Tuesday, June 11, 2019



My latest novel A.D.A.M. THE BEGINNING OF LIFE is doing fantastic and I wanted to thank everyone who has helped to make this book possible. The entire concept started as a dream. I woke up one more with this incredible dream, from start to finsih, as if it were a movie. I couldn't get the dream off my mind so I started writing it down, but not in the manner you think. That was back in 2010 when my writing focused on screenwriting and not novels. I spent the next five days and nights barely sleeping writing the screenplay. I felt good about it, and forwarded it to several of my closest friends and asked if they would do a cold read on the screenplay. We met at my house, sat around in a circle and read the script. It was solid.

Nothing much came about it until a that next summer when my sister, Robby, and I took a roadtrip from Louisiana to Los Angeles. The trip took us seven days to get there, because we stopped at every winery between LA to LA. I loved that trip. Once their, we put together a gorilla style film crew and started filming scences from A.D.A.M. Our intent was to use this footage for a pitch trialer to see if we could get funding for it to make a film. Jack Curenton joined in as Co-Producer and fabulous actors such as D. H. Lewis, Jamie Alyson, Clyde Jones, Jaqueline Fleming, Stephen Beal, Tina Rubin, Ellery Trusdale, and James Karnes joined in on the fun with Gary Sievers as the director of photography. We had loads of fun. What your about to see next are some pictures of that shoot.

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