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Gideon: The Sound And The Glory (The Empire of Israel Book 1) by Joseph Ganci



Gideon: The Sound And The Glory (The Empire of Israel Book 1) Kindle Edition

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Why has the true story of Gideon been hidden for three millennia? How does Gideon connect with Jacob wrestling an angel? How did a blood feud between Gideon and the Midianite kings evolve? How does the prophetess Debra establish the tradition of lighting two Shabbat candles? How does Gideon’s three hundred represent the Trinity? Why was Gideon not at the major Midianite battle? How did three hundred starving men conquer fifteen thousand in a night battle on foreign soil? Why is Gideon a similitude of the coming of Jesus Christ as a spiritual warrior? Why were there mice in the Philistine cart that transported the Ark of the Covenant back to Israel? What was young David even present at the battle with Goliath? Why did David have five stones in his script? -- And much, much more!
Besides being informative and entertaining, the biblical novel is a spiritual delight to the pilgrim searching for the mind of God.


Unsung biblical heroes and murderous villains leap to life, blazing onto the pages of revelation. Gideon, a lowly woodcutter, is blessed by an angel to be the savior of all Israel. He does not know why or how and shrinks from this dangerous mission. The commandment to conquer the Midian Empire as one man seems all but impossible. But Gideon’s confidence grows as God guides his every step until he stands fearless, dauntlessly fulfilling his destiny as “a mighty man of valor.” The fierce warriors, burning towers, and devastated cities contained in Gideon’s Journey are but silver threads that weave into a sweeping tapestry that fills ten generations that follow with intrigue. Running through and stitching together the entire saga is the Ark of the Covenant and the Baal-Berith, also known as Gideon’s mysterious Ephod of Gold (shown on the back cover).

Read this book, and unearth hidden treasures of the peoples, places, and artifacts while resurrecting the stuff of legends that have slept for 3000 years.


About the Author

Joseph made his arrival at Beth-El Hospital, or ‘The House of God’ found in Brooklyn. Joseph is a firstborn, and so, is dedicated to God by the laws of Israel. He is the son of a Joseph and a loving mother named Rosemary. He is a Levite and a high priest and remains a passionate Italian.

He came to age, racing across the Robert Moses Causeway to the outer banks of Fire Island. Joseph was most at home in the frigid chill of the wild North Atlantic.

Joseph accepted the call from Lyndon B. Johnson and was ordered to report for combat in the Vietnam conflict. Man-to-man combat is where he had experienced a baptism by fire and had been chastened by the struggle.

The G.I. Bill provided him with a seat at the coveted Honor Society’s banquet table of higher education.

Joseph lives alone in the Lone Star state. Joseph fathered five daughters, three of whom are still alive. He has five grandchildren that are the gems found in an old man's crown.

The Bible to him is like reading the Daily News as it is vivid and alive and provides deep wells of knowledge and practical applications of simple understandings.

Moreover, this is where the grist from this novel finds common ground through his endless rounds of scripture study. The laborer is worthy of his hire, and a loving God opened the eyes of his understanding.

Lest we forget, a thousand years hence - the anthropologists will conclude that our society communed with an all-knowing oracle named Google.