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Complicated Love by L.G. Edwards (Author)


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Unravel the Threads of Desire in a City that Never Sleeps

"Complicated Love" is an enthralling release from the talented L.G. Edwards, set against the backdrop of a vibrant, bustling city. In this gripping tale, Zarina finds herself hopelessly drawn into a turbulent sea of emotions when she falls for Blake, the very embodiment of everything she's ever dreamed of in a partner. But the path of love is riddled with twists as she discovers that Blake's heart belongs to none other than her best friend, Rachel.

As Zarina's world spirals into chaos, her heart leads her to seek comfort in the arms of Andrew, a charming yet transient distraction who promises a respite from her heartache. However, the more she tries to escape, the deeper she plunges into a labyrinth of desire, betrayal, and self-discovery.

Caught in the throes of forbidden love and tangled loyalties, will Zarina find her true path, or will her heart lead her astray? "Complicated Love" takes you on a whirlwind journey through love's complexities, delivering a compelling mix of passion, friendship, and drama that will leave you questioning every turn until the stunning conclusion.

Dive into the depths of "Complicated Love" and discover where the heart truly belongs. Available March 28, 2024. Don't miss out – Order your copy today!

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Complicated Love 


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In the heat of bustling city life, Zarina finds herself entangled in a web of emotions she never expected Drawn to Blake, the epitome of her ideal partner, Zarina navigates the complexities of her feelings, unaware that Blake is already committed to her best friend, Rachel. Zarina's world is thrown into disarray, prompting her to seek solace in the arms of Andrew, a fleeting distraction from her unrequited desires.