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Justice of the Wild: A Teen Adventure Novel - AUDIO & EBOOK



Justice of the Wild: A Teen Adventure Novel

Michael du Preez

Narrated by Michael McGovern

8 hr. 15 min

Justice of the Wild


In the twilight, during a heavy storm, six hungry lions escape from the Lion Park near Johannesburg. They are now roaming free in suburbia. Tiny Terblanche and Brett van Jaarsveld, two cruel poachers, watching the news, spring into action.


They lure the predators to a grassy field opposite the park, where they dart and capture four of the lions, one male and three females. They load the drugged animals into an enclosed van to transport to their remote farm in Botswana for their clients.


Canned hunting is big business and lions are first prize.

Paul Patterson and his school friend Rampha Singh happen to witness the lion capture. A few days later, they notice the same enclosed van at a fast food outlet and decide to follow it on their motorcycle. Tiny, driving the van, spots his followers, ambushes, kidnaps and abducts them to Botswana where he ties and locks them up. His two American clients are also there to hunt their promised trophy lion.


That night, the boys break free and run off into the dense African bush. Tiny discovers their escape and enraged he sets after them in his jeep. He must get rid of them before they ruin his plans.

In the bush meantime the boys face their worst nightmares as they strive for freedom. A rogue lion also picks up their scent and is on their trail.


Both boys have love interests with girlfriends Debbie and Ayesha who notice their disappearance. The girls are worried about them and they initiate a frantic search with the Park officials, the police and their parents. Will they find them? Will they be in time? Will they succeed?

The daunting family divorce issues Paul has to deal with, pales into insignificance when he and Rampha have to face their fears and figure out how to escape from their nightmare.


This nail biting drama reveals the scourge of wild life poaching!



Publisher: Michael du Preez

ISBN: 9781664932791


Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure / Survival Stories

Juvenile Fiction / Animals / Jungle Animals

Juvenile Fiction / Animals / Lions, Tigers, Leopards, etc



I’m a professional musician, with a passion for writing. I did an eight year stint with the SABC as a TV writer/producer in the Variety Department. My first ‘how to’ book, (now out of print) entitled, ‘Television through the Front Door’, was published by McGraw Hill many years ago.

‘Justice of the Wild' is thus far an E-Book as well as a recorded Audio-Book) is an exciting young adult read about 'canned lion hunting'. It exposes the poaching scourge in South Africa, when two high school friends get involved and abducted.

'Forty-Five Babies’, is a true-life novel about a heroic woman who, over sixteen years, fostered forty-five abandoned babies, one at a time, giving them back their precious lives.

I am completing the third book in my young adult magical realism, Carruthers Series. This series has a quirky spiritual tone that runs throughout the entire trilogy.

I live in Johannesburg. I have six grown-up children and I’m married 51 years to Elaine, my beautiful wife.