Thursday, September 1, 2022

Never Listen To An Idiot by Michael C. Edwards


“Never listen to an idiot” is a call-to-action to avoid “bad” players who are constantly working their messages to persuade and manipulate us toward their desired results.

Dear Readers:

Are you someone who mutes the sound when a commercial comes on while watching your favorite reality show, news program, movie, or your favorite drama? I know I am. Why? Not only are they louder than the normal programming, but also they are designed to get us to listen and buy their product. After all, that is the way things are done in the media world. Sometimes we get so accustomed to them, we ignore them or walk away until our programming has returned. This is one reason why I love today's BOOK OF THE DAY, "Never Listen To An Idiot: How To Survive In the Propaganda Jungle," by Michael C. Edwards. In essence, it says what I have thought all along. We can train ourselves to block out the negative propaganda and ignore those media moguls whose messages are to persuade and manipulate us. Thank you Michael for such an informative and engaging book. Order your copy today! 

Never Listen To An Idiot