for callbacks.  Why?  I thought we would only receive a handful of auditions that would meet the standard of performance we were after.  I was wrong.  Yes, mark this down on your calendar the day that Dr. Mel admitted she was wrong.  But, the shear number of great auditions made me eat my words to the other producers.  Our team applauds every actor in these categories making our job in selecting call backs difficult.  This is the type of problem I like to encounter.  Instead of the problem, we don't have much to choose from, we have, "Holy cow, how are we going to choose?"  Let me break it down for you.


Everyone is on pins and needles waiting to find out who gets a call back and who doesn't.  But in the meantime as the producers and casting team work through the 4,000 plus auditions, I am going to highlight some of the behind the scenes moments in our decisions.  The big question is "Who will get what role?" We won't know that until after the call back face-to-face auditions in Los Angeles and New Orleans.  

And, actors you receive a call back who live in New York, Arizona, Georgia, Seattle, Miami, and London, England, don't worry as we will have your call back audition either by Skype or we may travel to you as we love "Road Trips."  I have to go to Atlanta and New York anyway, and I certainly would love to travel abroad back to my old stomping grounds in the UK.  You see, in 1980, I finished up my BA degree at the University of London as a foreign exchange student and lived over there for awhile.  I consider London, my third home away from home.  I know London as well as I know the French Quarter in New Orleans.  Also, I would love to meet Ian Mercer face-to-face as he is not only a fellow blogger, but also is in the process of writing a script or two for an episode of The Keystroke Killer.  To date, we have been conversing by using Skype or chatting online.

The above illustration is from Dr. Mel's book How to Write a Synopsis:  Quick Guidebook for Screenwriters
Available on, Barnes and Noble, and Books A Million

The next question is, "When are call backs?"  I won't have that answer until we have finished making the final call back list.  We are close to being able to make an announcement for the dates and plan on conducting them sometime during the second and third week of July.  So, stay with us. If you are wondering why it is taking so long to make up our minds, the truth of the matter is we will only call back those actors that fits one of the following criteria.
  • Only the online submissions submitted by the deadline will be considered.  Therefore, if an actor failed to follow the uploading casting procedures, didn't submit on time, or only submitted an actor's reel and failed to submit an audition using our sides, will be disqualified from consideration for a call back.
  • For an actor to receive an automatic call back in a role in which they auditioned for they must have received at least four of the six casting team check on the audition review checklist for a call back.  The casting team includes:  Executive Producer (Mark Freehelm), three producers (Dr. Melissa Caudle, Gina Ratcliff, and Betty Singleton), casting director (Vicky Thomas), and the associate producer (Robby Cook Stroud).
  • Some actors will receive an automatic call back in a different role they auditioned for if four of the six team members scored your acting performance high, but you didn't match the physical criteria and/or personification of the role, but you did for a different role so they checked the area on the audition checklist "Call Back in a Different Role." Therefore, instead of not calling back the actor, the team unanimously decided to allow them a shot at auditioning for a different role. We didn't want to overlook a really great actor.
  • Actors who only received three of the six casting team's check in the area of a callback on the rating sheet, will not get an automatic call back.  However, these actor's performance online auditions will be reviewed by the casting director and Dr. Melissa Caudle.  Both Caudle and Thomas must agree that the actor's online performance warrants an opportunity for a face-to-face call back for either the role they auditioned or for a different role that they would be better suited.
  • Actors who only received two of the six casting team's check in the area of a call back will not be called back for a face-to-face audition.  
The decision by the KSK casting team to call back an actor is final in either the role they auditioned for or in a different role. We established our procedure and believe in the process.  No amount of begging will get you anywhere.  If we allow one, we would have to allow everybody.  That is why we established policies, procedures, and routines in the first place.

If you want to review a sample Audition Check List and the criteria the KSK casting team uses to assess your audition, you may view one in last week's blog located in the archive menu on the right. As the creating producer and head screenwriter of The Keystroke Killer, I urge actors who receive a call back to become familiar with the criteria we set on that checklist.  It could make the difference in your face-to-face audition as we will utilize the same checklist for each actor we used for the video auditions.

Lastly, come prepared for your face-to-face audition.  We expect lines to be memorized as this is not considered a "Cold Read."  However, once we see you face-to-face and we decide we want to have you read for a different role in which you were not officially called back for, then you will have the opportunity to review those lines prior to auditioning for that role.

I hope this clears up some things for the call backs.  We are excited about this process and look forward to meeting everyone next month.

Disclaimer:  All characters of The Keystroke Killer are fictional.  Any likeness to a real person is strictly coincidental.  Additionally, all characters were created by Dr. Melissa Caudle and are copyright protected and trademarked.


A strong category for the actors is for our lead antagonist - Matthew Raymond.  There were dozens of outstanding actors who delivered unforgettable auditions. Realization hit us hard as we must recognize that only one actor will get the role.  Who are these guys?  For starters, Beryh Curtis, Evan Boymel, Ace Marrero, David Gizzarelli, Stephen Martin, Jason Burghorn, Nathan Lucas, and Mark Slater.  The performances these guys delivered can only be equaled by the performances of Carl Schreiber, Dedan Donavan, Gary Kauffman, Brandt Binklye, Mike Heenessey, Morgan Jaye Williams, and Jerry Lopez.  The list continues to grow as we could potentially callback over 50 actors in this role alone. 

The competition for the role of Matthew heats up and is strong.  Not only does the actor have to deliver an outstanding performance, he has to fit the physical description for the character found in the script.  For this role as well as the others, it is a two-fold criteria -acting and the actor's physical traits must line up script wise. Again, we will need to witness an unforgettable audition where the casting team and I forget the actor's name and call him "Matthew" by the end of the face-to-face audition.  It will have to be more than the "You nailed it performance."  It will have to be the KSK team having zero doubt that the man who stands before us is Matthew Raymond.  We want to be able to say, "That's Matthew!"  I can't wait for this actor to make me and the other producers believers.  Therefore, "Bring it on!"


The entire plot of The Keystroke Killer centers around two formidable antagonists - Judas and Dr. Garrick Angela.  Matthew has his hands full with these two guys at every corner.  Whoever is cast in either one of these roles will have to give the performance of their life as the competition is fierce in both categories.  

Her Majesty's Royal Theatre in London in 1986
For Judas, the actor will have to deliver a performance first by not saying anything at all. That's right. You are reading this correctly - a silent audition. This criteria gives new meaning to silence is golden. We will be assessing the actor's ability to capture the essence and personification of Judas with his presence and body language followed by the delivery of the dialogue. 

Actors must remember that Judas is a powerful man. He is intelligent and is the scientist behind the Dimension Project. His mere presence makes you shutter. I like to think in terms of when the Phantom enters onto the stage in Andrew Lloyd Weber's Phantom of the Opera. Everyone feels it without the Phantom ever saying a word of dialogue. The Phantom "merely" takes the stage, and we can feel his breath down our necks.

I'll never forget the first time I went to see Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightmen's performances in London at Her Royal Majesty Theatre. I was on vacation with Mike, my husband. When Crawford came onto the stage as the Phantom, I'd reach over and grab my husband and squeeze his leg at the anticipation of what the Phantom was about to do. I'd hold my breath and get chills with Crawford's every movement long before he ever said his first word in the scene. By the end I had tears rolling down my face and I was in awe of the production and the performance of both Crawford and Brightmen. Needless to say I am a Phantom fan.  In fact, I am so much of a fan that I have seen this production at least 28 times all over the world. In my travels, any time I came across the production, I buy a ticket and attend.  I saw it first in London, followed by New York, Sydney Australia, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Singapore, New Orleans, Atlanta etc. I found this performance on YouTube of Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman.  Watch it as Crawford performs from the top of his head to his toes.  His hand movements and presence are incredible not only when he sings, but when he simply stands there.  Everything he does is intense. He never gets out of character and captures your attention.

You get the message loud and clear - the Phantom has my attention and has captivated me. This is exactly the same feeling the KSK casting team wants from the actor who will ultimately bring Judas to life in The Keystroke Killer. I'm looking for my Phantom. So, bring it on "Da Boyz."


The original "Bad Guy" in the short film
The Keystroke Killer
In the area of Milo Evans the KSK casting team faces the dilemma that several actors who portrayed Milo to perfection submitted online auditions.  How can we forget the performances of Timothy Wyant, Chris Swirles, Challa Sabree, Trace Schroeder, John Wesley Cooley, Casey Groves, and Allen Merritt? In this role, seven outstanding actors, with seven unique portrayals, who send chills up your spine. If I had to cast this role today, I would lose sleep because we have so many outstanding choices up for consideration. I get chills and shutter at just thinking about having to pick only one from these actors, not to mention there are at least 20 others who will be selected for callbacks that the other producers and casting director feel strongly about.  We can't cast all of them. We are faced with reality that only one of 27 will be cast as Milo Evans.  

I honestly didn't think that it would be this difficult. I guess the defining moment will come after the face-to-face auditions in New Orleans and Los Angeles.  Whoever captures us in the defining moment and delivers the unforgettable "Goose Bump" chilling performance will get the Milo Evans role. We are looking for the performance of a lifetime that will excel Sir Anthony Hopkin's portrayal of Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lamb. We will find our Milo Evans and I have a feeling this character will go down in television history as an iconic figure we won't ever forget.


And speaking of "Da Boyz," have you watched their Chippendale performance that Jack Curenton put together for my husband's and my 29th wedding anniversary?  It is so funny, that now every time I get stressed, I watch it.  Thanks Jack and the rest of Da Boyz for this wonderful surprise on my anniversary.  Just in case you missed it, I put it here for you. Just click on the link below.
Video and Picture
by Jack E. Curenton
Anyone know who the five guys featured above are???


Now that you have had a great laugh, I'll discuss the actors who submitted for Dr. Garrick Angela - the second antagonist. Without Dr. Garrick Angela there would be no Dimension Project. While Judas invented the Dimension Project, it was Dr. Angela who financed the research and holds the copyright and trademark. Judas worked for him. So, when Dimension took off, it was Dr. Angela who made all the money leaving Judas in the dust. This relationship automatically sets up the conflict between the two.  

Dr. Garrick Angela is the type of man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means killing someone who stands in his way.  He is smart and has the demeanor that demands your attention.  He has uncertain power because of his money and the secrets he holds above people's heads.  He controls the Internet through Dimension which replaces Google in 2024.  That is not a typo as this sci fi psychological thriller takes place in the future in 2052.   You don't want to take on Garrick, you'll lose.  With that said, the actor who portrays him will have to not only look powerful, but perform a powerful face-to-face call back audition.  In other words, we won't be able to say "No."  Strong candidates in this role includes Robert Fleet, Jack E. Curenton, John Henry Richardson, Julian Grant, Max Thayer, Ellery Truesdell, Doc Divecchio, Rob Steinberg and a dozen more.

The Dimension Screen from the original short film The Keystroke Killer.  Be sure to notice the copyright date of 2038 as the television series is set in 2052.  The series, as was the short film, is a psychological thriller.  Think in terms -
"Criminal Minds meets Dexter in the Fringe Division."

In next weeks blog I'll discuss the strong performances presented by the women for the roles of Dr. Elizabeth Wright, Janice Thompson, Blaze, Marge Greenberg, Meagan Montgomery, and others. And, in two weeks I'll discuss the roles where we are battling over whether a man or a woman gets the role such as Robby Ziegar, CNC News Anchor, Professor Faust, Landlord. Thereafter, I'll discuss Peterson and Jones followed by specialty roles of Ima Starr, the Stripper or Belly Dancer, and the Gunman. So stayed tuned to Dr. Mel's Message, as casting continues to develop in my Behind the Scenes discussion. Then one day you will be reading in the blog, who was cast. 

Picture from the book How to Write a Logline:  Quick Guidebook for Screenwriters by Dr. Melissa Caudle
Available on, Barnes & Noble and Books A Million

This week I also was "fortunate" enough to have my computer crash again. Ouch!  But, as my mother always says, "Make lemonade from the lemons you get thrown in your lap," that is exactly what I did. After the big crash, no one could talk to me. Robby would call and I'd be yelling at her for no reason. Not really yelling at her, but she could sense my frustration. To make matters worse, I just spent about three days of work editing a the first episode for a new reality show I have been filming. I like to layout the flow of the show, then turn it over to the editors who bring in the magic with sound effects, titling, transitions etc. You guessed it!  I lost all of the work as the external hard drive consistently showed a hard disc error. Over 300 hours of footage lost. In other words, the entire season of the reality show.  Thus, my frustration and ultimate madness. 

Then to my rescue - the Guru Team. I have never met my Guru Team. It is a service that I subscribe that fixes your computer remotely. Everything they fix. So, I pressed my desktop emergency button to remotely connect with them avoiding at all cost hitting the "Judas Delete Key." Twelve hours later, they were still working on my computer. I fell asleep in my desk chair waiting and watching everything they did to computer. Finally, at 2:00 A.M., I received a phone call from the Guru Team informing me they fixed my computer and needed for me to attach the external hard drive that caused the crash in the first place. This was a scary moment. However, to my amazement, they were able to recover all of my data.

Since I already was connected to them, I asked if they could take a look at another external hard drive that crashed over three years ago. Yes, it had crashed. So, I attached it and two more hours later, they had recovered all of that data. The good news is that three of my documentaries were on there that I thought were lost forever. A sigh of relief overtook my body. So, like I said in the beginning of the blog, this has been a good week.

By Dr. Mel Caudle

This year is a good year for me and my production company and I have six months to go. Not only am I producing The Keystroke Killer, I am producing three reality shows, and one web-series called 40 and Leroy:  Crazy in New York. However, with the amount of time Robby and I have spent on reviewing the auditions tapes for The Keystroke Killer, I haven't really kept ya'll in the loop on my other projects. So here it goes!

40 & LEROY
Created and Directed by Reed McCants
Executive Producers - Neema Barnett, Melissa Caudle

The web-series, 40 and Leroy is funnier than ever as the guys are getting into more trouble daily. A new character is about to be introduced, "Sevan," portrayed by KSK member Jamie Alyson. You'll have to watch the series to find out what she does. And, out of support subscribe to the series for me while your there. You will be provided with pure comedy free entertainment.

I also would like to share that I'm not the only one excited about 40 & Leroy. Not only is our director, Reed McCants, getting accolades, but the entire series and crew is as well. All  of the folks who help make the 40 and Leroy Crazy In New York Web Series possible are feeling like singing that song from The Jeffersons because we’re moving “On up” in the ranks!  

Recently, we received a fantastic review from Place Vine Studios, a premier website and blog that focuses on reviewing web Series and YouTube videos as well as branded entertainment. Our web series received a four star rating and a steller review. Check at the article below. This is what the review said.

40 and Leroy:  the borthers hit their marx

by Will Viharo


"40 and Leroy is an original comedy web series that is both cutting edge contemporary and refreshingly retro – totally new in execution, but completely old-fashioned conceptually. As stated on their site, the dynamically dumbass duo that dub themselves 40 and Leroy are intentionally hearkening back to the halcyon vaudeville/comedy team era of Abbott and Costello, Martin & Lewis, and Amos & Andy (though their urban sensibilities remind me most of The Bowery Boys), mixed with the modern hipness of Seinfeld and Constanza (or more pointedly, Cheech and Chong), and in fact the show is completely improvised a la Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, my favorite sitcom of all time. But none of this historically correct riffing would be impressive if the dudes weren’t actually funny. Fortunately, they are. They boast all the elements that mark the great ones – smooth timing, natural rapport, and a seeming endless source of material, mining hit-or-miss laughs from both everyday escapades and traditionally touchy topics (their latest antics revolve around the Occupy Wall Street movement). Naturally they’re a bit rough around the edges at this stage, but then the East Side Kids were rough ‘n’ edgy for their time, too."

Snapshot of Placevine Studios Blog Site

Created by Dr. Mel Caudle and Kevin Beach
Produced by On the Lot Productions and Montgomery Jones Productions
Producer:  Dr. Melissa Caudle
Director:  Dr. Melissa Caudle

The first reality show, Reel Um In, featuring Kevin Beach, we are sorting through about 120 hours of film and digesting the material for the sizzle reel to take to A&E and the Discovery Channel. The footage, shot by Tim Fanguy, of Adrenaline Broadcasting out of New Orleans is breathtaking. This show takes us on the journey of deep sea fishing in the gulf as Captain Beach takes out groups each week for their "Dream Catch" in the open seas.  "Captain Kev," as he likes to be called, is a character on his own. He really doesn't need the added guest stars each week. However, it does make for some great fun as we watch people catch their first sword fish or shark and get to watch dolphins come out and play.  This is a show where I can say, "Sunscreen needed."

The most amazing footage captured is of a baby whale, although the momma wasn't too keen on us getting so close to her baby. It really is some exciting stuff that I can't wait to show A&E and the Discovery Channel. If you ever come to New Orleans and want an experience of a lifetime, charter a fishing trip with Captain Kev and explore the open seas. It will be one of your highlights to your trip to our great state of Louisiana. And, who knows, you could end up as a guest spot on our reality show.  For more information visit And if your down that way, tell him Dr. Mel sent you.

This isn't my first rodeo with either A & E or the Discovery Channel so getting into the door is a lot easier than it used to be. I previously worked on the reality show The Little Couple and made great connections through them.  I also made great connections with other television channels after being a production coordinator of the reality show Girls Next Door that features the three playmates.

Created by Justin Bates
Production Company:  On the Lot Productions in association with Montogomery Jones
Producers:  Dallas Montgomery and Dr. Melissa Caudle

The next reality show is The River Kings, created by Justin Bates. I am producing this reality show in association with Montgomery Jones Productions. This shows follows a tugboat crew up the Mississippi River as they deliver dangerous cargo to their destination. We have shot the sizzle real and have taken the next step by presenting it to the network.  We are waiting on "Pins and Needles," for the greenlight from the network to begin the first 13 episodes.

Created by Dustin Weeks
Executive Producer:  Dr. Melissa Caudle
Director/Producer:  Dustin Weeks


The third reality show is That's Game created by Dustin Weeks. This reality show follows one of the largest paintball company and its employees as they put together a tournament.  Several episodes have been filmed.  Take a look at the following introduction of the cast of That's Game.  


Both That's Game and The River King creators used my book The Reality of Reality TV:  Reality Show Business Plans to format their shows.  The book is the most comprehensive book available on how to create a reality show and develop a reality show business plan.  A reality show business plan is different in many ways from a business plan to sell or option a screenplay.  This book explains the differences and offers you a step-by-step guide to developing a reality show and the business plan.  Get your copy today to formalize your reality show into a sell-able format.  This is the industry standard that Hollywood Insiders refer reality show creators to when their plan don't meet their expectations. Available on, Barnes & Noble, and Books A Million.

Do you have a reality show idea?  Do you need to write a business plan to sell your reality show but don't know how?
The answers can be found in the only book of its kind on creating reality shows by Dr. Melissa Caudle
The Reality of Reality TV:  Reality Show Business Plans

by Carlton Enoch

In the last couple of weeks I have spotlighted comments that KSK members have posted on our Facebook site The Keystroke Killer Fan Site.  This week is no different; however, it takes on a little twist.  Carlton Enoch, who auditioned for a role in The Keystroke Killer, is also a producer.  He posted the following on our site in reference to storytelling.  I thought it was so good, I'm sharing it with everyone.

One way of telling an elevator story that's easy to remember and simple to 

perform is the "Screenplay method."

Its unique name derives from the fact that any good story or a movie, play or 

book generally has four key elements.

1.  Stage setting: What's the situation at the start?

2.  Conflict: What problems do the characters face?

3. Resolution: How is the conflict or problem resolved?

4. Outcome: How is life different as a result?

For example, in the film Saving Private Ryan, the stage setting is France 

during the Allied invasion of Europe. 

James Ryan, newly parachuted into combat, has just lost all three of his 

brothers. Government policy dictates that he return home, so a small platoon

is assembled to find him (conflict).

Ultimately, the soldiers locate Private Ryan and save him (resolution).  

However, all but one member of the platoon is killed in the attempt 


The greatest benefit from conceiving an effective elevator story is making your 

business story more memorable.

Think of your favorite movies, the ones you remember years later. Almost 

without exception, they are films that have a great story.

America's most prominent film critic, Roger Ebert, noted the ability of an 

effective movie storyline to imprint in your mind: "If the movie is a good one, 

you allow yourself to be absorbed in its fantasy, and its dream become part of 

your memories."

Thank you Carlton, I couldn't have written it any better.

By Dr. Mel Caudle

Each week I like to point out to my readers certain music groups and individuals who I believe are talented.  This week I am showcasing one of New Orleans favorites Vince Vance.  If you have never heard of him, you probably have heard at least one of his songs he wrote and performed called All I Want for Christmas is You.  This song has become a national treasure that plays on radio stations worldwide at Christmas.  No!  I'm not going to have you listen to a Christmas song in June.  I'll save that for December's blog posting.  However, The song I am sharing highlights the city of New Orleans called I am New Orleans.  Here it is.  Please enjoy.

Another New Orleans favorite is Gypsy Elise and the Royal Blues.  I first met Elise last year when I went on a cruise with my mother.  We made an instant connection and are best friends now.  Her music inspires my soul and I often listen to her while I am writing.  Here is one of my favorites that she performs.  If you like this style of music, please visit her website.  She has several albums that you can purchase.  

Please don't forget to support the Home Grown fest.  Show some love for musicians and artists.

One more musician I have to point out is Omar Torrez Band.  I first came across Omar while he and his group were playing in the lobby of The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.  I was staying at the hotel and each night after long meetings etc., I'd go to the bar and have a drink.  He was playing and I soon found myself having meetings in the bar just so I could listen to his music.  He wrote one song, We All Know, that inspired me for The Keystroke Killer.  I knew I had to have that song.  I hunted him down, found his manager, and to my delight, they want in.  YEA!  

Anyway, I just want to give you a taste of his music.  I found the following song, Dog Heart on YouTube to show you his style and why I was mesmerized.  If you want to listen to the song, We All Know, go to his website.  You can also purchase his albums from his website.

You have gotta love local musicians who play with their heart and soul like Gypsy Elise and Omar Torrez.  I am always looking for new musicians to support.  If you have a band and a video you would like for me to see, let me know.

Ten Rules for Auditions
By Robby Cook Stroud

There is one thing I have to get off my mind after spending countless hours watching auditions for The Keystroke Killer - follow directions.  I can't begin to impress how important following directions from producers and casting directors are for the actor.  Why?  Simply put, those that don't or can't follow directions during the casting process, makes us wonder whether you can follow directions on a film set. 

I don't want to be rude, but demonstrating this ability could mean the difference of you getting the role you auditioned for or being passed over. I know this may sound crazy, but it's not.  As Jack E. Curenton, a KSK member, boldly posted on the KSK Fan Site, under an area Dr. Mel started on auditioning tips, he wrote, "Don't piss off the CD!"  It never rang so true with me until this process began and I found myself answering the same question hundreds of times.  However, most prominent, was how numerous actors didn't follow the initial directions that Dr. Mel provided to actors in the first place.

Anytime a producer or casting director provides directions you must read them.  Read them first and memorize the information prior to ever submitting your audition.  Remember, they wouldn't put the directions there if it wasn't important.  For example, the written directions in posting the video auditions clearly stated that if the actor chose to keep their video audition private, they could.  We recognized that not every actor wanted others to see them.  Why, we'll never really understand because a goal of an actor is to act and be seen.  However, hundreds of auditions that were submitted by actors as private viewing failed to follow the directions to add KEYSTROKEKILLERFILM as being able to view it.  Therefore, the failure to follow directions precluded the team's ability to view them. I personally spent time commenting on each audition to add the tag.  We shouldn't have to spend countless hours repeating this and other important directions for us to be able to see you.  

Another area I saw, that also, falls into the area of not following directions, is not slating.  Always slate so the casting director can find you.  If they can't find you, they can't cast you.

Following directions is that important.  The acting community is a very competitive market.  Hundreds of actors audition daily for a role and only one will be chosen.  Don't limit your chance of landing a role by not following directions.  In other words, don't shoot yourself in the foot.  Give yourself that extra boost by simply following the directions.

Listed below are some other tips for you to consider when auditioning.

1. Follow directions always.
2. Always slate and provide your agent's or manager's contact information.
3. Don't piss off the CDs.
4. Don't contact the casting director directly unless they invite you to. (Dr. Mel and I are not casting directors, we are the Producer and Associate Producer, that is why we interact with actors; however, ON OTHER AUDITIONS DON'T CALL THE CD UNLESS YOU ARE ASKED).
5. Always act through the entire scene (sides given).  They wouldn't have included them if they weren't important.
6. Use a reader when you can for the other part.  If one isn't available, find an alternative method such as recording yourself with the other lines, putting someone on a phone call and use the speaker phone, or Skype with someone so they can read with you.
7. Remember, to always focus on yourself in the audition and not the reader.
8. Make sure your dialogue can be heard.
9. Wear appropriate clothing, not a busy pattern, for the role in which you are seeking that shows off your physical physique.
10. If you don't understand what to do, refer to rule number one.


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Everyone, please remember these are some of Dr. Mel’s top picks and not all It is a growing list.  It also isn’t a callback list either.  YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED OFFICIALLY THROUGH AN E-MAIL.

Matthew: Geryh Curtis, Evan Boymel, Ace Marrero (although he submitted for Alex), Stephen Martin, Jason Burghorn, Steven Carl Griffin, Nathan Lucas, Jason Tobias, Jamal Kazak, Trace Schroeder (although he auditioned for Milo), Chris Waters, David Adolpho Gizzarelli,), Carl Schreiber, Mark Slater, Dedan Donavan, Gary Kauffman,  Jack Fry, Brandt Binkley (although he auditioned for Dr. Frank Franklin), Kenneth Sears, Mike Hennessey, Mrogan Jaye Williams, Dean Gaffari, Erik Nielsen, Eric Sharp, Roger Molina, Terry Hemphill, Marcus Freemont, Jeffery Taylor, Malcom Stringhill, Paul Edwards Malcom, Henry Jonathan Franks, Anson Mount,

BLAZE – Gwonwyn De Beer, Tera Garnett, Vanessa Ross, Katelyn Causey, Diane Lombardi, , Jamie Alyson, Bethany Regan, Lila Evans, Ashley Ann Alvarado, Annelise King, Chantelle Albers, Kaite Rotolo, Melinda Miller, Jessica Edwards, Cheryl Casey, Francis Peters, Sarah Whitman, Kelly Pierce Morris, Britney Daniels, Katherine Phillips

Dr. Garrick Angela:  Robert Fleet, Rob Steinberg (although he audtioned for Alex, I moved him over), Stuart McClay Smith, Julian Grant, John Henry Richardson, Ellery Truesdell, Doc Divecchio, Max Thayer (although he auditioned for Congressman Thompson), Jack E. Curenton, John Henry Richardson, Julian Grant, Joseph Steven (although he auditioned for Robby Z), John Taylor Andrews, David Castleberry, George Harringtion III, Frederick Smyth, Patrick Miller,

Judas:  Challa Sabre, Jack E Curenton, Chip Carriere, Trace Schroeder, Craig Jeffcoat, John Percy Antonio Chavez, Rob Patterson, David Castleberry, Jonathan Myers, Gregory Michael Anderson, 

Milo Evans:  Chris Swirles, Trace Schroeder, Challa Sabree, Timothy Wyant, John Wesley Cooley (listed under Leah Monnette), Casey Groves, Allen Merritt, Jeff Grey, Nathan J. Andrews, Gary Michael Smith, Jeffery R Taylor,

Landlord:  DH Lewis, Jill Lachman, Billy Mayo, James Eakle, Marlynne Frierson- Cooley, Alice Finchum Bowden, John Cacey, Drew Franklin, Andrew Thibodeuax, Dewey Gordon, Jacob Brighton,

Professor Faust -  Kristen Stewart, Erich Klain, Ron Elliot, Everett Booth, Erich Klain, Merry Jo Cortada Pitasi, Bill Srkisian (although he auditioned for Dr. Garrick Angela), Mary Anne Fleming, Rhys Corio,

Fortune Teller – Gypsy Elise

Ima Starr:  Ava St. Claire, Gino Galento, Aaron Groben, Kenneth Sears, Derrick Barry, Jefferey Roberson (AKA Varla Jean Merman), Dusty Feathers, Pillow Talkin Rose, 

Congressman Thompson:  Justin Little (although he auditioned for Matthew), Vic Harris, Rich Rubin (although he auditions for Snead), Douglas Olsen, James McCoy, Mike Tuttle @ culinarycasanove, Ronnie Powell (although he auditioned for Garrick), Stephen Rue,

Janice Thompson Bennette: Summer E. Sinclair, M. Daniela Torchia, Christopher Callen, Jennifer Rosario, Katie O’Hagan, Jacqueline Murphy, Gina Lee Gallareto, Mary Laina, Toni Youngblood (although she auditioned for CNC News Anchor), Robyn Hyden, Marcia French (although she auditioned for Robby Zieagar), Veera Mahajan, HEATHER De Sisto,

Peterson:  Darius Green, Jesus Ruiz, Phillip M Polite, Bryan Theodore, Carlton Enoch, Alphonse Philippe Mouzon, Aarron Spivey Sorrells, Verolga Leilani (although she auditioned for Dr. E. Wright), Jeffrey Grays (although he auditioned for Milo), Challa Sabre (although he auditioned for Judas), Alphonse Philippe Mouzon, David Kieth, Kris Gordon,

Jones:  Bobbie Lee, Raven Lexy (although she auditioned for Janice Thompson), Joseph McRae (although he auditioned for Matthew), Isaac Depeyer (although he auditioned for Matthew), David Castro, Scarlette Martin, Will Rian (although he auditioned for Milo Evans), Karen Weza (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Silvia Moore,  

George Newland: Gage Maverik, Seth Oserin (although he auditioned for Dr. Garrick), Vito Viscuso, Patrick McHale, Julian Hernandez,

Rebecca Morrison:  Amanda Chism, Karen Weza (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Lydia DeSouza de Medeiros (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Jana Bozeman (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Colleen Parker (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Jessica Galinas (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Desiree Burgess

Robert Mendoza – Rudy Garza,

Kelly Stratford:  Alexa James, Kerry McCormick, Janab Davis, Breeze Marie,

Meagan Montgomery:  Nathalie Tedrick, Ilana Kitover, Meagan Pallares, Jennifer Peyton McDavitt, Hannah Bickham (although she auditioned for Blaze), Julie Wions, Glenn Ellen Anderson, Desiree Burgess, Kincaid Walker, Patty Miller,

Mag:  Tera Garrett, Savannah Schoenecker (although she auditioned for Meagan M.), Jennifer peyton McDavitt (although she auditioned for Meagan M.), Christian Drerup, Veronica Kelly, Caley Hayes, Brooke Coleman, Morgan Dickerson, Patty Miller, Marie Rousso,

Gunman 1:  Bobbie Lee, Mark Naji, Nico Falls, Steven Carl Griffin, Jeff Grays, Armando DuBon Jr., Jason L. Davis, 

Gunman 2:  Cali Muscle (although he auditioned for Milo), Jason Davis, Paul Vinson (although he auditioned for Milo),

Robby Ziegar:  Ron Elliot, Kenan Heppe,  Richard McKenzie Alistair, Anthony Castillo, Raquel Elizabeth Ames, Nancy DeBoe, Don Ronaldo, John Robert Macey III (although he auditioned for Faust), Joseph Steven, Brittany Samson, Blanca Avalos, Kidrowski Koppe, m Daniel Torchia, Sean Mount, Catherine Kirkland Burkeens, Bonnie Jane Levinson, Tierra Peters, Veronique Ledoux, Lisa Martel, Stephanie V. Williams, Stephanie Skinner (posted by Sher Myers), D. Lawson

Jenni - Aisha Alese, Sage Kairi, Cristy Joy, Judy Vasquez, Arona Spader (although she auditioned for Robby Z.), Rachel Amanda Bryant, Danielle Cohen (although she auditioned for Blaze), Alix Maria, Katy Dolle (although she auditioned for Meagan M.), Raychelle McDonald (although she submitted for three other roles), Natalie Sharp, Adelaide Lawren, Natalie Sharp, Rimarria Appling,

Marge:  Linda Johnson, Carol Ann Scruggs, DH Lewis, Stevie Lorentzen (although she auditioned for the astrologer), Lilyn Anna (although she auditioned for Flores and Stephanie), Alice Finchum Bowden (although she audtioned for the Landlord), Lora Severn (although she auditioned for the astrologer), Phebe Bohart (although she auditioned for the astrologer),  

Kyle Flores - Bonnie Jane Levinson, Unique Moneek, Amanda Reed, Katelyn Gault,

Alex: Tim Oman (posted by TJ MYERS), Michael Villar, Prince Moore, Johnny Rock, Carl Schwaber (although he auditioned for Flores and Milo), Estaire Godinez,  Rhoads Osbourne (although he auditioned for Milo), Kent Gallegos,  

Dr. Elizabeth Wright:  Marcia French, Katie O'Hagan, Tina D. Rubin, Kelly Lynn,Jennifer Rosario, Jacqueline Murphy, Hutchi Hancock, Julia Lynn Tockar (posted by Jesus Ruiz),Mary Laina, Rachel Whitman Groves, Nancy Beverly, Robin Lynn Rodney, Maura Lanahan, Jana Bozeman, Kelly Lynn Gitter, Leann Van Mol-Swisher,

Snead:  William T Ensley, Victor DeLucie, Stephen Beal, Billy Mayo (although he audtioned for Landlord), Robert Leh, Tim Bob ThuderHorse Halpin (although he auditioned for Matthew),

Hammer:  M Gerard Pavuk, Gary Kauffman (listed under Carlton Enoch who filmed it),

Lorenzo - Kennedy Moronta, Jash Salazar, Jamal Kazak (although he auditioned for Matthew), Ganno Nickell,

CNC Anchor:  Ellery Truesdell, Graham Clarke, Clmesha McDaniel, Bill Pryor, Climesha McDaniel, Seth Oserin (although he auditioned for Dr. Garrick Angela), Toni Youngblood, Vito Viscuso, Kelly Lynn Gitter, Tanya Anticevic, Patricia Nangkal,

911 Operator Clarissa Guerro,

Malcom: Giovanni Suriano, Nirav Bhakta (although his audition was for Robby Ziegar), Joel Cole, David Dickerson (although he auditioned for Robby Ziegar), Puneet Prasad, Sully Chaudhry (although he auditioned for Gunman), 

News Director:  Stephanie Skinner (posted by Sher Myers (CNC), Ellery Truesdell, Rimarria Appling (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), James McCoy, Jose Solorio,

Astrologer:  Marcy Toschi, Jennie Floyd, Suzanne Stephens Breitenbach, Ava St. Claire, Katy Wolfe, Melinda Lee, Sandey Lock, Barabara Goodson (although she auditioned for landlord), Phyllis Chafe Comoletti, Nakja Hoyer-Booth, Bernadette Bonfiglio, Katarina Rose Fabic, Leann Van Mol, Vera Petrychenka, Susan Nash, Melinda Lee,

Dr. Frank Franklin:  Jason Flowers (audition is for Milo), Shobhit Agarwal (although he auditioned for George Newland), Claudine Claudio (female Dr. Franklin consider although she auditioned for Dr. Elizabeth Wright), Gage Maverick, Erick Klain (although he auditioned for Professor Faust), Diana Marzigliano (although she submitted for Janice T.), J. Patrick Wise (although he auditioned for Robby Ziegar), Michael Briggs, Anthony Castillo, Vicki Jo Costanzo, Christoph Dostal, Wanda Leigh,

Stephanie Winfield:  Madeline DeCourcey, Wanda Leigh, Leslie Gangl Howe, Diana Marzigliano, 

Cameraman -  Aaron Gorben,

Waitress - Susie Labry, Elizabeth Carder, Jen Starr, Margaret Gholston, Eugenia Care,

BODY GUARD - Prince Moore, James Eakle (although he auditioned for the Landlord) 

Mrs. Garrick Angela - Katt Shea (although she auditioned for the Landlord), Claire Ward Murphy (although she auditioned for the astrologer), Merry Jo Cortada Pitasi (although she auditioned for astrologer), Melinda Lee,

Tracy – Noreen Theriot,

*Foreign Correspondant – Verologa Leilani, Helene Cardona (will have to open this role up in the second round), Milena Gardasevic (although she auditioned for Jenni.)


The original poster for the short film The Keystroke Killer

Dr. Mel Caudle being interviewed by Havala Malone

Dr. Mel Caudle as a Forensic Medical Specialist in her film Dark Blue she co-produced with David C. Kirtland

Dr. Mel Caudle with Camera A and Camera B on the Set of Dark Blue.

by Dr. Melissa Caudle

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