Sunday, September 8, 2019


Good morning world! Today I sit knowing that  LSU won over my alma matter UT. Before the game started, I told my husband I was in a win-win situation, because I had a connection to both teams. He didn't like that at all encouraging me to take a position and choose. Guess what, I didn't and of course, everyone in Louisiana is having a great morning with a win and now look forward to our big game against the Texans with our beloved Saints. On this occasion, I am not divided. I am a Saints fan all the way and will be in that number. You make sure that all Saints fans will know the bio of all the referees. I'm just saying, they better not be from Texas. GEAUX SAINTS!

Now if you're not into football, may I suggest the following three books for you read on Monday Night Football.

VESSEL: LIGHT OF BALANCE by Derrel Cockerham

There is a storm coming to Earthos. Bringing terrors as numerous as its raindrops. Its most powerful kingdom must unite to weather the storm. Aerofer is an adventurous youth that wants nothing more than to explore the world. When an abrupt and mysterious illness lands him in a coma, his world is turned upside down. Aerofer embarks on a journey of self-discovery to find Balance within himself so that he can save his newfound friends and all of Earthos from utter destruction. When a decorated war-hero and bastard of the king returns home, he gets more than he bargained for. Loved by all and respected by all, Parsicus returns home to find his father on his deathbed, a jealous step-brother as heir, and his beloved country falling to decadence and corruption. To save it, he will have to go against his own family. Branded a traitor and betrayed by those closest to him, one man will risk it all to save his country. Two different paths, two different destinies. The throne of a kingdom and the fate of the world lies in the Balance. When the End is near, which matters most? Family or country? Find your inner Balance.

NEURO CONFINEMENT by Sophie Marie White

Neuro Confinement is a psychological thriller where prison is a state of mind. Imagine a drug that imprisons convicts inside their own minds and seconds turn into days and days into years. Casey Palmer, a young idealistic scientist develops a revolutionary new drug that imprisons convicts in their own minds. He promises to replace the skyrocketing incarceration problem by shortening sentences to days instead of years. There is one minor side effect, users experience a living, breathing "Dalieasque" world which can be both Heaven and Hell to those under the influence of the drug, D-214.

INTO THE WOODS by Josh Soule

Three friends unite to solve the mystery of a mysterious creature that has been butchering local livestock. In the woods that were a place of legend in their childhood, they seek answers, but soon find that the truth about the creature is much more troublesome than they ever feared.