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Chair Yoga for Seniors Over 60: Improve Your Balance, Strength, and Mobility in Just 21 Days (Simple Workout Books)



Five-Star Review: "Chair Yoga for Seniors Over 60: A Life-Changing Guide!" Dr. Mel


After a recent fall that left me with a head injury at the age of 66, I knew I needed to take serious steps to improve my physical health and prevent future accidents. That's when I came across "Chair Yoga for Seniors Over 60" by Arthur Hanson. This book is not just a guide; it's a lifeline. On a personal note, Arthur personally spent his time communicating with me after my fall encouraging me, giving me tailored advice, and was genuinely concerned for my wellbeing. What I loved about our conversation, he gladly gave me information about supplements and encouraged me to seek medical advice before starting my regiment.

The claim of improving balance, strength, and mobility in just 21 days might sound ambitious, but I believe this book delivers. I embarked on the 21-day chair yoga challenge, skeptical but hopeful. I am now on Day 2 and already feel better and more centered. I can't wait to continue this journey. The results were nothing short of miraculous, as my mobility from the stretching has already improved. I look forward to each day presented to me with easy-to-follow, low-impact exercise plans that I believe will significantly boost my metabolism, enhance my flexibility, and, most importantly, improve my balance.

The exercises are designed with seniors in mind, focusing on pain-free movement and strengthening the core to improve posture and reduce the risk of falls. The instructions are clear, concise, and illustrated, making them perfect for anyone, regardless of their fitness level. The large print format was particularly thoughtful, as it catered to my visual needs.

One of the standout features of this book is the plethora of resources it offers. With the purchase, I received access to over 60 video guides that demonstrated each exercise clearly. These were a game-changer for me, ensuring that I was performing each movement correctly. The full-length audiobook and printable chair yoga charts also greatly enhanced my experience, allowing me to follow along without constantly flipping through the book.

My doctor, whom I consulted before starting this regimen, approved these exercises as they are specifically tailored for seniors looking to maintain independence and a healthy lifestyle without strenuous strain. In fact, he said, "Every senior citizen should do this." He looked at me and said, "This will help you live a longer and healthier life to enjoy with your husband and family."

This book gave me a newfound confidence. The fear of falling again has significantly diminished, and I feel equipped with the knowledge and skills to maintain my mobility and independence as I age.

"Chair Yoga for Seniors Over 60" by Arthur Hanson is more than just a workout book; it's a comprehensive guide to reclaiming your life and enjoying your senior years with vigor and safety. I highly recommend this book to any senior who fears losing their independence or seeks to improve their physical well-being. It's a small investment that yields rich health, confidence, and peace of mind returns.


Dr. Mel

Chair Yoga for Seniors Over 60: Improve Your Balance, Strength, and Mobility in Just 21 Days (Simple Workout Books) Paperback – Large Print, November 30, 2023

4 Free Bonuses Including 60+ Video Guides, Full Audiobook and More

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As we age, it's important to stay in good condition to ensure we can remain active and independent for life. If we don’t look after ourselves now, it can eventually lead to joint pain, loss of mobility, risk of fall-related injuries, and weight gain.

Are You Ready to Start Your 21-Day Chair Yoga Challenge?

Do you want to know 

It’s simple:

  1. Follow step-by-step plans designed by an award-winning coach for 21 days and be amazed by the results you can achieve.
  2. Discover simple exercises that wildly improve flexibility, metabolism, and pain-free movement.
  3. Lose weight, stay motivated, and enjoy a fit, independent, active life!

Here's a Tiny Example of What’s Inside:

  • Easy-to-Follow Low-Impact Exercise Plans to Increase Flexibility and Strength While Boosting Your Metabolism
  • Understanding Your Core, How to Activate It, and Effectively Use It as You Exercise to Improve Your Posture and Reduce/Prevent Back Pain
  • Drastically Improve Your Balance with Quick and Simple Daily Workouts
  • Designed by an Industry Expert to Get You Moving Pain-Free and Keep You Active for Life
  • Exactly How to Effectively Exercise at Home Without the Need for Fancy Equipment or an Expensive Gym Membership
  • Lose Weight WITHOUT Crazy Diets or Over the Top Workouts
  • Short and Sharp Exercise Plans Progressing You from Beginner to Advanced in a Matter of Weeks
  • Clear and Concise Teaching Points Anyone Can Understand (No Jargon)
  • Fully Illustrated and in Easy-to-Read Large Print
  • Discover Key Secrets to Living a Confident, Healthy, and Independent Life

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Did you know 89% of seniors surveyed said their biggest fear is losing their independence and becoming a burden on others?

Did you know 1 out of 4 Americans aged 65+ suffers a serious fall-related injury each year, leading to lost mobility, lost self-confidence, and a fear of living their life to the fullest?

The GOOD News Is

It's been proven that you can avoid becoming one of these statistics by engaging in a simple, regular exercise program. This is because it massively improves your balance, reducing your risk of injury, while keeping you strong, active, and independent for life.

The beauty of chair yoga is that you can achieve these results from the comfort and safety of your own home, without the need for fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership. All you need is a chair and this book to get started!

With your purchase, you’ll also receive these Exclusive Bonuses

  1. 60+ Videos Exercise Guides: Lifetime Access to Over 60 Specially Made Video Guides, Teaching You Every Exercise in the Book to Maximize Your Results and Understanding.
  2. The Full-Length Audiobook: Only Available as Part of This Book!
  3. Fully Illustrated Exercise Chair Yoga Charts: The Full Color, Printable Charts Combine Perfectly with the Audiobook to Make Following Your Programs Easier Than Ever Before.
  4. Progress Tracker Charts: An Important Part of Achieving Life-Changing Results is to Track Your Progress. As the Saying Goes, “If You’re Not Assessing, You’re Guessing!”

Now, ask yourself, are you ready to achieve outstanding results over the next 21 days? Then don’t wait!



With over 20 years of experience as an industry-leading, high-level one-to-one personal trainer, yoga instructor, and sports therapist, Arthur uses his knowledge to empower people of all ages to live their best lives through the setting of goals and achieve outstanding results under his guidance.
He has helped thousands of clients aged 8 to 80+ worldwide to achieve their health, fitness, and active lifestyle goals with a combination of specifically prescribed exercise programs, applied sports rehab, yoga for all levels, and easy-to-follow nutrition.
His easy-to-follow style makes his methods accessible to everyone whatever your current fitness level. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, improve your balance and flexibility, improve your coordination, or simply help you boost your self-confidence and independence, Arthur can guide you on your own unique fitness journey.
“I have helped people with bad knees learn to run pain-free again. I have helped people with bad backs, hips, and postures learn to stand tall, strong, and comfortably again. I have helped people lose the weight that they’ve always dreamed of losing. Helping to guide people from where they are now on their health and fitness journey to where they would love to be is my greatest passion.”
The secret to Arthur’s success is found in his specially designed practical exercise systems that encourage your body to move in a way that helps to reduce pain and the risk of injury, all while fast forwarding your results.
“All my methods are straight forward, simple, and work! I’m proud of what I do, proud of what my clients have achieved, and I am excited to share how all this is possible for you too.”