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Towers by Joseph A Barnett



"What a thought provoking book. A must-read." Dr. Mel Caudle

Towers Paperback – October 16, 2020

“Towers” by Joseph A. Barnett released on October 17, 2020. The work reveals the universal conflict that besets people of all religions and creeds, and which perpetually divides mankind. Part of the decade-long Towers Project that will run until December 2030, “Towers” is a fascinating tale of a journalist to whom a very new perspective of the Bible and hidden books are revealed.

A prestigious investigative journalist has been divinely led to investigate a story, and comes upon a molecular perspective of the Bible and other hidden works. These are strikingly new ways to understand what the holy works are all about, and contradict and challenge his existing beliefs and thoughts about God and religion. The journalist realizes that of greater importance than his beliefs are the phenomenal and Messianic events unfolding in the world around him.

“The purpose of the book is to spread the Word of God, to ‘blow the trumpet’ during these latter days. As part of the Towers project, this work further propels the initiative to bring about change and reveal the truth,” says Joseph A. Barnett.

“Towers” will be of great interest to everyone without regard to their beliefs, and of particular interest to believers of the Bible. Readers will find in it a different perspective on the world around us, and feel challenged, while also uniting with other true believers of God to fulfill the most important mission of these latter days.

Towers brings together spiritual and doxological perspectives and applications, which reveal how the whole of mankind is interconnected in truth and righteousness. Readers are welcome to sign up and be the first to read and join the movement. The official website for the book is:


About the Author

Joseph Barnett is the author of “Towers” and head innovator of “The Towers Project.” As the founder of his own software application development firm, Joseph received a Bachelor’s of Science in computer science from Winston Salem State University. He currently lives in Dubai, UAE, with his wife and children. He is a Louisiana native is fond of drawing and painting, beaches, basketball, and his wife’s apple pie. You can learn about Joseph and The Towers Project online at

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