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JUNE 14, 2012
Volume 1, Number 3


In today's blog I tell it like it is on some of my thoughts and feelings about the online audition process as well as spotlight outstanding performances for The Keystroke Killer auditions.  

Also, I include on The Actor's Slate page an article from Christian Stokes, acting coach, on nailing an audition, and from Robby Stroud, tips on submitting auditions.  

For producers and directors, on The Back Lot page, I provide some tips on creating Foley sound effects for the independent Foley sound editor, so be sure to check that out.  

I also begin this blog by getting a couple of things off my mind.

Have a great day.  "See you on a set in the future."  

By Dr. Mel Caudle

I've been called a lot of things in my life, but up until last week I have never been called a "Wannabe writer."  Wow!  But, that is exactly what happened when a "Hater" entered into The Keystroke Killer Fan Site on Facebook in a feeble attempt to discredit my name and my project by calling me as such.  This moment took me back to watching the segment, Really, with Amy Pohler and Seth Myers during Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live.  At the very moment of reading this accusation, I thought, Really!  Is this person serious?

Really!  Do you not understand the definition of a writer?

Really!  Is that person really that stupid to call me that without knowing the facts?

Really!  Doesn't he know that I have published dozens of things between my articles and books.  This doesn't even include Dr. Mel's Message.


Seriously, I laughed until I cried when I read that accusation.  Why?  Anyone with any amount of intelligence need only Google my name to discover:

  1. The collection of national and international magazine articles I have written and published in both education and film production magazines, 
  2. I was a paid journalist for several newspapers during the time I was displaced from my home after Hurricane Katrina, with credit as the author to dozens of articles, and 
  3. The more than dozen books I have written and published for education and for film production and screenwriting.

So, if the aforementioned publications and books makes me a "Wannabe" writer, one who pretends to do something, I guess I am and I am highly mistaken at what it takes to be considered a "Bona fide" writer, one with proof of having achieved an activity, claim to fame, or with documentation to prove legitimacy.  It's hard to deny the physical evidence of published magazine and newspaper articles, not to mention my books to credit my name as an author and writer. Really!  Me, Dr. Mel a "Wannabe?"

I also was accused of being a poor screenwriter.  Well, there is no defense there.  That's a matter of opinion.  I have written 15 screenplays. You either like what I write in my screenplays or you don't. Several of them have been optioned, several are up for option, and I produced and directed the short film version of The Keystroke Killer.  

I beg to question how anyone can make a determination of me being a poor screenwriter and never read my screenplays.  That is like saying you don't like apple pie although you never took a single bite.  And, if this person was making the assessment from reading the sides I posted for The Keystroke Killer, they were taken from 13 different episodes, so if it doesn't seem like it follows a story or a single thought, I can believe that.  But to say I can't write and never once have read an entire screenplay, out of the 15 I have written, is ridiculous. Really!

Next, I guess my books will be attacked without the benefit of reading them as well.  You don't really want me to go there.

Lastly, after one of my short films I wrote went viral, having received more than 1 million hits, I decided to do The Keystroke Killer short that went viral too.  Somebody out there in viral land has to have liked them.  And, why would I be able to get funding and not ask for money on Kickstarter or Indiegogo for The Keystroke Killer?   I'm just asking if I'm a bad screenwriter? 

Don't get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with soliciting funds through Kickstarter or on the other fundraising site Indiegogo.  In fact, I have done it.  I just didn't need to for The Keystroke Killer because someone, with money, thought the script, plot, and characters were fantastic and very well written.  Additionally, I frequently visit those sites and contribute financially to projects.  I don't limit myself to only short films as I have helped to finance a web-series, music videos, documentary films, feature films, musicians, and charities.  One need only to check the facts to discover this.


Anyone ever heard of Syd Field?  He in my opinion is one of the best-selling authors on writing and developing screenplays that ever lived.  Look up his IMDB.  I feel I am in very good company with Field having few, if not much listed on his IMDB nor on mine either.  If you are wondering where this is all coming from; oh yes, I was accused of publishing books on screenwriting without having an IMDB credit as a screenwriter for any film.  

Guess what?  Neither does Syd Field.  He does have credit as a writer for one television series back in the 1960s.  Sound familiar?  One television series.  That will be me once I finish The Keystroke Killer television series.  And, oh, Field also has one producer credit.  I do have more than that.

Don't get me wrong again by thinking I am comparing myself to the level of Syd Field.  I'm not.  I only use him as an example that you can be the best and at the top of your game without having IMDB credit as Field is one of my idols.  Syd Field certainly was and still is respected today for his books on writing screenplays without his IMDB credits for a major feature film.  I dare anyone to call him a "Wannabe."  I can work hard and dream to even come close to him one day.  In hindsight, I guess I am a "Wannabe" Syd Field groupie.

This brings me to another colleague - Blake Snyder, well-known author for screenwriting with his Save the Cat screenwriting book.  I read his book and absolutely loved and learned from it.  But, anyone ever check out his IMDB?  

Snyder only has three titles for writer, and one executive producer credit.  I know he has done more than that.  In fact, he is probably one of Hollywood's most prestigious spec screenwriters that lived.  So, what happened to his IMDB credits?  Where are they?  And, do we dismiss his greatness because his IMDB credit listing isn't a mile long?  I know I don't.  I have too much respect for him.  

However, there are individuals who are attacking me and my IMDB listing and the fact that I have not listed The Keystroke Killer on IMDB.  Well guess what - I'm not going to either until we are near the end of production so that my entire cast and crew can be listed.  I'm not going to work double-time.  In fact, I have worked on numerous films as a production coordinator where the IMDB listing didn't happen until the end of production during the final wrap week or during editing.  I know this for a fact, because I did them for the production company.  So, this is a mute point.

Now for the attack that I don't have much in the way of production. I have never hid the fact that I started out in this business as a background actor in 2001. I'm proud of that. Additionally, I have never hid the fact that I didn't start producing until 2005.  I'm proud of that too. However, I was producing for a television station new shows and dozens of television commercials that as their employee they received credit.  Rightfully so too.  I was their employee. I worked for them. I still was a producer and my production company wasn't the company that did the producing. 

It wasn't until later in 2007 that I stepped out on my own and started producing documentary films and in 2010 creating and producing my reality shows, followed by three independent films with my colleagues after years of working on other people's projects and films.  Thus, the credits you will find on IMDB.  I am a newbie television series producer.  I'm not ashamed of that.  I take pride in the fact that I can make the transition in a few years and it didn't take me 28 years to do it.  I already retired from one successful career, only to start another.    

Like the comment I wrote on The Keystroke Killer Fan Site, "I have never failed at anything I have ever attempted to do."  I have a history of being successful in my first occupation as a high school principal having received the Regional Principal of the Year Award, and Jefferson Parish High School Principal of the Year Award.  As an author having written my first book in the 7th grade and my books having been translated into five languages and selling world-wide, my achievements should speak for themselves. I also received numerous commendations from Louisiana Department of Justice and our state's Senate for my work with juvenile delinquents.  I'm not tooting my own horn here, but merely pointing out, what I set out to do, I achieve.  

It is much like some research I did years ago about millionaires who lost their entire fortune only to become millionaires again. What that boiled down to was the fact, once you do it the first time, success breeds success. Success is a mind-set that is accompanied with setting and achieving goals. And, no matter what in life you choose as your career path, simply do your best and you will be the best. So, if there is one thing I can pin point that I am good at, it is setting and achieving my goals.    

Whew!  I'm glad I got all of this off my mind and now onto the pages of my blog.  Thank you for letting me rant.  Oh yea.  It's my blog and I can rant if I want too!


I love watching short films and web-series made by others.  To quote my  the character I created, Meagan Montgomery, “I consider it my civic duty.”  And, every once in awhile I come across some really good stuff submitted by our KSK members.  Check out these.

One of the KSK members let me know of a new summer web series coming called In Reverie.  The trailer looks fantastic.  The series is about Paisley, a young girl, who goes in and out of reveries, a constant state of daydreaming.  It’s the last two weeks of high school and she is still trying to figure out where she belongs.  Her group of friends all seem to be going through changes and obstacles as they all get ready t take the next step in their lives.  But through her tangled web of reveries, it is hard to tell what is real and what is not.  

Subrosan Web Series (submitted by J Lopez Jr.) - youll see lots of familiar faces from the Deep South Like Tina Rubin, Briana Drescher, Amy Wickenheiser, Chip Carriere, Brandon Lofton, Robert Fitzgerald Hotalin plus myself and others.........Hope You Enjoy the waves we made!...This is Episode 1.


This short film, Now or Never, by Summer E. Sinclair is a breath of fresh air in direction and cinematography as far as short films go.  The look and feel of it is fabulous.  My only complaint is I would love to see this as a feature.  Take the time to watch this. 


What?  You mean there are more roles?  The answer to that is “Yes” and “No.”  There have been several auditions where I had to sit back and rethink my script for a moment.  For instance, the role of the stripper.  We never released these sides because I didn’t want auditions posted of woman stripping.  Sorry guys.  But, then came the video of Nathalie Tedrick, the belly dancer.  Wow!  My first instinct was to change the character from a stripper to a belly dancer. If you haven’t seen this video you have to.

Then, I saw Helene Cardona auditioning for the role of Dr. Elizabeth Wright.  She got me to thinking as well.  Not only do I need a CNC News Anchor, but I’m also going to need a Foreign Correspondent as the news of KSK spreads around the globe in the script. 

Justin Little also inspired me to rethink my script on the Congressman and several of the woman inspired me to consider making Dr. Frank Franklin, Dr. Francis Franklin.  I just can’t reveal all of this yet.  There were many other actors as well who have inspired me. 

This group of actors in KSK are fantastic.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your inspiration. I feel that making a film requires teamwork.  It’s not just about the producers, the crew, or about the actors.  It’s about all of us and our relationship to each other.  

I personally never cast anyone into one of my projects that I wouldn’t want to be with for five months out of my life for fifteen hours a day.  I think Jack Curenton said it best, “Would you want to be on the elevator with them for a hundred floors or would you get off on the second floor?”  This is a two-way street.  You need to ask the same about Robby and I.  Can you ride the elevator with us?


Everyone, please remember these are some of Dr. Mel’s top picks and not all It is a growing list.  It also isn’t a callback list either.  YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED OFFICIALLY THROUGH AN E-MAIL.  More actors worthy of watching will be posted in the next blog. 


Matthew - Geryh Curtis, Evan Boymel, Ace Marrero (although he submitted for Alex), Stephen Martin, Jason Burghorn, Steven Carl Griffin, Nathan Lucas, Jason Tobias, Jamal Kazak, Trace Schroeder (although he auditioned for Milo), Chris Waters, David Adolpho Gizzarelli, Ace Marrero (although he auditioned for Alex), Carl Schreiber, Mark Slater, Dedan Donavan, Gary Kauffman,  Jack Fry, Brandt Binkley (although he auditioned for Dr. Frank Franklin), Kenneth Sears, Mike Hennessey, Mrogan Jaye Williams, Dean Gaffari, Erik Nielsen,

BLAZE – Gwonwyn De Beer, Tera Garnett, Vanessa Ross, Katelyn Causey, Diane Lombardi, , Jamie Alyson, Bethany Regan, Lila Evans, Ashley Ann Alvarado, Annelise King, Chantelle Albers, Kaite Rotolo,

Dr. Garrick Angela -  Robert Fleet, Rob Steinberg (although he audtioned for Alex, I moved him over), Stuart McClay Smith, Julian Grant, John Henry Richardson, Ellery Truesdell, Doc Divecchio, Max Thayer (although he auditioned for Congressman Thompson), Jack E. Curenton, Julian Grant, Joseph Steven (although he auditioned for Robby Z),

Judas -  Challa Sabre, Jack E Curenton, Chip Carriere, Trace Schroeder, Craig Jeffcoat, John Percy Antonio Chavez, Rob Patterson, 

Milo Evans - Chris Swirles, Trace Schroeder, Challa Sabree, Timothy Wyant, John Wesley Cooley (listed under Leah Monnette), Casey Groves, Allen Merritt,

Landlord -  DH Lewis, Jill Lachman, Billy Mayo, James Eakle, Marlynne Frierson- Cooley, Alice Finchum Bowden,

Professor Faust -  Kristen Stewart, Erich Klain, Ron Elliot, Everett Booth, Erich Klain, Merry Jo Cortada Pitasi, Bill Srkisian (although he auditioned for Dr. Garrick Angela)

Fortune Teller – Gypsy Elise

Ima Starr - Ava St. Claire, Gino Galento, Aaron Groben, Kenneth Sears, 

Congressman Thompson - Justin Little (although he auditioned for Matthew), Vic Harris, Rich Rubin (although he auditions for Snead), Douglas Olsen, James McCoy, Mike Tuttle @ culinarycasanove, Ronnie Powell (although he auditioned for Garrick),

Janice Thompson Bennette - Summer E. Sinclair, M. Daniela Torchia, Christopher Callen, Jennifer Rosario, Katie O’Hagan, Jacqueline Murphy, Gina Lee Gallareto, Mary Laina, Toni Youngblood (although she auditioned for CNC News Anchor), Robyn Hyden, Marcia French (although she auditioned for Robby Zieagar), Veera Mahajan, HEATHER De Sisto,

Peterson -  Darius Green, Jesus Ruiz, Phillip M Polite, Bryan Theodore, Carlton Enoch, Alphonse Philippe Mouzon, Aarron Spivey Sorrells, Verolga Leilani (although she auditioned for Dr. E. Wright), Jeffrey Grays (although he auditioned for Milo), Challa Sabre (although he auditioned for Judas), Alphonse Philippe Mouzon, David Kieth, Kris Gordon,

Jones -  Bobbie Lee, Raven Lexy (although she auditioned for Janice Thompson), Joseph McRae (although he auditioned for Matthew), Isaac Depeyer (although he auditioned for Matthew), David Castro, Scarlette Martin, Will Rian (although he auditioned for Milo Evans), Karen Weza (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Silvia Moore,  

George Newland - Gage Maverik, Seth Oserin (although he auditioned for Dr. Garrick), Vito Viscuso, Patrick McHale, Julian Hernandez,

Rebecca Morrison -  Amanda Chism, Karen Weza (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Lydia DeSouza de Medeiros (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Jana Bozeman (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Colleen Parker (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Jessica Galinas (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), Desiree Burgess

Robert Mendoza – Rudy Garza,

Kelly Stratford -  Alexa James, Kerry McCormick, Janab Davis, Breeze Marie,

Meagan Montgomery -  Nathalie Tedrick, Ilana Kitover, Meagan Pallares, Jennifer Peyton McDavitt, Hannah Bickham (although she auditioned for Blaze), Julie Wions, GlennEllen Anderson, Desiree Burgess, Kincaid Walker, Patty Miller,

Mag -  Tera Garrett, Savannah Schoenecker (although she auditioned for Meagan M.), Jennifer peyton McDavitt (although she auditioned for Meagan M.), Christian Drerup, Veronica Kelly, Caley Hayes, Brooke Coleman, Morgan Dickerson, Patty Miller, Marie Rousso,

Gunman 1 -  Bobbie Lee, Mark Naji, Nico Falls, Steven Carl Griffin, Jeff Grays, Armando DuBon Jr., Jason L. Davis, 

Gunman 2 -  Kali Muscle (although he auditioned for Milo), Jason Davis, Paul Vinson (although he auditioned for Milo),

Robby Ziegar -  Ron Elliot, Kenan Heppe,  Richard McKenzie (Alistair), Anthony Castillo, Raquel Elizabeth Ames, Nancy DeBoe, Don Ronaldo, John Robert Macey III (although he auditioned for Faust), Joseph Steven, Brittany Samson, Blanca Avalos, Kidrowski Koppe, m Daniel Torchia, Sean Mount, Catherine Kirkland Burkeens, Bonnie Jane Levinson, Tierra Peters, Veronique Ledoux, Lisa Martel, Stephanie V. Williams, Stephanie Skinner (posted by Sher Myers), D. Lawson

Jenni - Aisha Alese, Sage Kairi, Cristy Joy, Judy Vasquez, Arona Spader (although she auditioned for Robby Z.), Rachel Amanda Bryant, Danielle Cohen (although she auditioned for Blaze), Alix Maria, Katy Dolle (although she auditioned for Meagan M.), Raychelle McDonald (although she submitted for three other roles), Natalie Sharp, Adelaide Lawren, Natalie Sharp, Rimarria Appling,

Marge -  Linda Johnson, Carol Ann Scruggs, DH Lewis, Stevie Lorentzen (although she auditioned for the astrologer), Lilyn Anna (although she auditioned for Flores and Stephanie), Alice Finchum Bowden (although she audtioned for the Landlord), Lora Severn (although she auditioned for the astrologer), Phebe Bohart (although she auditioned for the astrologer),  

Kyle Flores - Bonnie Jane Levinson, Unique Moneek, Amanda Reed, Katelyn Gault,

Alex - Tim Oman (posted by TJ MYERS), Michael Villar, Prince Moore, Johnny Rock, Carl Schwaber (although he auditioned for Flores and Milo), Estaire Godinez,  Rhoads Osbourne (although he auditioned for Milo), Kent Gallegos,  


EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:  Neema Barnette and Dr. Melissa Caudle
Dr. Elizabeth Wright -  Marcia French, Katie O'Hagan, Tina D. Rubin, Kelly Lynn,Jennifer Rosario, Jacqueline Murphy, Hutchi Hancock, Julia Lynn Tockar (posted by Jesus Ruiz),Mary Laina, Rachel Whitman Groves, Nancy Beverly, Robin Lynn Rodney, Maura Lanahan, Jana Bozeman, Kelly Lynn Gitter, Leann Van Mol-Swisher,

Snead - William T Ensley, Victor DeLucie, Stephen Beal, Billy Mayo (although he audtioned for Landlord), Robert Leh, Tim Bob ThuderHorse Halpin (although he auditioned for Matthew),

Hammer -  M Gerard Pavuk, Gary Kauffman (listed under Carlton Enoch who filmed it),

Lorenzo - Kennedy Moronta, Jash Salazar, Jamal Kazak (although he auditioned for Matthew), Ganno Nickell,

CNC Anchor -  Ellery Truesdell, Graham Clarke, Clmesha McDaniel, Bill Pryor, Climesha McDaniel, Seth Oserin (although he auditioned for Dr. Garrick Angela), Toni Youngblood, Vito Viscuso, Kelly Lynn Gitter, Tanya Anticevic, Patricia Nangkal,

911 Operator - Clarissa Guerro,

Malcom - Onairus Corner, Nirav Bhakta (although his audition was for Robby Ziegar), Joel Cole, David Dickerson (although he auditioned for Robby Ziegar), Puneet Prasad, Sully Chaudhry (although he auditioned for Gunman), 

News Director -  Stephanie Skinner (posted by Sher Myers (CNC), Ellery Truesdell, Rimarria Appling (although she auditioned for Dr. Wright), James McCoy, Jose Solorio,

Astrologer - Marcy Toschi, Jennie Floyd, Suzanne Stephens Breitenbach, Ava St. Claire, Katy Wolfe, Melinda Lee, Sandey Lock, Barabara Goodson (although she auditioned for landlord), Phyllis Chafe Comoletti, Nakja Hoyer-Booth, Bernadette Bonfiglio, Katarina Rose Fabic, Leann Van Mol, Vera Petrychenka, Susan Nash,

Dr. Frank Franklin -  Jason Flowers (audition is for Milo), Shobhit Agarwal (although he auditioned for George Newland), Claudine Claudio (female Dr. Franklin consider although she auditioned for Dr. Elizabeth Wright), Gage Maverick, Erick Klain (although he auditioned for Professor Faust), Diana Marzigliano (although she submitted for Janice T.), J. Patrick Wise (although he auditioned for Robby Ziegar), Michael Briggs, Anthony Castillo, Vicki Jo Costanzo, Christoph Dostal, Wanda Leigh,

Stephanie Winfield - Madeline DeCourcey, Wanda Leigh, Leslie Gangl Howe, Diana Marzigliano, 

Cameraman -  Aaron Gorben,

Waitress - Susie Labry, Elizabeth Carder, Jen Starr, Margaret Gholston, 

BODY GUARD - Prince Moore, James Eakle (although he auditioned for the Landlord), 

Mrs. Garrick Angela - Katt Shea (although she auditioned for the Landlord), Claire Ward Murphy (although she auditioned for the astrologer), Merry Jo Cortada Pitasi (although she auditioned for astrologer), John Henry Richardson,

Tracy – Noreen Theriot,

*Foreign Correspondant – Verologa Leilani, Helene Cardona (will have to open this role up in the second round), Milena Gardasevic (although she auditioned for Jenni.)


Jason L DAVIS Hey just to say, I loved the whole process of casting in this way (I auditioned for Gunman 1 & 2 originally as I wasn't sure but would have auditioned for more roles if I had known.) and thought it was going to be a monotone and bland experience BUT no, due to Robbie, Mellisa and the KSK gang,they really got you involved by actually giving us actors 'Feedback'..! This plus the other details all made for a fun,exciting and Involved audition process and has Now naturally created a community of buzzed up professionals who are All interested in this project so 3 Cheers for the KSK gang & Thank You for the opportunity. Jason L Davis (currently recording Auditions for EVERY part in KSK including Sexy Petite Female Natural Blonde Waitress "I Can Do IT".. ;-) xo

Robin Lynn Rodney

Kennedy Moronta
Hello Melissa and Robby, you both make a strong team, I'm gratefull to be a part of this journey with you, i have meet some great people in this group along the way. Continue to have success and good luck to everyone tonight. Blessings. :)

William T Ensley
Congrats on all The Spotlights:)
It is so nice to get feedback during this process!
I am awaiting the get together in Los Angeles:)

Ashley Ann Alvarado
KSK rocks! So many great and talented folks. Congrats to everyone! Thank you for including me in the spotlight. I am extremely grateful! XO

Kelly Crossley
I can't wait to hear the results on who gets a callback! Thank you again for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Bless your hearts for watching so many audition tapes! Hope to see you soon! :)

I have had a director who saw my YouTube video auditon for the KSK LANDLORD, then he 

watched my other clips, viewed my Facebook page/pics -then he tweeted me, IM'd me and 

texted me that he HAS to work with me. I had posted on my Facebook wall that I had selected 

my next film project; A romantic comedy, and he is now in discussions with the Producers of the

project to direct it. All of this is because of my video audition for KSK! (FYI: Melissa 

·     Marcia French Thank you! The blog is a wonderful thing...makes you feel more connected, hearing how things are going on the other side of the table ;)

Agreed Chip and the least this whole process has let us introduce ourselves to the

 country and one another.........the possibilities are going to read the blog

 again.....Theres some major insight into the industry in there....and im sure ill catch more the 

second time around.......You gals from Cali got that Golden smile that drives a bayou boy crazy 

Marcia.... :) Cant say how awesome it is to see my friends like Chip in the spotlight.....Your 

talented Bro!.......and uh...Janab-zaina.....ummumm I like all of your pics beautiful!.........just 

finished painting a ski boat Im smiling big today...hope you all are too!!.....