Tuesday, June 25, 2024

You Can Rewrite Your Life by Nahla Sadek


You Can Rewrite Your Life


The journey of my self-discovery was the best journey I’ve ever made in my life. Since my childhood, I never truly fit in; it felt like my life wasn't my own. My existence was just a facade, pretending to be someone else so I would get along with others. It took me long years of living in survival mode until I finally decided to attempt to better understand myself. By my early forties, I decided I wanted to do more in my life; I started from scratch and relearned my history. I began reading interesting books, doing sports, meditating, and enrolling in personal development workshops to get to know myself better. I delved into the childhood traumas that had shaped me, the personal problems that affected me deeply, and the habits and thought patterns that dictated my life.

This journey has been transformative, allowing me to reconnect with my true self and live an authentic and fulfilling life. It hasn't been easy, but every step has been worth it. When I began to improve my self-awareness and heal from past pains and traumas, I noticed a profound transformation in myself and my life. These changes were not just surface-level but deep, meaningful shifts that brought me closer to my true self. I realized that I had to write a book to share this journey with others. I hope that this book will serve as an inspiration for anyone who feels stuck in life, showing them that transformation and fulfillment are possible, no matter how challenging the path may seem. This is a short practical guide for how to use writing, besides other tools, to improve your life, based on my personal experience.



About the Author

Nahla Sadek Elgawahergy, English teacher and writer, Egypt. I started my career as a novelist 5 years ago with a successful science fiction novel, written in Arabic, and currently finishing my first science fiction in English language.