Friday, September 17, 2021

When He Met Me



When He Met Me Paperback – August 15, 2021

In this debut novel, W
hen He Met Me, the writer explores the fast-paced romance brewing between two enigmatic individuals hailing from different lands... The two Millenials, Artemesia and Izmir, are knocked down by the intense feelings of LOVE when they never saw each other but knew a deep soul connection at their first exchange.

Their pasts are flooded with mysteries and their future unknown. Is this the true LOVE of their life or another trap of their old patterns? Let’s find out by jumping straight into their alluring world, beautifully designed and intricately woven in a true romantic venture.

If you want to feel the emotions of LOVE deep in your body and existence then this book is for you. Just curl up on your couch with hot brewing coffee and divulge into this beautifully romantic world.

LOVE tale making you fall in LOVE...deep and deeper


Fakhra Afzal hails from a small city in Pakistan: the city of pines. She was always interested in reading, the poetic beauty of Abbottabad synchronizes well with her personality to express her deep found emotions through words.