Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Masquerade of Malice: Malevolent Maidens Vol. 1: 50 Images To Color: A Horror Coloring Book For Adults by Maxwell Grimwell (Author)



Masquerade of Malice: Malevolent Maidens Vol. 1: 50 Images To Color: A Horror Coloring Book For Adults Paperback – September 5, 2023

Enter the shadowy realm of fantasy with Maxwell Grimwell’s "Malevolent Maidens Volume 1," a chilling collection crafted explicitly for the sophisticated colorist. Discover a haunting ensemble of 50 exquisitely detailed illustrations, beckoning you to bring them to vivid life.


Every page turns to unravel a unique tale, whispering of a world where beauty blurs with grotesque, unseen by mortal eyes. Seductive sirens sing sailors to their doom, and the water nymphs lurking beneath moonlit waters... they're not as benevolent as folklore suggests. Disgraced valkyries, shrouded in dark allure, wander the skies after the destruction of Valhalla. Zombie women, remnants of beauty intermingled with decay, stretch skeletal fingers, waiting for an unsuspecting passerby. Sultry succubi weave a web of dreams, entwining their prey in nightmarish fantasies. And deep within enchanted woods, dark elves and faeries plot and play, their intentions far removed from the innocent sprites of tales.

This collection isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Every illustration 
challenges the artist, pushing the boundaries of what one expects from a coloring book. Detailed patterns and intricate designs mingle with broader sections, catering both to those who want to delve deep into shading and those who prefer a more relaxed coloring experience.

The heavyweight paper ensures no bleed-through, and the 
pages are single-sided, allowing you to use an array of mediums, from colored pencils to markers and even watercolor. Every drawing is framed elegantly, inviting the possibility of being showcased on your walls.

Imagine a gallery of these haunting beauties, catching the eye and captivating the imagination of every observer.


"Malevolent Maidens Volume 1" is more than just a coloring book—
it's a journey, an experience of intertwined horror and beauty in a mesmerizing dance. The intertwining narratives, combined with the stunning artistry, creates a realm where the artist becomes a part of the story.

For those who dare to walk the line between the bewitching and the macabre, this volume promises hours of immersive coloring. It’s a perfect gift for those who appreciate dark fantasy or for anyone looking to embark on a haunting artistic voyage.

Don't just color.

Conjure, immerse, and lose yourself in the world of "Malevolent Maidens." Order your copy today and take the first step into the beautifully eerie world Maxwell Grimwell has crafted just for you.