Wednesday, June 29, 2022



Dear Readers:

As we approach our July 4th Independence, the war in Ukraine is still ongoing. This doesn't mean that people aren't reaching out for knowledge. What better way to bring cultures together than through books. I recently introduced to my readers the book, "The Emperor Returns," by Dr. Clifford Waldman. It is a fantastic read. I recently received a message from the author about his increased numbers and visits to his website from Ukraine and other territories. The entire message is below and the author is requesting help from readers for his fourth installment. Take a look.


Recently, Dr. Mel shared with her many followers her interview with me--regarding my new Emperor Qin book series: “The Emperor Returns”. I was surprised that traffic to my website and my e-book site increased by 600% every day since then--about a week so far. The site is:

The concentration of most of these more recently responding countries seemed to be near the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Prior to 4 days ago, nobody from Ukraine had visited our website. Since then, we’ve had 250 Ukrainian visitors.

Other recent visitors have come from Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Belarus, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Germany, Switzerland, Republic of Moldova, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Republic of Lithuania, Netherlands, Serbia, and Slovenia.

Other continents not so close to this War have also provided many visitors such as the Americas, the Asian countries, the Middle East, Africa, England, the Mediterranean, India, Australia, and the Philipines.

We wondered if our most interested readers might be those coming from the parts of the world where democracy & empowerment is most valued but most threatened.

Where War against individual freedoms is strongest there seems to be the most interest in reading about the military genius of Emperor Qin, his ancient Terra cotta Warrior Army, and his powerful values of empowerment.

To all citizens of Ukraine--and those of nearby countries--would you like the 4th book of the Emperor Qin series to involve his arrival with his ancient army to defend the rights of Ukrainians & all citizens to pursue life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness?

If the answer is “yes” could you help me with rapidly learning the history, geography, ways, and legends of Ukraine so as to have this book as realistic as we’ve tried to be with China and the USA in the first 3 books. Please let me know at:

  --Dr. Clifford Waldman


The Emperor Returns