Wednesday, August 14, 2019

God's Secret: The Cry of the Millennials Fast Your Way to Spiritual Truth and Freedom

Have you ever wondered if God kept secrets? I realize that question can open a can of worms, but in this next book that I have discovered, that is what the title tantalizes. Take a look at GOD'S SECRET by Bobby Sky.


It’s a quiet night as the moonlight from the cloudless sky hits the soft sand of the empty baseball field. The field is located across the street from the Samaritan Inn homeless shelter in McKinney, Texas, the breeze is cool and gentle. He walks away from the Inn toward the field, expecting. The Inn is full of battered and hopeless people from all walks of life. He walks alone toward the field, expecting. Everything in life has broken and things that seemed true couldn’t be more of a fantasy. Life has taken too much and caused too much pain. There is nothing left to lose, it’ couldn’t get any worse for this millennial. Something is going to happen, something is going to change. No cars in sight, no people chatting in the nearby apartments, and the field is completely unoccupied. The loudest noise is the gentle breeze that sweeps on the man in the cool of the brisk night. He must show up, he thinks, and he continues his thought, This is it, it’s going to happen. The man takes off his sandals and walks on the field. The sand feels soft and comforting on his feet and he begins to have the thought that has been pondering in his mind all that very day, If I draw near to him, he will draw near to me, he will show up! He begins to pace from base to base with the sand under his feet. Homeless, broke, girlfriend and parents dead, and with no hope, he only has one thought, Draw near to him, draw near to him over and over it plays like a song stuck in his mind. Pacing back and forth with the same thought over and over, Where is he? Where is he? Finally, he asks out loud to no one in visible sight, “Where are you?” and then he hears it, a whisper behind him says, “Here I am.”