Thursday, July 4, 2019

Plant Hope: Harvest Love by R H Kramer

July 4, 2019

Happy July 4th to everyone. My day will be rather full as I have family and friends coming over for a pool party and cookout. Then, after the sun sets, a huge firework dispaly will start on the levee behind my house which makes it convenient as I don't have to drive anywhere to watch fireworks. As beautiful as they are, please, if you plan on shooting off fireworks, be safe. Thousands of injuries occur across America each year because safety protocols weren't followed. And, do not let children set any of them off and keep them from a distance.

Now that I have that off my mind, I want to tell you about a new book I have found -- PLANT HOPE: HARVEST LOVE by R. H. Kramer.  It is glorious and features a very strong female protaginost. Before I jump into the book, watch the book's trailer below.


Plant Hope: Harvest Love
by R. H. Kramer

“I am going to tell you about my favorite flower and fruit. A seed has to be covered under layers and layers of dirt, in darkness, loneliness, dealing with crap and is nearly drowned.
At that stage, the seed has nothing but hope that it will eventually sprout. However, every seed does not sprout. Once the sprout has undergone sufficient growth, it can be classified as a tree. This tree has no idea whether it will blossom or not, for every tree does not. The only goal is to survive. To always be stronger than before. There are plenty of obstacles; cold winter snow, wet, cold spring, hot dry summer, bitter cold of fall which leaves the tree bare. Only once this tree grows in spite of the obstacles set up against it will it be strong enough to produce blossoms. Blossoms that are easily the most beautiful ever seen. The blossoms are special as they will grow to bear fruit. Fruit that, when harvested, can sustain the lives of others. This is the ultimate form of love.”

Experience a year of life-shattering moments in Aurora’s life -- a woman with nothing left to give is given hope. Hope that leads to her life’s reconstruction until she can find the strength inside of her to grow. Grow until she is strong enough to Harvest Love.