Sunday, October 30, 2022

Kaleidoscopic Shades: Within Black Eternity



Kaleidoscopic Shades: Within Black Eternity Kindle Edition

Literary Titan Gold Book Award winner for outstanding worlds, characters, and imagination...

Reality is an illusion... hiding the unthinkable...


Bob Triplow has found comfort in having escaped the horrors of childhood until he learns that he has merely passed them onto his ten-year-old son, Joshua.

Suddenly they are racing against an approaching storm like no other - for the horrors extend far beyond father and son, far beyond all that is imaginable.

They must abandon their suburban life in Corona, California, for a perilous journey into a dimension where unworldly chaos reigns amongst the depths of darkness.

Torn apart by horrific visions and memories, elements that should not be, that had no right to be, Bob will struggle for his sanity, while Joshua fights to seize the hands of time. To put an end to the madness that ripples across an endless vacuum, threatening to snuff out existence itself.



"*Kaleidoscopic Shades...* is a doorstopper of a novel that fans of sci-fi and paranormal thrillers can really sink their teeth into." - *BookTrib Review*

​"... part Stephen King, part David Mitchell, part David Lynch (especially that lovely section set in some kind of weird poker room inside the Earth's crust, which is amazingly surreal and like something straight out of Twin Peaks)."*-* 
*Jason Pettus- Editor*

​"Kaleidoscopic Shades... takes you into a world where times could be manipulated... where anything and everything is possible." 

​"*Kaleidoscopic Shades... *will definitely be appealing to someone who enjoys a good genre-bender..." -
 *Bram Stoker Award nominee, Monique Snyman*

​"You and King are definitely interested in similar things, and specifically our fears." - 
*Richard Sheppard, The Constant Reader Podcast - The Canon of Stephen King*
���������� "Neuman excels at writing likable, everyday characters who are thrown into very unreal circumstances... reminding me of Stephen King at his best...Any fan of supernatural thrillers and science fiction time travel will love it and may have found a new favorite author."
- *Literary Titan reviewer*
*"**I found the small details about each character the most fun... I felt very connected to the story through the characters... The world-building was where this story really shined.** For fans of epic fantasy sci-fi and horror... as well as coming of age stories... *" -
 *Steph Livesay Reedsy reviewer*
"The blend of mystery and high strangeness was very reminiscent of projects like the Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks, but as a major fan of Stephen King, I also enjoyed the author's writing style..." - 
*Anthony Avina, podcaster*

"From the gloomy depths of the abyss emerges an incomprehensible narrative of enduring fear that... dazzle, stupefy, and terrify readers to their very core by summoning their most primal fears... giving them the form of the thing they dread most." -
 *the Bookish Elf*

Born in Adelaide, Australia, David A. Neuman was gifted with a vivid imagination that continues to this day to distort memories of childhood. Turning to write early in life to express himself and give his imagination a playground upon which to run, odd scraps became serious tomes about 30 years ago, culminating in Kaleidoscopic Shades - within Black Eternity. David continues to live in Adelaide, South Australia, accompanied by his closest companions, Saffron, Cinnamon, and Ginger, accepting everyone regardless of their sexual orientations and their take on this big, fantastical universe - understanding that each and every one of us is in this together. Dog, man, and all other creatures.