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Story of Author Margot Schiffer - From Poland to Germany BLOG – 1

Story of Author Margot Schiffer - From Poland to Germany

BLOG – 1

For centuries, writing has proven to be an imperium of self-expression. When no one's there, the pen or in the digital scenario, any device is there to help people write their ideas, thoughts, experiences, and even life-altering subjects. Some people capsulate their words in journals for self-reflection, while others forge their way out of the makeshift spaces and centralize their stories as the author for the world to be absorbed in. Perhaps both ways can be therapeutic! However, today's topic is about individuals willing to share their stories with the world. One such individual is Poldand's own, Margot Schiffer.

In her autobiography called A Mother’s Voice: Demanding Justice Against Child Alienation”, Margot Schiffer shared her life wholeheartedly without the barrage of any restrictive doubts. Coming out and voicing one's opinion requires bravery, and that's what the author's agenda is by hovering through each detail and encapsulating every atom of reminiscent into the book. Let's dive into her story as we know it to discover more about her.

Backstory – Exploring Origins:

Margot's story begins in Poland, where she spent her early years before embarking on a life-changing adventure to Germany as part of an Au Pair program. The years in Germany were marked by significant events - finding love, starting a family, and navigating the complexities of familial relationships.

Margot's marriage brought her joy and heartache as she grappled with the strains of a relationship that ultimately ended in divorce. But perhaps the most challenging aspect of her journey was the painful reality of "child alienation," where she found herself distanced from her children due to circumstances beyond her control.

Author's Motivation – The Soul of the Book:

From the Au Pair program coming to an end while leaving Margot at the crossroads to the storms she journeyed through, Margot Schiffer's motivation for penning "A Mother’s Voice: Demanding Justice Against Child Alienation”" is deeply rooted in her desire to connect with individuals who have traversed similar paths of hardship and adversity. Outwith the faceless cries, the book potentially serves as a zeal for hope aimed at those who have endured similar trials and tribulations as Schiffer.

By sharing her part of the story, Schiffer seeks to reassure readers that despite life's inevitable challenges, there exists a journey toward resilience and eventual resolution to bedlam. Through her own experiences, she endeavors to inspire and uplift individuals grappling with similar struggles, offering them solace in the knowledge that brighter days lie ahead.

For Margot, writing became more than just putting pen to paper; it was a way to make sense of her experiences, find meaning amid chaos, and share her story with others facing similar struggles. Through her words, Margot found a voice, a means of connecting with readers on a deeply personal level.


Having an interest in writing is such a beautiful art; countless authors are emerging to this day who have one thing in common: the sheer desire for self-expression. Despite the obstacles, Margot Schiffer's journey is no exception as she paved her way out of adversity. She fought back and stood tall like an unshakeable tree from ancient times. Her story has all the potential to be listed among the people who changed the landscape of their lives by breaking out of turbulence.