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The Untold Stories of Vietnam: Doyle Glass’s Quest to Honor the Marines of Mike 3/5


 Doyle Glass

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Swift Sword

 vividly as "Swift Sword: The True Story of the Marines of Mike 3/5 in Vietnam." Authored by Doyle Glass, this compelling book offers a gripping account of the harrowing experiences faced by the Marines during one of the Vietnam War's fiercest battles.


In the annals of war literature, few narratives capture the essence of combat as Doyle Glass's journey to write "Swift Sword" began with a profound respect for the veterans who served in Vietnam. Driven by a desire to honor their sacrifices, Glass embarked on a meticulous research process that spanned several years. He conducted forty-nine personal interviews with Marine veterans, delving deep into their memories to uncover the raw, unvarnished truth of their experiences.

"Capturing the authentic voices of the veterans was crucial to me," Glass explains. "I wanted them to tell their own stories, to convey the emotions and realities of combat in their own words."


The result is a narrative that not only presents the factual events of the battle but also delves into the emotional and psychological toll it took on the soldiers. Through first-hand accounts and detailed recollections, "Swift Sword" offers readers an immersive experience, providing a window into the lives of the Marines who fought and survived the brutal engagements of the Quế Sơn Valley.

Glass’s personal connection to the project goes beyond historical interest. During the writing of "Swift Sword," he faced his own personal tragedy when his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Despite the immense emotional burden, Glass found solace and purpose in continuing his work on the book.

"The stories of the veterans gave me strength," he reflects. "Their resilience and bravery were a source of inspiration during one of the most challenging times of my life."


In 2023, a second edition of "Swift Sword" was published, which includes direct quotes from the Marines who were there, adding even more depth and authenticity to the narrative. This edition has been widely praised for its authenticity and depth. Veterans and their families have expressed their gratitude for Glass's dedication to accurately portraying their experiences. The book has not only served as a historical account but also as a means of healing and validation for those who lived through the Vietnam War.

As Glass looks to the future, he remains committed to telling stories that honor the sacrifices of servicemen and women. His upcoming book, "Unthrottled: The Passion, Struggle, and Honor of Robert Benoist," promises to be another compelling narrative, this time focusing on a French Grand Prix racing champion turned secret agent during WWII.

For those interested in learning more about Doyle Glass and his works, visit his website at "Swift Sword: The True Story of the Marines of Mike 3/5 in Vietnam" is available on Amazon, offering readers a profound and moving account of courage, brotherhood, and the realities of war.