Monday, June 10, 2019

Panic Attacks and Bullying - There is Hope

June 10, 2019

Look at that mean face on my banner. Wait! That's not a mean face, that is a meme for a panic attack on a golf course. You see, panic attacks can happen anywhere.
According to the Surgeon General of the United States, it is estimated that over four million people in our country suffer from sudden attacks of anxiety and overwhelming fear that last for several minutes or longer. When that happens, a person’s heart pounds, they sweat, and they feel like they can’t breathe or think. They can be triggered or occur at an unpredictable time causing more worry about the possibility of having another one at any time. It is a vicious circle for those who suffer from them. It’s not a pretty sight for those having them or those trying to help someone through them.

I won’t mention anyone by name, but I have two people in people who have them frequently and just last week another who had one for the first time in their life. I was thankful that I was working with C J Kruse and his book A QUICK GUIDE ON HOW TO CALM YOURSELF DOWN as his publisher and interior formatter because I had read his words of wisdom and was able to apply them to help my loved one in each case. Whew! God has a way of placing people in your path at the right time.
I am mentioning Kruse’s book because, on June 18, 2019, his book launches on National Panic Awareness day. Anyone who suffers or lives with someone who suffers from panic attacks or has an anxiety disorder should purchase this book because it is filled with real techniques and helpful hints. Published by Absolute Author Publishing House, this book is a gem from a self-help guru of sorts. When left untreated, a panic disorder tends to lower a person’s quality of life. Take comfort in the fact, that there is hope.
I am not a medical doctor, so I can’t tell you how to treat a panic disorder, but I can tell you the methods Kruse presents worked in my situation.
Kruse's book isn't only about panic attacks. It includes guidelines and helpful hints on how to calm down in any situation such as road rage, a fight with an employer or spouse if you get upset at your children. It is filled with information on how to calm down. Pre-order your copy today on Amazon. No! Make that order several copies and share them with friends, family, peers, and colleagues who could benefit from reading it.


Schools are target zones where bullying happens. And, as such, numerous programs have been added to the curriculum to help those who have become targets. Schools also have established measures to ensure that the campus is supportive and provides a safe school climate where all students can learn and grow. However, bullying still happens. Having been a teacher, principal, and central office administrator, I know the harmful effects of bullying, and sometimes, most often than not, educators and parents are at a loss to help a child who is victimized by bullying. Let’s face it; children often turn a deaf ear to those in an official position. That is where Sue Zook’s and Mary Lazarski's new book BECOMING MISS IZZY can make an impact. Children have a way of listening to other children, good or bad. The main character, Miss Izzy, suffers from being overweight and once in middle school has one of the worst days of her life. Throughout the book, Izzy faces situations and uniquely overcomes them setting an example for younger readers. I highly recommend this book for a summer reading program, and for all middle schoolers.


I am excited to introduce to my readers a new book NEURO CONFINEMENT written by Sophie Marie White that will launch September 6, 2019, which by the way, is National Read A Book day. This book is chilling and haunting with vivid descriptions of Dahliesque worlds and will be published by Absolute Author Publishing House. When I first received the manuscript to edit it, I knew instantly that I wanted to be a part of it. From the opening sentence, I was hooked. Here is the book's synopsis.


Imagine a drug that imprisons convicts inside their own minds…  seconds turn into days and days into years.

NEURO CONFINEMENT is a sci-fi thriller, written by Sophie Marie White. A young idealistic scientist, Dr. Casey Palmer, develops D-214, a revolutionary new drug that imprisons convicts in their own minds.  He promises to replace the skyrocketing incarceration problem by shortening sentences to days instead of years. A thirty-year sentence is reduced to thirty days saving the penal system hundreds of billions of dollars.  There is one minor side effect, users experience a living, breathing, Dahlesque world, and depending on the dosage, the length of time on the drug controls the depths of their hellish entrapment nightmare.
Casey uses D-214, his drug, to conduct research night after night, logging over three hundred years of research inside his mind, then becomes addicted to it. The more he experiments and uses, the psychotic effects become more severe.

The government reduces all safeguards when using the drug to increase profitability over public safety.  A considerable number of prisoners who should never have been included in the control group experience devastating side effects, such as psychotic breaks and violent rampages once the drug is administered which can occur from days to years after a single dose. Once Neuro Confinement is complete, they are freed into society for their psychosis to play out. Will Casey be able to break his addiction and stop what he has created? Or, will he become a prisoner in his mind lost in an internal battle and never escape?