Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Big Misunderstanding - How to Calm Down Before You Say Something Stupid

June 15, 2019

I woke up this morning to a gorgeous sunny day and then out of nowhere, a summer rain shower. I planned on going on a morning swim, but changed my mind and decided to sit and listen to the rain as I drank my coffee. Before I could take the last sip, Mr. Sun came out to play so I enjoyed my morning swim. Swimming is my exercise of choice. I mention this because as authors we tend to sit for long periods of time writing lost in our characters and their plot twists not realizing we need to take care of ourselves too. So, make it a point to exercise and take breaks while you are writing. Your body and brain will thank you for that.

I have some exciting news. I am adding a new feature to my blog - I will be starting a podcast called Here We Go! In my podcast, I will discuss various author writing tips, marketing strategies, and interview authors, filmmakers, musicians, and artists. My first guest is the fabulous Sue Zook, co-author of Becoming Miss Izzy which launches on June 17, 2019, and published by Absolute Author Publishing House. The premiere for the interview is for today at 5:00 p.m. Please join us for the premiere on Facebook where you can interact with Sue.

The Forbidden Affairs Of Eva: What would you do if your one-night stand turned out to be your boss? Kindle Edition by Isabella Skye

Eva, a pretty, hardworking woman is out to give dating a second chance after discovering her long-time boyfriend, is cheating on her with another woman.

Eva Tatum finds shelter in the hustle and bustle of her prestigious job at a renowned tech development company. In spite of her mother and best friend Jessica's constant attempts, she refuses to give dating another chance. Eva thinks she is content succeeding in her work life, but on a very silent and quiet night, her beliefs are put to the test when she meets a pair of mysterious, handsome looking men at a Christmas party. 

After spending a steamy night full of fun with both, she is certain they will never see each other again – but will the many twists and turns of life prove her wrong?

What will you do if your one night romance eventually turns out to be your boss?

If you are looking for a romantic thriller that will keep you spellbound, then look no further: you have just found it.

The Forbidden Affairs of Eva will hold you enthralled until you get to the end of the story.

by C J Kruse

It felt like a mistake the moment I did it. Here I was, handing a stranger $600 cash. We’ll call him Steve. I had just discovered him on Craigslist. His ad seemed legitimate, and I was relatively new to hiring contractors.

As a practice of his, Steve told me that he needed half of the money upfront and the other half upon completion of the job. I didn’t like the idea but saw how it was necessary. After all, he did need to buy supplies before starting. So, I gave him the upfront payment, and we went our separate ways.

Steve told me he would show up Monday morning to get started. However, when Monday morning came, he wasn’t there. I waited an extra half hour before calling, trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. I didn’t want to be too strict or unreasonable right off the bat. However, after another half hour, there were still no signs of him.

I got on my phone and dialed his number. The phone rang for a while, and nobody picked up. I reached his computer-animated voicemail. I tried a few more times. Eventually, he answered.

“Hey man, what’s going on?” I said.

“Oh, hey,” he said. “Sorry I couldn’t make it out there... my delivery guy never arrived.”

“Oh, no problem,” I said. “Let’s just pick a different time.”
Steve agreed to come later on instead at 5 o’clock pm. But, when 5 o'clock eventually rolled around, he wasn’t there. Again, I had to call him and track him down, and again, because he did not answer the phone the first few times I called. Finally, when he did answer, I asked him what was going on, “Hey man, this is the second time. Is everything okay?”

He proceeded to give me some story about a family emergency that had come up and told me that he’d have to come back tomorrow. I was definitely beginning to feel the full sense of regret that had been with me since the beginning. But, I didn’t want to be hasty. I gave him another chance.

The next day rolled around and again; Steve never showed up. Again, I had to call him to ask what the heck was going on. That’s when he told me that he wouldn’t be able to do the job after all and that he would have to give me my deposit back. Frustrated, and not knowing what else to do, I said:

“Okay. When can you do that?”

“How does 9 am sound?” he asked.

“9am is perfect,” I replied.