Thursday, July 25, 2019

Live Debt Free

My life stays extremely busy in my writing, editing and publishing world and I am thrilled because of it. After years of the 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. grind working outside my home, I retired from all of that and decided to work from home. At first I was scared how everything would work out. I had plenty of questions. What I discovered is that working from home gives you freedom. I also found that it gives me freedom to work from anywhere I want as I frequently travel. I bring this up because being able to do so also means that I have to have some sort of financial freedom. I worked hard for years to get this point in my life at 61-years-young. To frank, savings and investing was the key for me. In 1987 I made up my mind that one day I would be debt free. At that time I had debt, credit card debt, and my husband and I were paying our mortage and for two cars. We paid off the cars and eventually paid off the mortage. Do you know what else I did? I cut up all of my credit cards and paid them off. Today, we are debt free!

I mention all of this because I read an article today that most americans are up to their ears in debt and some owe more on credit cards than they make in a year. Ouch! If you want to do something about that, start researching how you can get out of debt and make a budget. Above else, don't spend what you don't have. That's my advice.

Here is something else for you if you live in Florida, where there are many retirees. I came across a book by Jodi Hockinson called LOW RISK INVESTING IN FLORIDA TAX CERTIFICATES.  Find out how to invest YOUR money in Florida taxes! There are millions of dollars in tax certificates sold every year. With this low cost, informative booklet, receive a basic, working knowledge about investing in Florida delinquent tax bills! The author, a long-time employee of a county tax collector's office, discusses a variety of topics involving this lower risk, higher yield type of investment. Learn about: Tax Deed Sales - Tax Certificate Sales - What is a Tax Certificate? - How Do I Buy Tax Certificates? - How Does my Investment Work? - What are the Advantages? - What are the Disadvantages? - How to Get Started! This publication is intended to offer basic information about making a solid return with Florida property taxes. It is not all inclusive. For exact details, rules, statutes and fees, please contact a Florida Tax Collector's office, or refer to Florida Statutes, Chapter 197. This is not a get a get-rich-quick scheme. Any opinions expressed in this presentation reflect the personal opinions of the author. Please consult your tax advisor prior to making any investment, tax certificate, tax deed, or otherwise. The information offered in this publication is general knowledge based on Florida Statute that is designed to help you in your decision to make money by investing in Florida property taxes.