Sunday, September 1, 2019

Do You Need a Good Laugh?

Do you need a good laugh today? I know I can always use one and a friend of mine has the perfect answer for me every time. Her name is Kerri Pomarolli. You probably have seen her so many times and don't realize who she is. For starters, she has appeared on the Jay Leno Show 29 times, General Hospital, and Comedy Central. When you can't think she can get any better, you won't believe the number of people she has performed alongside including Carol Channing.

Besides all of that, she has written several of the funniest books available on the planet. For those of you who like to listen, she also has CDs and DVDs available. Her newest book, "Confessions of a Proverbs 32 Woman" is hysterical. Oh my, I thought I wasn't going to stop laughing as she engages her life in the most bizarre way. Truth be told, her reality is funny. Take a look at the book trailer here.

Now, if that isn't enough to get you to buy the book, I have a surprise for my readers. Kerri's blog, is the place to visit. Why? Because anyone one of my subscribers, followers, and visitors, can go to her site, subscribe to her blog, just like you did mine, and when you do, you will be automatically entered into her free Giveaway Contest. That's right, she's giving things away. There are numerous prizes, from CDs, DVDs, autographed books, and the Proverbs 32 Woman T-Shirt. Don't miss your chance at getting one or more of these fabulous prizes from Kerri. Again, to enter, you need to go over to her blog and subscribe to it.

Subscribe to for your chance to win. Don't delay because it could be too late.